that one lad who wanted the next thread to be a yeri thread edition

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bish bash bosh
having a laugh in prague

korean pop


the refugee """crisis""" has been manufactured


rolling a fat zoot listening to this shit


trip hop tbqh senpai

just manufactured a refugee crisis lads

Business idea: let all the africans move to europe while simultaneously moving all europeans to resource rich Africa

Fast forward 100 years and see which is better.

are you caramong?

>know this qt geeky mixed paki english girl from my stat class
>always sits next to me we talk about england and muh empire
>told her because she's mixed she's the product of colonization
>next class she doesn't sit next to me

I think I fucked up, I was beginning to get feelings for her too

And they said globalisation had killed the first world manufacturing industry, take that China

i want jenna to dominate me

poor form



>yank on China Radio International pronouncing Tanzania as 'tan-zayn-eeuh'



then fuck off

Jenna looks like she'd be good in latex 2bh

had a rough week lads. poisoned my neighboor's pitbull with a sausage filled with rat poison. watched him barfing blood and grey stuff while smoking a good monte cristo. tough motherfucker, he didn't even die and got up on his paws, had to strangle through the fence with a phone cable
he was an aggressive cunt, aways barking at people for no reason. not that my poofta neighboor learned the lesson, now he's got a fucking dobermann. heyy who gives a shit, another retarded dog, another poisoned sausage. this time i'm getting the dose right


just ate and entire bag of jumbo flame raisins
gonna be shitting for days haha


sounds like a good week to me

having a really deep thought over this





I miss caralad too.

imagine what will happen without the world police force

i predict more refugee crises from now on as the yanks can't single-handedly boy off any shitty dictators

Business idea: establish a European state in South Sub saharan East Africa

alright patrick

Make me

haha you posted it again

people always say I have an intense stare
I find a lot of women can't help but hold eye contact when our eyes meet

United Kingdom sucks ass. Here's how come:

>Weather is shit (literally rainy 24/7 and cold even in the summer)
>People are ugly
>Food is awful
>No freedom as the UK is literally a nanny state (e.g. can get arrested for saying "faggot" out in public, can't own a gun, etc.)
>Expensive as fuck and houses are the size of my bathroom
>Densely populated
>Boring as hell
>Still has a monarchy in 2016 that sucks up your tax money

U.K. sucks ass. No wonder we declared independence against you chav bastards.

i wonder whos behind it innit

*stares at you directly in the eyes for precisely 4 minutes*

dictators didn't cause the refugee crisis you melt

It’s hard to believe that Seinfeld’s iconic opening theme has avoided the remix machine for so long. Thanks to Abelard, though, that sad, sad stretch of time has finally come to an end with “SEINWAVE 2000.” And it is glorious.
To be fair, this isn’t so much a remix as it is a rebirth. The track sounds like the nineties. Midi synthesizers. Popping and gasping “jazz” samples. As I sit here, I find myself wearing a fanny pack patterned with turquoise and magenta triangles that I certainly did not put on this morning. I can only assume that the music made it happen!

It's always fucking women.

>dying eyebrows

the UK isn't densely populated

Nah, she's got pancakes for tits. She just has a perfect face

you have it literally backward you dummy

there was no refugee crisis in Iraq/Libya/Syria before the regimes got rekt

Exactly, please remember all immigrants the uk is VERY bad do not move here go to America or Germany


no the civil war did
and dictators caused the civil war

All true except the food part

Algeria? More like I'll jeer ya!

Fucking hell reading through AJ+ on fb it's fucking cancerous

if you said something as autistic as that to her. i'm surprised you got as far as you did to begin with. you would have crashed and burned sooner or later anyway, better now than later.

England has the highest population density in western europe, the uk number is skewed by northern ireland, scotland and wales

africa has such a comfy landscape

shame it's infested with nignogs

gf got a new pet


best idea tbvh
would move straight to New Rhodesia if it ever existed

Suck the ass of the United States of America. Here how to:
> shit (literally 24/7 rain summer cold) was
> ugly people > terrible food > good British nanny (comes with the gun, you can own the "bassoon" arrests, State)
> my expensive bathroom size
> densely
> as tedious as hell
> United Kingdom tax


stealing this

t. cecil rhodes

what the fuck is happening to Europe

holy shit
>6 million likes

>A physicist explaining physics to a marine biologist is mansplaining

This is what the left believes.

>The fact that May has chosen a cabinet of mostly white middle-aged, privileged men to represent a diverse country in the 21st century leaves this the subject wide open for satire. It's also interesting that the only people getting hot under the collar and calling this SATIRE racist and sexist are white men, the most privileged individuals in this society. And I say that speaking as a white man.

Lads I'm going on holiday to some country called Aljazeera

Any tips or heads up?

thats called being attractive you mong


still not very dense

>and dictators caused the civil war
no they didn't

it was Islamic terrorists trying to take over and build a caliphate, that we just happen to support because they're """moderate"""

there are dictators all over the world and no civil wars in those countries

Don't need big tits necessarily


Absolute BEAUTY on The Chase today lads, Emily.

She's on third.

i luv u

My father knew a black British man who served in the Rhodesian bush war

literally exactly what I look like desu

>What is the Netherlands

Yanks call each other mong now. Fucking adorable.

what is """"mansplaining""""? I've heard it used quite a lot by batshit crazy dykes but never really understood the concept

not even remotely attractive apart from far left who is merely alright

>leading SJWs are always white men

Has there been any dominant class in history so willing to abdicate all its social, political and economic power?


Christ alive the uk is 87% white people need to grt out of London once every so often

Probably highest in the g20

when you act condescending towards a woman on the basis that she is a woman

Well, how do you do, Private William McBride,
Do you mind if I sit down here by your graveside?
And rest for awhile in the warm summer sun,
I've been walking all day, and I'm nearly done.
And I see by your gravestone you were only 19
When you joined the glorious fallen in 1916,
Well, I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean
Or, Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene?

>Man knows a piece of knowledge
>Man explains it to a woman
>Woman is offended because women are smarter than men even when they aren't

Need a rough Rhodie bf





Never met him but he moved to NI after the war and my father met him in a pub

if your saying "nice" in a sarcastic manner then fuck aff

this man is so delusional it's incredible

can't wait to finally see the back of him

I have everything but narrow face. Is it worth asking a dentist for braces to correct oral posture or am I fucked since I'm 22?

this seems like what the cunts would say it is
however this sounds more like what it's actually used to describe

i'd vote for him based on that

im pretty sure it was both, but countries with support for their dictator don't descend into civil war

assad had no support and refused to step down leading to an open contest for power that involves guns instead of voting

409 per square km in Netherlands, ~420 In England

Doing my daily read. Today: Mark 9: 28-37

After Jesus had gone indoors, his disciples asked him privately "Why couldn't we drive it out?" He replied "This kind can only come out by prayer." They left that place and passed through Galilee. Jesus did not want anyone to know where they were, because he was teaching his disciples. He said to them "The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men. They will kill him, and after three days he will rise." But they did not understand what he meant and were afraid to ask him about it.

>Who Is The Greatest?

They came to Capernaum. When he was in the house, he asked them "What were you arguing about on the road?" But they kept quiet because on the road they had argued about who was the greatest. Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all." He took a little child and had him stand among them. Taking him in his arms, he said to them "Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me."
I'll be back tomorrow with another daily reading for you lads. God bless.

Jobs should be given on the basis of the breakdown of APPLICANTS, not population. IE if 90% of applicants are white males, 90% of those employed should also be, anything else must be discrimination.


it was more of a 'is that the whole story' manner. seemed more like an opener than anything else.


If my memory is this bad now ill be a fucking trainwreck at 60

>With 17 million people and a population density of 488 people per km2, the Netherlands is the most densely populated country of the European Union and one of the mostly densely populated countries in the world. The total size of the Netherlands is 41,500 km2.

we have 413 per sq km


Valid point, I want some latex jennas now

We're 488 people per km2

Bit silly

Applicants to a job aren't a representative sample and it's absolutely possible that the 10% nonwhites ended up being the most qualified

This is also bollocks if you have 8 paki spackers and 1 highly qualified white you don't give the paki the job because more of them applied

in love lads
pray for me





just unusual for a black man who fought in the rhodie war to live in NI considering the thread was swaying toward that topic there

you're done for pal

it's peanut butter jelly time

gonna get married even
waiting for my birthday to announce it to my parents & family

God bless

you know I feel like a fedora tipper for agreeing with that image but its actually true
Every girl I know votes for the far left parties here


fuck up fedora tipper

16.8 million people in Netherlands

41543 square km size

Density = 404

Had to flush twice lads

>still living in the uk
hurry up and be expats, losers.

That's because they are easily manipulated. Say things like "you can only be strong if you vote for us!" or "we're the only ones who will protect you!"

Those same leftist are no where to be found once the Muslims begin raping. When the women become minorities in their own countries, those leftist won't care

I'm not talking about instances in which there is 1 job available, obviously a meritocracy still applies, but I mean roughly on a larger scale, employment should be pretty close statistically to breakdown of applicants.


No country in the world "supports" their dictator. They just accept it.

What happened in Syria is the Arab Spring got hijacked by Islamists and thousands of Jihadis crossed into Syria from Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. This turned the peaceful protests about civil liberties, economic progress into a full scale war as these insurgents began shooting at the police/army etc.

We then started funding them along with our (((allies))) the Saudis, the Turks, the Qataris. This led to a massive war.

Without outside help for the Islamists, the regime would have smashed down this little uprising like it had down dozens of time before. Instead it couldn't. Assad himself has said the war in Syria would be over in 3 months if the terrorists were no longed being backed from the outside.

Why do MacBooks have great battery life but iPhones have terrible battery life?


What we Brits on Cred Forums should embrace is the stereotypes that Cred Forums have about us. Don't be apologetic, don't be pathetic with #notallbritscampaign.

Embrace it. Yes we are chavs. Yes we will glass you. Yes we will invade your land with tourists. Rule Britannia , Spain will be new Merseyside within a few years.

Neckbeard neets can only complain on Cred Forums. The Anglo media is on our side. Edgy 4channers only dare to spout their hatred here on the internet, for they are soft cunts in real life while we Brits, we prepare to die for our Queen.

Remember, infiltrate their pubs, don't speak their language, put short shorts on and make English the majority language in all of Spain.

You're probably a little shinnerhead bender.
I'd fucking kick your teeth in irl

Have an Idea, keep it to yourself. She'll eventually come to the same conclusion then tell you about it. That's how it works. I mean that's how it always was for a quiet life really.

Just voted for Corbyn


go wank off your yank mate, your a fairy id slash you with a right hook ratboy

No it shouldn't

If you have 10,000 of one skin colour who are shit snd under qualified and 8 of a different skin colour who are highly qualified and right for the job and 8 positions to fill you give the 8 qualified the jobs


>complain about white genocide (a made up myth)
>actively call for the genocide of Jews, Blacks, Muslims etc.
Why does the alt-right lack such basic self-awareness?

Not impressed with the voter turnout on the latest strawpoll


I'm literally reading off our national statistics bureau website that it's 504 per square kilometer as of 2016

I'm 6'2 and have done kickboxing since I was 13
not even memeing when I say I could probably knock you out cold with one kick to the head


now I really want some latex Jennas

Is Tim posting dead

did they beat the drum slowly did they play the pipe lowly

shan't be giving you a (You)


how old were you when you realised craig david goes HARD


stop white jenna side

why is doing a poo doing a poo since you don't really do the poo but let the poo do you since it is the need you answer to and not the need answering to you in that exact moment so really what we need to understand is that there is an expression of agency and control that in reality doesn't exist but rather a passivity from the poo-doer who's not only not doing the poo but being made by his own body to poo so the notion of doing a poo only had the success it had despite its now clear inaccuracy in the matters of describing the happening of the poo because there is a need in us to feel like we are in control of even the baser needs and instincts which now appears to be a reasoning blatantly untrue and indeed flawed

>this guy

did you reply to the wrong person?

creating a poo

lad you probably are 13, 5'3 and built like a shit mudhut

id catch your chickenlike leg in mid air and show you some real street scrapping, none of that controlled shite. Ill spit in your eyes and stamp on your jaw ratboy. (btw im right wing and your a boy george)

It's true. That's how democracy is always played.

With men, usually white men, the inventors of democracy, you have to win their vote one man at a time -- you must bargain with the man.

With women, and especially racial minorities, it's a lot easier to convince the entire group to think a certain way.

You're embarrassing the flag

Divide the total population by the total size of the country and you get under 410

2016 population = 17,000,000 ( 16.8 mil was 2013 )

Total size = 41,453

Density = 409

Tim's spiral into total and complete madness has just begun

we're just waiting for the fireworks now

well lads, it's been a long time coming but i've finally perfected my time machine. to what end, you ask? kill hitler? stop 9/11? no, no, my naive friend. you see, i intend for my delicate ballsack to be poking out of the soil in the centre of hiroshima on august 6th, 1945.

pls send this to him

reckon i could batter that little "you will get these hands" kid and plough his hot sister 2bh

>With men, usually white men, the inventors of democracy, you have to win their vote one man at a time -- you must bargain with the man.

>With women, and especially racial minorities, it's a lot easier to convince the entire group to think a certain way.

agreed, would love to get these hands on her tbqh

ok stefbot, enough pseudo-history for one day

back from work lads


gonna have kids lads


The gf

not sure why she hasn't replied
bit of a shame but i'll get on with things regardless

not keen on this swollen lips meme

Some of us should reproduce. Good on you sir.

the gf

who are you even on about

lad i literally just invented this and its not a meme its a gimmick


I think the problem is that the total size includes surface water


gonna pass on my blue eyes & angelic figure blud

If you could creampie any female on the planet of your choice, but had to bend over and get creampied by mandingo first, would you?

Well it's true.
Minorities tend to act like a hivemind.
Women less so but they're certainly more swayed by emotions than men.

educate yourself

umm no sweetie swollen lips are a real life meme x



Paſtyme wt good Ꝯpanye
I loue & ſchall vntyll I dye
gruche who luſt but none denye
ſo god be pleſyd þus leve wyll I
for my paſtāce
hūt ſyng & daūce
my hart is ſett
all goodly ſport
for my cōfort
who ſchall me let

youthe muſt haue ſū daliance
off good or yll ſū paſtance.
Company me thynkeſ then beſt
all thoughtſ & fanſys to deieſt.
ffor Idillnes
is cheff maſtres
of vices all
then who can ſay.
but myrth and play
is beſt of all.

Company wt honeſte
is vertu vices to ffle.
Company is good & ill
but eûy man hath hys fre wyll.
the beſt enſew
the worſt eſchew
my mynde ſchalbe.
vertu to vſe
vice to refuce
thus ſchall I vſe me.


Lol okay

>Attention all brown people!! Vote against whatever those scary white folks think!


your ma probs

its kind of nice that those teddy bears genuinely seem to keep him company

got a tick ting lads

I unironically believe this to an extent, ethnic minorities tend to overwhelmingly vote one way (the way which benefits them and their group the most). Women are slightly different, their left wing leanings are probably to do with the fact women either are or perceive themselves to be more caring than men, which is stereotypically what the left caters to. I think they're also more easily influenced by a herd mentality in politics, afraid of being perceived as cold/racist/uncaring, men less so.

english isn't germanic though you utter cretin



im roaring

We are not Germanic.
We are not Nordic.
We are not Slavic.
We are not Romantic.
We are Celtic.

>english isn't germanic
yes it is you utter spastic

I have no personality so i'll wave my legs about, scrunch my face up and stick my tongue out

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
You're gonna hear me roar!

Lad, that's not a meme on any board here. Where are you picking this shit up? 9gag?


*breaks his sister's heart*
*cuts off his hands*
*runs away*


we also use berg tbf

made one extremely high quality post that didn't pay dividends

this is how dashing young entrepreneurs are killed by the short sighted and frivolous (You) market

less than a 3rd germanic influenced, retardo.

>personality in photos
ah yes
hope this is hat bait

aeeopress arrived lads

brewing atm, expecting the best darn cup of coffee in all twin peaks

i don't like getting (you)s

every time i get one, my heart skips a beat because i think it will be some form of abuse

says the ugly personality-less sperg

(PS just had to fedorapost this cringey shite)
>I have no personality so i'll wave my legs about, scrunch my face up and stick my tongue out

doctor: are you sexually active?
me: yes

imagine being this mentally impaired to think what the seppo says is wrong

you must struggle opening a can of beans

me in the middle

doctor: fuck off you normie twat

our language is germanic and our heritage is celto-germanic

nordic is also germanic

Second meme arrow doesn't apply.

I don't expect women or minorities to vote for right wing parties because it's not in their nature.

how do you capture ones personality in a picture?


uncultured swine
haha its a wonderful gimmick isnt it? so much actionposting compatibility

These hands! haha!

>I unironically believe this to an extent

There is strength in convincing a certain group of people to think a certain way.

It's called the caste system.

In Europe, since the ancient Greeks, Europeans have followed a system where every man could be bargained with. Even during the feudal system, it was still partially active.

This didn't exist in the Middle-East, Africa or China, etc until very recently

right wing parties aren't anti women though.

Nords are a bit better than Germans and Austrians tbqhwyltbqhwylliabhwy

If you're looking at just vocabulary then yeah. In terms of grammar/syntax we're germanic. One of the theories is that English underwent a creolisation which is why it doesn't fully represent either a germanic or romantic language

someone has been a naughty boy

you are so gullible it's funny

back to your alt-right memes friend

>English gentlemen

>year 9 music lesson
>class gets to use the iMacs to """research the history of blues music"""
>all the lads blast out DnB, hardstyle and gangster rap
>all the girls are listening to one pop artist like taylor swift or something
>some edgelord runt without a computer sits on the floor while hoping he'll get a turn to listen to linkin park or some shite

ahh, those were the days.

A picture is worth a thousand words

not that any of you plankton would be able to write 1,000 words about even the finest piece of art. Do not speak to me again, for I shall not be reading your replies.

never heard anyone use it

(outside of the word "iceberg" which you recently borrowed from us/the germans)

oh yes?

post the one with just the man rising

just because we don't use german loan words doesn't mean it isn't germanic you fucking cretin
our entire structure comes from germanic and we're closer to frisian (which is germanic) than any other language

It's good shit la, wish it could make more than a cup though

me on the floor

in the past few days the only funny posters have been the irish and aussies

>year 9
>taylor swift
fuck off you underage cunt

everytime i see this it reminds me of some shitty cod map

Don't have it, wish I did

what about me

>not that any of you plankton would be able to write 1,000 words about even the finest piece of art. Do not speak to me again, for I shall not be reading your replies.

>not that any of you plankton would be able to write 1,000 words about even the finest piece of art. Do not speak to me again, for I shall not be reading your replies.

>Not even a third derived
Ah yes, definitely Germanic


still can't decipher what my filename is meant to mean

>uncultured swine
sort yourself out

in which way?

ah so you're another loanword retard
shan't be giving you any more (You)s then

English people still use berg. Iceberg, etc. If you called a mountain a "berg", people would understand

>not that any of you plankton would be able to write 1,000 words about even the finest piece of art. Do not speak to me again, for I shall not be reading your replies.

>(outside of the word "iceberg" which you recently borrowed from us/the germans)

not white and living in the uk

literally nowt you can do about it either

>loanwords dictate a language family
ah yes definitely not a retard




but that third includes most of the words you use in everyday life

German women look like British men whilst Nordic women look like this

Alri lads

why- i.. oughta! you lil punk! you uncivilised barbarian! SWINEE!!1

have you seen what's happening to poles and other eastern europeans since brexit?

racists are animals, they can't control themselves

doesn't take much to make me want to off myself
don't really have any coping skills to be quite honest with you


>never heard anyone use it

Well people do, mostly poets, but they do

dads just sent a picture of a club i went to whilst in amsterdam

what did he mean by this?

Gf showed me this, just had to agree

I've seen Citizen Kane and am therefore better than everyone here.

Playing GTA: Vice City again lads

well obviously you do otherwise you'd be dead. dim cunt.

easy tiger

is it some sort of aggressive dildo?

berg means mountain or hill and it's still used today
infrequently because it's archaic, but we still use it

me too lad

i don't understand the purpose of life, not even trying to be edgy here

>Most problems because of Mudslimes
>Hordes of Mudslime refugees in recent years
>Let's attack Poles!
>Nigel logic

Moving to Colombia to sniff coke and do fuck all work all day tbqh

have you ever been to either country?

vice city has such a nice atmosphere with the radio stations, etc, I like it more than any other GTA desu

wtf is that? a pipe bomb?

Christ how many flags do you want lad?

what is that

club tropicana

Germany specifically.

Kyle Reese made something similar in Terminator.

>>Most problems because of Mudslimes
>>Hordes of Mudslime refugees in recent years
Something like 5,000.

Stop believing in memes you idiot.

fuck ME lads

this aeropress is by far the best coffee I've ever had

why didn't I discover this sooner?

There is just as many people coming from Poland as there are from India/Pakistan desu

this is a fact btw

Dying for a zoot of fat proportionality but I live in the countryside and the local pub scumbags all out

fuck sakeee raginggg

Politicians' least favourite countries:
>David Cameron: Scotland
>Nick Clegg: Russia
>Jeremy Corbyn: Israel
>Nigel Farage: Belgium
>Nicola Sturgeon: England

>gta went to shit after vice city

*kneecaps you*

And I know it's no fun when your first son
Gets up to no good, starts freaking out the neighborhood


wish i lived in a white trash trailer park in canada


Big Dave's would be syria or libya 2bh

Jealous? ;)

requesting ALL tim photos

l-listen you punk! your paying for those! you break it ya pay, kid!


>talking to a girl today
>asks me to tell her a joke
>try and give her a classic
>"What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe"
>she reported me to human resources for racism


>Muhammad was a warlord
>100 years after his death, his successors begin conquering the Middle-East
>they take over north Africa
>they take over Spain
>they take over Byzantine
>they take over Italy
>they take over India
>they take over all the Stans
>try to take over Russia
>try to take over China
>try to take over Poland
>try to take over Austria

"Dude, religion of peace! lmao!! relax!! what have you got to worry about? Refugees welcome, please!!!!"

meme on this dick nigguh

24 years of age as of today. Celebrating my birthday with a couple of beers.

How is everything where you are, /brit/?

I don't think Dave dislikes these, just think he doesn't give a toss about them


dont trust people who dont wear a watch

>ancient warlords
>present day refugees
Your post is a non-sequitur.

Meeting the proto-gf for drinks in a bit lads, wish me luck hehe

wouldn't even ask them for the time of the day tbqhwyl

>>Muhammad was a warlord
years after his death, his successors begin conquering the Middle-East
>>they take over north Africa
>>they take over Spain
>>they take over Byzantine
>>they take over Italy
>>they take over India
>>they take over all the Stans
>>try to take over Russia
>>try to take over China
>>try to take over Poland
>>try to take over Austria

no one likes a smelly refugee but no one likes a yank either

Does someone have the link to the video where Tim shows the letter we sent him?

watch people who don't wear a watch

alri Rasheed haha




really fascinating thread

good work

>Full video of FSA chasing US Troops out of Al Rai. "We're going to slaughter you. Your coming to invade Syria"

Kek. The US has supported and financed the rebels/FSA for several years, now look what happens.

pull a leg lad


Tim please stop singing you're scaring away my customers

reminder that islams equivalent of the disciples of jesus led violent wars on conquest in the middle east mere years after muhammad died

That bowler looks pretty sharp

I wish they were still fashionable

Shame about the casualization of society


>when your gf says she's Belgian and you have to tell her that she doesn't exist

I'd punch tim in his fat fucking gut and whipe that fucking smirk off his face

dentist this dentist that ill fix those crooked teeth with my right hook no dentist required old timmyboy

And from this it's possible to know how individual Muslims will act today.

No one cares about what happens in paki land

Keep it in Cred Forums

cheapskate trainers, cheapskate laptop



anyway just look at any of his singing videos from a few weeks ago (before he goes off the rails), skip to about 17 minutes in

Has anybody confessed yet in regards to the mystery lad saying hi to Tim while he was doing his selfie?

islam a shit

How much do you save monthly lads

caralad was much better than the dutch faggot we have now desu

I'm not boasting.
But I did call this.

fuck you


>That bowler looks pretty sharp
>I wish they were still fashionable
>Shame about the casualization of society

could do with autismbux

which mental illness is the most detrimental but easiest to feign?

>now look
The FSA have been Islamist terrorists from day one.

Reminder that the US funded Bin Laden to take down the Soviets in the 80s in Afghanistan. Yanks never learn.

someone make a new, I have a fantastic gimmick lined up

it was Marcus Hausen AKA Kevin Boyle AKA 190kg Masterrace known associate of the DPD

There's two of us and shut up

NEVER have I EVER witnessed such a RASHEED POST on /brit/

nothing at the moment

Whatever Tim has

>niggernet exploder



you mean the over sensitive, perpetually offended man children who react aggressively indignant when you innocuously state their "religion" is flawed, violent and basically absurd?

he's right you know

if you're not going to treat every individual as an INDIVIDUAL then you're no different to terrorists



>over sensitive, perpetually offended man children who react aggressively indignant

>muslims don't react with anger when you disprove their beliefs

Miss Dutchcaralad heaps.
He always knew when several new's were up which one was 'the' one.
He was the seal of approval for /brit/
Fuck sake.

Lads have you ever tried to push out a shit so hard your vision became cloudy?
Just happened to me and it felt like a transcendal experience.