Culture Pals - Classic /cp/ pastas Edition

Culture Pals - Classic /cp/ pastas Edition

Come meet qts from around the world, practice your bants, hang out with the lads, share qts, cuck anons, cuck anonettes :^), feed the irish troll, hate on the BLACKED poo-in-loo, get yelled at by autists, share replies from pastas etc.


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She's 10 years younger but still over 18, and she's the one who started talking to me... Also I don't know who Anton is.

:^) are you gonna make her call you granddaddy?

Should I put my actual first name on my interpals profile? Slightly concerned about crazy girls on this site even though I have basically no other social media you can find me on

From which girls do you get the most message?

1. Thailand
2. Russia
3. South Korea

Hanz I...

They can always doxx you if they really want to, once you start messaging you can put the information together

t. qt's twitter stalker

top lel

1. Turkey
2. Miscellaneous

Thailand > Indonesia > China

wish I was born Korean sometimes


Messages: Morocco and Turkey
Views: UK and USA

Asked boring qt for whatsapp and she stopped replying )))





who the hell is this weirdo sending me dick pics?

German bf is going to visit October fest without me ;-;
Making visa is such a long process

that would be me

Fuck no.
what are you smoking senpai?

which one of you cucks is this?


I'd fuck him. If he was somewhat charming.

Send him over to me, I'll make sure that he doesn't cuck you...

fuck off, cunt.

It's depressing how much more attractive European QTs are compared to American slags. here there is always nice people to look at, but in the US there isn't shit

Reminder that this is the king of /cp/

yeah, even American men are fat as hell and dress like plebs in baggy clothes. Idk why so many Russian women want to marry exclusively American. They're inferior to Euro men.

He genuinely looks like a nice guy tbqh

Are you a QT?

t. Blade59041

Because all the girls and their mothers are obsessed with Korean culture you autist.

My friend is going on a date tonight and he says he's going to poke a hole in the popcorn bag with his dick in an attempt to get a handjob.

>My friend is going on a date tonight and he says he's going to poke a hole in the popcorn bag with his dick in an attempt to get a handjob.
Is he 15 ?

No but he thinks the girl is tho. We told him to check her ID first.



Hey how's it goin man?

Stop complaining with a full stomach you're American they all want a greencard.

Met the Slavboo today. It was kind of fun, more so interesting. Got to learn about Italian politics and how the Mafia has influence. As well as how apperently Italia is "Germany's whore"

did you put the benis in the bagina? ;DDD

no, we just met after she got out of class.

I didn't plan on trying to have sex with the Slavboo anyways. She's really nice tho.

What do you think, rate my plan pls.
I 'll find betas on interpals, flirt with them, next will offer them to meet irl somewhere in tourism countries with sea and beach. Of course I won't pay for myself, but won't have sex with them too))))
I am girl

i think you would end up raped if you don't fug them

Enjoy your rape;)))

You're the supreme gentleman user

That's really mean Tbh...

Wouldn't it save much more time and money if you just slept with a local escort than this? Explain

Tbh, I'm not always trying to stick my dick in anything that's there. It's been quite a while since I've had sex. But it's been by choice. I've had sex in the past that I regretted because I did it because of the whole "doesn't matter had sex" bullshit. so, I don't mind waiting longer.

> It's been quite a while since I've had sex. But it's been by choice.
Wew lad

There are no feelings with escorts, I could fuck them 20 times and it still wouldn't be as good as sleeping with my qt once.

Her heart is cold as winter. I hope she gets raped

Anybody interested in nudes of a 28 kazakh girl?

>wew lad

Just the last 2 girls I've been with, felt like a waste. I didn't care about them, hell I wasn't even really attracted to them. I remember after getting done thinking "what was the point of that?". I'd rather just wait for someone who I at least value. So it'll actually be a positive memory.

Are you stupid I m planning to find maximum betas + after arriving I 'll quickly find someone who can protect me from cuck hehe

That's still like, really mean.

You're taking advantage of someone for your own personal pleasures. That's pretty messed up, femanon..

enjoy your threesome

Same here I was in a fuckfriend relationship for over a year. Ended up breaking up with her a few months ago because I told her my feelings about my qt. I haven't been able to fall in love since highschool, cause she fucked me up hard.

> I'd rather just wait for someone who I at least value. So it'll actually be a positive memory.
I know what you mean man, it's just bants.

C-can I be your protector pls

Хoчeшь я тeбя выeбy? Ecли ты кpacивaя, кoнeчнo. Пpиeзжaй.

one question, do you guys still have that skype group or is it dead?

Ah ok. But yeah maybe it's just because I'm getting older. But I just kind of care less about sex. Maybe it was because my Italian QT during our prime showed me what actual affection was, something I hadn't experienced before.

give her the d bud


We'll see.. As I've said in the past. Things have changed. So I don't know anymore. But I'll find out over the next few days


Are you the Vicenza user?

Don't go in with that defeatist attitude. Show them Euros what kind of wood we heat with.

>ukrainian koreaboos

also, still no messages.
going to start sending them myself tomorrow then

Milano my friend, ive been on interpals for about a week, the number of thirsty girls is so high on this site . Are you the american with the 3 qts here in italy?

Ah, I was going to say. There is a user here from Vicenza which I'll be going to tomorrow.

Si, I met 1 today, visiting my main over the course of the next few days. Then that last QT is up in the air. Because the Slavboo would like to meet up again on my last day here (which was going to be for #3) but whatver

Are you the user with the Verunka nazi qt?
I'm sorry to tell you this but she's cucking you with the big canadian cock. Told me she's planning to move to my city to meet some guy.

Heh well and what will I do, I'm pretty poor. There is a special russian site for travellers, my friend found a beta there who was able to pay for her. After arriving at the hotel, she went to reception and asked to be get two single rooms instead their room for couple. It was a scandal, but they were settled. But that cuck had her passport because of he bought the tickets for her. Then he blackmailed her. So I tried to improve that scheme lol, I think foreigner cannot do nothing

Oh don't get me wrong, I'll see how things are. if feelings come back, I'll definitely go with them

kek, good job, did any one them let you smash?

>Are you the user with the Verunka nazi qt?
No I'm new here

no, I just met up with the Slavboo after she got out of class right before she had to take TrenItalia home. Now with my main, I mean, we've had quite the sext talks in the past. But she's not been doing well in her life the past few months. So we haven't been talking like that in a while. So I'll find out when I'm with her

Good luck user!

yeah girls can be quite moody and unless youre a top model, they make you sweat for their pussy. Be confindent and dont give up.

i feel isolated and lonely

interpal doesn't help

Thanks. I think regardless of what does or doesn't happen, I'll just be glad to spend some more time with her.

1. South Korea
2. Thailand
3. Miscellaneous

My Korean qts haven't messaged me lately

>Indians with penises above 4 inches
Considering this and the fact doesn't have sauce to study I call fake

You just haven't found the right one yet

Will I ever make it?

Just be yrself :^)

Do you really live in Pakistan?

Yeah it's not that interesting either, she is one of those asian looking kazakh, and not one those super hot hybrid ones

Oh no, the flag is just for decoration la.

Show picture of your desk


I am interested in Kazakh qts the more Asian the better, but at 28 she's probably a babushka
Why not prep your boipussy for some Somali cock?

Mujhe tangh mat kar aur jah apneh somali mian keh pass.
Kijk naar deze negerin. Ik zou haar best willen neuken

wtf i hate the dutch now

did a moroccan fuck your mother or something?

How do you afford to buy a computer?

How can you afford to pay for you wife's bull?

Ik niet.
I got fed up with my pinay qt. Are you interested?

How do you guys even get qts

Top bants mate.

after how long do you lads sext and get nudes from qts?

redpill me on thai girls

Sincethe day I started working in the marketing/sales field I began knowing why some people get more messages and why some whine about not getting any.
It's all about how you sell yourself.
Nobody wants to read here about how you want to meet nice people all around the world, how much you want to learn korean because you want to go there one day and oppa is there too, how shy you are at the beginning but so open when people REALLY get to know you or how you study photography even if you disappoint your parents because they wanted you to study law or something with a future.
Believe me: Nobody cares.
People want to read something short, still funny, kinda cheeky, and of course something mysterious to become curious about you. You can even lie. I mean how will they find out? They all live 1000 km away from you. And as long as it makes you look sexy and fresh who cares?
So yes I could make a great profile and show you an example how to do it right.
But guys: Im beautiful so I dont need to do that. Because on the end of the day thats all that matters.

- /bittersillage_

i'm only 20 and i'm nervous that the economy of eastern europe will improve in the next 6-7 years enough to where women there don't want an american husband, and that by the time i have a well paying job it'll be too late. am i alone in this?

she's online and she's not replying
it's been two days
what the fuck did I do

>i'm only 20
too young for gold diggers anyway.
t. gold digger

>tfw redpilling Euroqts on Trump and the rapefugee crisis

post proefile. .. . . .

German bf left for 3 days in Munich for October fest, lads. I worry that he will cheat on me and lose an interest in me for such long period ;-;

that's why i'm worried that the economy of eastern europe will improve in the next 6-7 years

>not blocking all continents other than Europe Australia

Yellow fever pls leave

OK lad, but just because I'm bored.
To get a nice profile
>take good pictures of you, don't crop it out of group pictures, don't take selfies (unless mirror selfies)
>Ask someone to take a picture of you or set your camera for a nice full body picture (kudos if you know photography).
>Be self conscious about yourself, don't put pictures of you with stamped t shirts (unless it's an event you are in; a concert, festival, aid program, etc), don't put pictures if you're using cargo shorts, the only excuse to use shorts are either if you're on the beach a pool party or doing exercise.
>don't upload more than two pictures with the same facial expression, (+1 if you're smiling in one, even if you have a shitty smile)
>if you do something interesting, instead of saying you do that shit, just put a picture of it on your bio. My """"interesting""""" stuff is gardening, cooking and skating, so you don't need to do some eccentric shit in order to attract attention.
>say some personal shit about yourself in your bio, dunno. Not something so personal like telling you sniff glue or jack off to Hentai. Just something interesting enough to make people say, "lol wut"
>If you like to read, don't list the books, just post a pic of your collections, same thing goes for music and drawings or plants if you're into some of that shit.


Send him lots of nudes to keep his mind set

c вyмaнcpy cкoпиpoвaл?

am i the only girl here ?

Pyccкиe жeнщины вo вceй кpace

>that discharge of disgust in arabic at the end

Photos are my weakpoint tbqh
I'm average looking but I'm shit in photos, and I don't have any recent one

That's weird, he asks me to send pics every fucking day. And different pics with different shirts. So I have to put on make up and a new shirt every single day just to make a pic oO.

don't take yourself very seriously. Just ironically do some fad like S A D B O Y S, Dabbing, or a picture of you while high or laughing.
Pics of you are very essential, it's like a 90% factor on weather qt's will reply to you or not.
Just hide your flaws, exploit your best traits and make fun of your own average-ness

why do american women get so perturbed when they find out you're married to someone from a 2nd world country? i got my poland-fu in the mail and women at work i don't even talk to aren't subtle about their disdain

Honestly my profile pic is pretty fuckboy-ish but it's like 3 years old

why are the asian girls who view my profile look nothing like the ones in my animes

then you're all right man, by being average in interpals you're automatically better off than most of the guys in there.
Just change your bio, and wait for avg girls to message you or start conversations with qts, and by start a conversation I'm not telling to say "hi how're you? "

I put a few things in my bio, especially the places I've been to.
Also I mostly looking for some language help in the beginning

Why is this Slovenian lad viewing my profile but doesn't reply to my message
Jan you hurt my feelings ;_;

>2nd world country
Chinese or Russian?

Bf just asked me to find Russian gf for his friend. wtf is he trying to use me?? I'm not some international procuress

Who are you, Božidar?

God damn girls are fucking moody


Who are you then?

Keep guessing

Send me a message.

I don't believe the one polish girl i was talking to was a /cp/ fag.

Nope it isn't afaik, but we still have an active Discord chat

I've never checked out these threads, what's the point of this site? Having an Internet gf?

I'm moving to Spain for a while in a week, should I make an Interpals to hit on girls there? May as well just use a proper dating app

That's me mate, who the hell are you? I don't know any Greeks lmao

Why won't his friend find a gf by himself. I don't want to ask my friend to fuck his beta friend out of friendship[

ayy lmao

"This user does not accept messages from Turkey."

How close am I to a ban?

lol :^)

Are you that turk that got with a czech girl and cucked her orbiter?

Are most Russian girls on InterPals gold diggers?

No I'm a different Turk. good thing none of the older regulars are lurking these threads anymore, I'd be exposed.

All of them

Would still fugg

I did

There are some /cp/ guys who got flagged 5 times and still aren't banned, and I don't know if they actually read the messages sent to the interpals account.

how was it? give details

I gotta ask, how do you have any success on interpals when your countrymen give you all such a bad reputation? Yeah I just joined the cult recently so I really don't know many of the regulars other than the French Canuck and a few others.


I don't chat on interpals, on another dating site for older people.

How much for you?

Yeah, it hasn't done a whole lot for me either.

I actually didn't use Interpals much, but when I did, I never had any problems. Plus, I was in another country when I used it. Though, when I returned, nothing changed for me. I'd get messages instead of initiating them.

Yes it's like tinder plus for poor people and it has the advantage of not requiring a match.

why would you harass someone? if they anger you you can just block them

Wow, you're still here?

Damn I was going to ask this

Yeah well I was gone for a while but I recently came back.

It's been a loooong time for me, I just wanted to check if these threads are still going, btw, you know me, that's why I asked.

Martin, is that you?

/r/ing richfag pasta pls

Oh ok, I don't really remember.


foreign bf drives Ferrari, lads ^^

I hate Turks, they're so annoying. They usually post some nonsense in Russian or insults like "woah, why are u still single? u must be picky"

Wtf user i thought you weren't anglo.
Why are you calling yourself cucknadian?

I'll tell them to stop doing that, don't worry.

That hover hand though, holy kek

Give me a break, even French people call us Canadians.

jesus what a terrible insult, how will you ever recover?


Its entirely automatic, someone can make 5 accounts and report you if he doesnt like you, you will get an auto-ban, nobody reads up on reports.

What's an normal amount of views. I just created my profile last night and I only have 10 so far. That's in 12 hours and half of the views are guys.

Well, you're beating me - I've had one view in a day, and it was from a spambot.

Maybe I should message them first, fuck. I'm too spergy to do that though.


Nah, go for it! It can't be worse than the alternative.

I guess, but I can never think of anything to say.

Whats the point of this website?

Maybe just a quick hello and what got you interested in talking to them? I'm just not really used to the specifics of social interaction on Interpals, so I'm not sure how well it will work.

It's meant to be a linguistic and cultural exchange, but its point is really up to you. Why would you personally want to interact with people in different countries?

I'm going to try find some girls with sort of similar interests and attempt to talk to them.
I think that's probably my best chance.

To just talk to people and learn about them and their life desu famalam.

God fucking damnit you guys. You told me I would find pure Slav qt's. This Russian girl I have been talking to seems fucking gorgeous. But she told me that she visited Dubai/other Arab kingdoms a lot. These places are fucking expensive right? I asked her how she afforded that. Or what her job is. She is dodging these questions. This is a red flag right? Probably some fucking arab sheik fucked her, pissed on her etc?

Sounds pretty good to me.
It seems like Interpals would be a pretty good fit for you, then!

I didn't think they were that expensive. Maybe if she stayed in the top suite of the burj khalifa she might be a secret millionaire.
It might be her daddy's money even and she doesn't want to sound bad.

Are you saying that in a country where the average salary is 1000 dollars can afford a ticket to one of the most expensive places on earth? Plus she is like 18, and she said her dad is a police officer. Are you seriously thinking I will believe that bullshit you are telling me?

Thats the only way, not even memeing.

Calm down, I only had as much info to go on as you provided.
There are rich people everywhere. I'd expect most of the third worlders on this site to be better off than most of their countrymen.
Or maybe, she is an oil tycoons slut. Take your pick.

Are any of these girls just looking to talk? I literally just want to talk to people

Also, I've only been to the Dubai airport but most generic things like bottles of coke, chips, books are cheaper there than here in Australia.

2 fuk cute bitch wthi accent


Ye babbie









yeah, she was online for about 2 hours today and didn't drop me a message
i'll give her another two days before i block her and move on. no clue what i did or if she just met someone better.



>All these wall posts

Why would you block her? Maybe she's busy with something, it happens. What if she tries to send you a message on the 3rd day? Move on, yes. But blocking her is just butthurt af.


Why are poles so fucking gay?

>Active Discord
The Pastebin says to avoid

because it killed this thread some time ago from what i've heard

Dunno, the pastebin says its just an autist spamming it that had almost nothing to do with InterPals. Never seen it though.

yeah that's what i've heard too

>decide to break it off with a girl I've been chatting almost non-stop with for the past six months
>she's taking it pretty well, understanding the situation with rationality et al
>suddenly paragraphs of "YOU NEVER LOVED ME", "PLEASE RECONSIDER" etc

Lessons learned, bitches be crazy and never get attached to a girl you have never met IRL.

Well, it's been going on for nine months, so we're closer and we don't just talk about Interpals, but yeah, the main point is that we all go there to qt hunt

t. discord pro

I want a clingy qt

Trust me, you fucking don't. Playful/non-serious obsessionism? Sure. Clingy "if-you-don't-love-me-I'm-going-to-kill-myself" fuckery? Nah man, stay away from that bullshit.

I just want a qt that loves me.
I've never had one, and clingy sounds good to me. At least they'll be loyal.

>Discord Pro
Send link, I am collecting Cred Forums discords (except/b/ related serbs)

Depends how clingy, I've had a gf who cheated on me after I didn't ""pay enough attention"" to her to get me jealous
It ain't that cool after a while
Message me on Interpals desu, the admin is autistic about accepting new people because we've had a problem with a crazy t*rk coming in if we had open invites, so he gives out single use invites
My profile is /Ghibelline

>At least they'll be loyal.

They're manipulative cunts that will use any and all tricks in the book to completely ensnare you through guilt, pity, or downright seduction. Clingy girls are under no circumstances to be trusted.

I'm desperate enough anyway. No one likes me.
Besides I think I'm smart enough to not fall for their tricks. I'm super cautious around people anyway.

awww whats your profile , i will love you :^)

Mate, trust me, getting a gf that loves you for what you are is better than having one that loves you for your attention
And post your profile so we can tell you how to improve it :3

Okay but don't bully
It's a new one, my old account got banned a few weeks ago.

I deleted my account too, but i am sure you are nice , there is no need to be depressed :)

Get rid of the glasses and hood. Maybe try a slightly different angle as well. Add some more pictures, preferably you doing shit outside- driving a car, riding a bike, whatever.

You don't look too bad looking, but you'll need more pictures
And also, try to be more assertive in your profile description
My interests are all super-spergish and I still haul puss because of how you word things
And all the girls here are fucked in some way, they're not normie girls who will bite your head off, if that's what you fear

I'm not quite depressed yet.
I will probably try and get more photos but I look weird in photos and I have bad teeth so I haven't got one I like just yet.

No worries, you look much better than I do! I also think that having a picture of you being yourself outside or something is a great idea - even if you think you look like a trainwreck, it's you being yourself, which is innately an attractive thing.

I guess so, I'll have to try and find some of me outside. I know I got some at home, just none that are super recent.

>do a language exchange with some girl who posted obvious fake model pics
>don't care because it's just a language exchange and she has a cute voice
>a few weeks pass
>actually see her face on cam
>those weren't fake pics...

Should I deploy? She's shown zero romantic interest in me, but I think she's a bit of a flirt. I'm like a 4/10 and she's a solid 8/10 (10/10 if you like girls with obvious surgery).

I'm sure you're better than a 4/10.

Women have very harsh grading curves

They do? I've never really had problems meeting people or dating.

The curves are harsh, but if they like your personality and the life you've built for yourself then you're golden.

I'm guessing it goes a little something like this

Are you fit like an olympic swimmer?
If no, you're not over 7/10.

Are you a manlet?
If yes, you're not over 5/10

Are you ugly?
If yes, you're not over 3/10

In other words a 4/10 would be an average looking manlet.

Maybe I just dated a lot of desperate people, then.

every ugly poor asian states

why am i not surprised?

Alright real talk, have you asked the koreaboos why they're obsessed with your country? I have literally never heard of people being obsessed with Korea outside of interpals so it's a weird thing to see.

it was really frustrated ukrainian koreaboo girls are ugly as fuck but belarus

Korea's a really darn cool place, in all fairness! One of my friends is studying abroad there now, and she's having an amazing time.

I talked to an American girl and she told me she liked to listen to k-pop and I asked "don't they speak in Chinese? you like it even though you don't understand what they're saying?" she corrected me that they speak Korean and not Chinese even though I was obviously just trollin and then she said that she looks up translations to know what they're talking about and listens to Chinese songs too.

It's really wierd to me as well.

i just think its same with buzzfeed virals all the autistic western teen girls are doing autistic things on internet

but it is really boring i almost time just listen their autistic koreabooism even i don't listen kpop also i don't watch kdrama but what should i do? i just have to be pretend nice by the way

True, Korea has an incredibly interesting culture and Koreans busted their collective asses to make it nice, but it's just weird since I've never heard of people being obsessed with Korea in the same way that weebs obsess over Japan. In a way, people being obsessed has become NORMAL and something I actually expect to see and encounter. Fucking current year

Poles confirmed the Asians of europe

are you a girl? are you cute and adorable? come to seoul then

I'm not a girl, nor am I cute or adorable, but my friend is a girl who is also quite attractive! She's there right now.

Why aren't people obsessed with our culture

Ice hockey and timbits just don't cut it pierre

They have France for that already

ah really? is she white? i guess she is doing well here because we south koreans likes americans

This. Women are far pickier, harsher and entitled than men. That's why a lot of guys are forced to date down since their looks-match is shooting for the super-Chads.

If you manage to lock down a looks-matched girl, consider yourself lucky. During my 8 years of dating I've only managed to do so on three occasions.

She is indeed! I'm just super glad that she's doing all right. I know it's perfectly safe, but I'm a bit of a worrywart.

basic tribalism and feminine jealousy, they would much rather you married a local girl and not spend resources raising a halfy from an out group. Also if you are married why the fuck do you even slightly care what other woman think.

Get a picture of you with a Wallaby. It's unique plus, Girls love Wallabies


Seriously tho.. Girls like animals.

Dude, not only did I get my QT a nice gift, I got her dog some American dog treats too. She loves her dog, so I'm sure she'll find it hilarious/cute

>Imagine being this uncool at 20.

The weird thing is we share a lot of common ground. He just has no chill.

Even if you do meet them, don't get overly attached.

Congratulations, you've cracked the code of women.

Here's the hard part... They do it instinctively, genuinely unaware of their actions or the morality of them. user, can you forgive them for their manipulative nature and still appreciate a woman despite what she is? Can you throw away your Disney movie fantasy of how you think a gf should act?

Men's Value
>Looks, Status, Game, Money

Women's Value

Suffice to say, you're probably lacking in a few of these if every woman you day is objectively below you in looks.



Explain yourself Norge

>tfw lost interest in my pole qts and haven't talked to them in ages. They've seemingly grown bored of me as well, since last time I talked to them, their replies were low-effort shit.

>tfw russian qt I've been talking to who claims to be the daughter of a russian diplomat keeps visiting my profile, but not replying to my messages (her english is pretty shit)

>tfw catfish under a 6-day-old austrian account with the picture of a 10/10 blonde is trying to lure me into a trap.

>tfw hinted to my turkish qt that we could go hiking together when/if I go there and she avoided that message, turning the conversation away from that.

>tfw gave my number to one polish qt, since she said she'd add me on WA. She has been absent lately and it's been 3 days since she said she would add me.

>tfw romanian qt hasn't replied to my message in 4 days and we were hitting it off pretty well.

I guess I'm just going to face it: this shit ain't for me. It's all shits & giggles until Chad Thundercock sends your qt a message and fucks her two days later.

259th for non-existent longtime qt
Who else /closetosuicide/ here?

What's the point in Belarusian qts if you can't go visit them because they don't let you enter the country? A lot of 10/10s out of reach.

I know a belarusian qt who says she knows a company who will get me a visa for 2 weeks if I go there.

You don't let them enter your country either so what are you complaining about? Hypocritical westerners.

>tfw my persian qt got on Skype for the first time in two months and to show how sorry she was she sent lewds while wearing her headscarf thing.

Why does stuff like that happen to me? I certainly don't deserve it :'D

>tfw qt sends a "heeey good morning :)"

Ruskie finally sent me lewds, I now feel bad about trying to drop her

Sharing is caring, Nigel.



He probably will, but I'll take care of you while he's off fucking Eva.

>Ireland has a travel waiver for Belarus

How does it feel knowing that ugly anons have collected more qts than you?

>tfw changed my age to message some 9/10.
>tfw cant message another qt now.

Bitch didnt even reply.

idk, I am one of the ugly ones

Austrian BTFÖ.

Why don't you create vk guys? Most Russian girls are shameless and post ass pictures. As an assman this is heaven.

New thread



Can you get qts from vk though?

Probably not, I'm often told that I'm handsome.
My status has been shot to shit in the fast three years due to becoming a shut-in.
Aspergers and game don't usually go hand in hand.
Neetbux ain't enough.

>Have only gotten messages from few new people in the last two days

Am I doing something wrong?

This , and it is easy to find people to talk to in there?

Buddy, pls

I'm nervous

new thread

delet this

new thread

here for those who want a new thread that isn't autistic

See? I told you not to give up

It's sad to see you go BOAT, I hope you'll be back

>Both are shit
>Not even 320 posts

Boat has a wifey

if i don't use the script, am i doomed to just getting messaged by dudes?

why do people still use this dead website

If you are cuck like the canadian , use his new thread

Japan, we both know you can do better than that...

my delusion of japanese posters was shattered when i realized they're all just weebs who used Cred Forums all their life in america before bringing their kimono with them to work for studio gibli in japan

no im curious this place is broken on all fronts


It's still decent for qt hunting, especially if you are thirsty for Slavs

>the slav girl meme

I see the bluepill remains intact desu

NACHTNIXE wow crazy girl for the day, dont waste your time with this one.. or well apparently another girl you should just flirt with dont bother trying to be her friend cuz she will get pissed at you

slavs are better than the hambeasts I can pull iRL anyway... so why not?

testingdude ?

would join satanic cult with 2bh

who are you kidding, you will forever be lonely

crazy girls man talk to you for months then all of the sudden hate you. Should have just flirted or sent sex messages, why havnt I learned my lesson.


I wish, unfortunately I think I am about to get a gf... fuck
Based Svenne :3

now report him for abuse

You are too ugly to get a gf m8

Basement dweller

I thought so too, but unfortunately some grills like tall snowniggers :((
Only in my dreams :((((((

new thread

New thread where a dutchie promised to provide lewds