Black hair blue eyes > everything else

black hair blue eyes > everything else

How is it even possible?
Who are they?

This, im proud to own these settings


Light-brown/honey eyes>green>blue>>>>>>>>>>black>>>>>>>>>>brown eyes

This is true, especially in girls.

They're not rare at all if that's what you mean. I myself am like that, although I'm not precisely a top model.

dark hair green eyes > everything else

I mean shouldn't most dark haired people have brown eyes and not blue?

In what populations does this occur in?

i personally prefer brown hair blue eyes


I'm very ignorant when it comes to genetics, but hair colour and eye colour are not related afaik.

Unless you mean in a general pattern. I mean, yeah, most people in this planet have dark hair and eyes (most Latin Americans, most Asians, most Africans...), but they're not dependent traits.

Although my hair wasn't truly black when I was a kid, for example (it was blond-ish, like many people here when they're kids. Maybe it's the camelrider genes dominating later on).

Statistically here that combo for both men and women gets the most messages and likes on dating sites.

It is common here to have light/brown here when a kid and have it turned dark later.

I do have green/blue mixed eyes and black hair myself.


Mein neger

I have mentioned that girls with green eyes and dark hair often have problems with bodyhair

emily a shit

excellent taste user

It's usually extremely dark brown just bordering on black. The only females I've ever met with black hair and blue eyes dyed their hair.

green skin > white skin >everything else

>t. Garrosh Sue