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How do magrehbis feel about their reputation in Western Europe? Please I must know.

4th for tunisian qts

>/ME/ and /MAGHREB/ threads created same time nearly.
>/ME/ thread didn't reach 100 posts and /MAGHREB/ thread reaches bump limit
And they're the ones wanting us out lmao

we don't even care user

nice 44 in the 4th post

la trudsh 3lih khlih htan ymil

come to tunisia bro they like Moroccan

we don't care tbqh

fuck 'em

aw wrong pic(me and my wife don't save it pls)

ⴷⵄⴻⵙ ⴻⵯⴻⵔⵢⵄⵏⴻ ⵀⴰⵖⴻ ⴰⵛⵛⴻⵙⵙ ⵜⵄ ⴰ ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⴳⵀⵜ ⴽⴻⵢⴱⵄⴰⵔⴷ ⵙⵄ ⵡⴻ ⵛⴰⵏ ⵜⴰⵍⴽ ⵍⵉⴽⴻ ⵜⵀⵉⵙ ⴼⵄⵔ ⴰ ⵡⵀⵉⵍⴻ? (ⴱⴻⵛⴰⵓⵙⴻ ⵄⴼ ⵜⵀⴻ ⴷⵓⵎⴱ ⵍⴻⴰⴼ)

why? Surely some of you get upset that your diaspora are acting like savages?

Beurs/Beurettes to Algerians are like Pied noir to French.
They aren't Grorious Argerian


No we dont , we consider them as national heroes and when they return with their clio cars , we celebrate their great heroic return


wow this thread will overcome ME thread soon

true that.

ayy quads and consecutive dubs

no they are not, they act respectable and modest

>Beurettes a khel

They're celebrate? Really?

yes we celebrate it by driving trucks in France don't you know? Dumb Albanians not loving their national heroes.


Fucking phone.

french should be grateful

wtf i'm going to tunis now

Yes in tunisia we have a national holiday when a tunsian rapes a white women

The Albanian national hero is a Christian though and he is celebrated. Stop deflecting please. I want to know maghrebis.

do you rape her from front or back? and is it gang done?

isn"t it bad for ur eye sight

nous voulons plus du beurettes s'il vous plait

elles sont la plus belles

*a chicha

Is that why tourism in the Maghreb is dead?

I piss in mother Teresa's portrait every time a truck kills a Fr*nchman and right now the portrait is gone by the amount of piss there is. I think I need to steal one.

Yes , tourism in /maghrib/ is also dead so you better shoo shoo before we digitally kill you and rape your mom on the beach

who said that? Marakkesh was the second most visited city in 2015. and more tourists go to Algeria than Albania. (The only foreigners you take are Syrians passing by.)


>Is that why tourism in the Maghreb is dead?



is that a nipple I see
>Non-pepperoni nipples

Is mahdia the comfiest place in tunisia

运行之前 我打你的卡车 然后强奸你老婆白!!!!!

No Tabarka is

>4 maghreb thread

>Zoltar still didn't post

no it's ain drahem

The roads there are a bit shit

are these Cedar trees or pine? I thought Atlas cedar is only in Morocco and Algeria

where is libya did they join ME
did they finally realize that they are not maghreb

Looks like knock-off Ifran/Khenifra/Kabyle

How's it going Siegfried Al-magrhebi Svensson?

I miss the Libyan poster who types like a teen jb fan girl

Mother Teresa is a saint though.

There is only 1 local libyan poster here . so he could e busy

it's pine
btw i don't know why we don't have cedar trees ain drahem is the wettest place in the maghreb

and knock off Chrea too.

Doesn't Algeria and other maghrebi nations also have travelling black Africans going through their nation causing havoc? Better Syrians than them.

You cut them all down, which is also why you don't have monkeys. plus the nearest place that has Cedars to Ain drahem is Chelia which is far so it won't reach.

Mamadous are bro tier man Syrians are only going to Europe for Ficki ficki

ifrane/khenifra/kabylie those are desert compared to Ain drahem user

>is the wettest place in the maghreb

[citation needed]

Tchong tchong tchang

we had some monkeys in one of the kef villages but the people was affraid and the army killed them :(

What about Chrea?

>ifrane/khenifra/kabylie those are desert compared to Ain drahem user

literally delete your existence

Algerians are considering giving you some but they need to establish more populations before doing so.
Plus Gibraltar gives us and Morocco some Monkeys each year,


>desert to ain drahem

>the only places in tunisia that aren't total desert are those next to the algerian border
>yall desert
when will TIDF learn

>Ifrane was the world's second cleanest city in 2015
>It is also where the lowest temperature in all of africa was recorded (-22 degrees celsius) and still holds that title since 1935

Beat that.

>This thread has more posts than /ME/

Why do they have a fucking swimming pool?

So Russians and Skandis can feel right home


Yeah nabel is a desert now . the desert only starts with gabes

>River not even frozen


Like maghrebis right :P

wtf no traps in tunsia !!!!

We tell them we'll ficki them at least.
now please

Where is transfucker when you need him?

The fucc?
Now magrehbis are vikings n sheiit?

that was in 1935
it"s due to altitude not to anything else
if we had the same altitude we would be colder
we still have more rain more fertile soil more green

We are half niggers half nordic no filthy arabic or beber blood

Nah man Algeria is Asians

>we still have more rain more fertile soil more green

That's where you're wrong me amigo

Yes my celtic brother

the desertic climate literally starts with mestir and sousse

this is wrong too

I wish

>Live in the border with Galicia

Saved by the bell!!

not accurate at all tunisia is so small many diversity this map can't indicate it
we are only 160000 km and we are lower on the altitude but we still have the wettest place + we have a beautiful desert beat this
reminder we are more to the north our climate is colder at 0m altitude

Lol no >inb4 a meme map

it's semi aride climate it"s warm in sousse and mestir in summer and that's why it's not a desertic climate

You wish?

meaningless discussion let's change the topic

Should be Genocided

If you can use coast as an advantage and argument then why can't use the glorious atlas mountains as an argument

you're just a flat desert

Should I learn Berber or Arabic? I dont give a shit about Islam I just like North Africa.

Also what would be good resources to learn the languages?


Berber, there are many Arabic dialects and no one speaks MSA bullshit and Arabic is dying

Dont learn berber its uselees. Learn fusha arabic to try something new and hard . also people in general understand fusha

Any good online resources for learning Berber?

we need less altitude for freezing+we have the rainiest city+ the center of Tunisia and a little of the south is a big olive forest

Which language to be exact? Kabyle?

This is Souss, deep south morocco

At the same level in algeria there is nothing but fuck-all desert and some pretty good looking natural stone arcs
At the same level in your country there is nothing but fuck all sand dunes
At the same level in Libya it's a heat death pit
There are green areas going as far are north of western sahara

Fertile morocco desu

learn kabyle if you wish to know the real north africa

the other regions are pretty much arab memes

nice meme

I just learned that we've got -5C on Tamanrasset (More souther than Tunisia).

have you ever saw snow near sea no? because you only depend on the altitude even in the moutain of tanzania kenya ethipoea in the middle of desert it snows

Souss looks like this general . its just like any southern tunisian city

everyone can cherrypick some oued in the middle of the desert and generalize an entire region

sahara at night is cold btw what the coldest temperature ever recorder in algeria?
if we record the temperature in tunisia at an 1655m altitude(the same as ifrane) it will be colder that any place in the maghreb


i don't see any green this is some high altitude region with shitty climate


Be proud of your sand dunes my African friends.

>A well irrigated area, this has been one of Morocco's most fertile regions for centuries, known since at least the eleventh century for its cultivation and export of sugar.

>high altitude

except it's not

We are but the topic we're discussing is coldest extremes in NWA.

>Maghrebis arguing about which of their desert nations is the most European like in geography

We're not
And why are you still here?

this is in the south of tunisia
the whole places not covered with forests is like this

Serious question to all you maghrebis. Which maghrebi nation has the most beautiful women amongst you? Objectively speaking.

And is it easy to get a qt maghrebi girl?

Morocco has best Ass
Tunisia has Best titties
No it's not that easy if you want a Gf. although there are shitty beurette prostitutes in France but those don't count.

Is it anywhere near as south as say Tafraout/tabalbala ?



Those are Farmlands

Well I'm an ass man so maybe morrocan women are up my alley? Although those Tunisians with turk descent are good looking.

How would they feel about Canadians and one that is a balkanlar Albanian?

Depends, in Algeria you're Alright people for us, though our women prefer Baznians over you.



implying that european city are that rainy
>berlin 591mm
>paris 649 mm
>roma 804mm
>madrid 436mm
>budapest 592mm
>london 601 mm
>ifrane 1101mm (morocco)
>ain drahem(tunisia) 1764 mm


What does the Berber script look like when handwritten?

So you have to be a Muslim if you want a qt maghrebi gf that isn't a buerrette, right?

Why do you like Bosnians more btw? Is it because some of your extremists fought with them in Bosnia during the war?

Traditional is written upside down. though it is barely used. normal one looks like how you see it in op pic.

Rude. Why?

No, or as I may say depends on her parents.
Bosnians are bro tier but Slovenes are best Balkan.

kosovo je srbja


>depends on the parents

Most parents care or few about the religion or lack thereof of the person dating their daughter? Also do people there care about their daughters or sisters dating, marrying, reproducing with someone that isn't of their ethnicity?

>Slovenes are best Balkan

I agree. Slovenes are the most advanced of the Balkans but that's because they're mountain Jews. Why do you consider Bosnians bro-tier?

We removed them so it's not theirs anymore.

Few. though they go like (Muslim>Jew>Christian>Traditional Pagan>Anything else)
No one cares about inter-racials.
I met a few Bosnians.

Would your family object if a nigger married your sister?

the only thing is that Berbers may have a hate on Arabs and may prefer other Berbers.

depends on his personality and all. If he's hardworking and a nice guy they'd let him.
Same goes for anyone.

thread theme

This cancer again

Pretty liberal in that case.


not that liberal, it's logical though.

Not logical if you want your race infected with negroid genes.

Berbers already have Negroid genes you racist twat

>Would your family object if a nigger married your sister?

Im a turk and i would not mind if a arab would marry my sister as long he is responsible and religious man.

But arabs and turks have a lot of cultural things in common and they also look the same. Black africans on the other hand just wouldn't fit, there would be problems with the families also i don't like the idea of race mixing.

infected* so racist thinking too high about yourself

Why would an Albanian care anyways? Algerians are Mongoloids and he's Ca*casoid.

dunno what he's saying but he looks like supersli so I like it

he's saying some shitty rap crap

well that's ur opinion it's not that good but it's not shit

miss algeria is pretty average (look like a chink for me)

alright then.
That was the point of my post.
Also cute eye colour

want tounsiya zucc -_____-


ugly fishface and no thicc thighs

Three questions. Everyone can answer.

1 - Are you guys muslims? What do you think about Islam?

2 - What are the ethnicities of the Maghreb region?

3 - Why do some arab girls have these super hot green eyes

At least she kept that hijab on. Safed her disgnity.

here my lolicon collection

>Are you guys muslims
None of us, afaik
>What are the ethnicity of the maghreb region
Berbers(dominant ethnically) , arabs(dominant culturally), negroes and egyptians
>Why do some arab girls have these super hot green eyes

>green eyes

1. No
2.Native? Berber, Toubou, Copt, Songhai, Greek.
3. Berber/Levantine/Kurd/Colonial influence

>not Muslim
>live in Muslim land
>literally the liberal degenerates of the Muslim world

are youy greek

1. Well, some of us, others are not, but we don't talk much about it on 4 Chan, we are here just for the dank memes. I think its the only true religion if understood correctly.

2. Berbers, Arabs, turks and negroid africans.
And also people who are literally mixed with all of these.

3. The only arabs with green eyes i know are from lebanon and syria, so i would say its common for syrian and assyrian people.

i fucking knew you were a muslim kys

tunisian jew here

North africa is not saudi arabia. Apostasy is not a crime there, as long you don't promote it and don't make it too public.

gib proofs mr shiran

t. moroccan jew in vacation

but using a camera is haram

wtf morocco

eww i be she has a pussy -_-

>pepperoni nipples
Disgusting little creature.

I am a greek
On a serious note: no

meanwhile is Somalia

I like em big with just a tiny pop up

both are disgusting

she's quite qt tbhwyf

my retarded classmate is better looking than her


where is libyanon

what was that?

a girl or a kid?

both xddddd

what if she had a penis?

wtf post feet now

does that make it legal to ravage it ?

under Tunisian law





ayy lmao


i had a boner desu

post hair

all I heard was a mother shouting at a kid.
is he a kid?


Somebody needs to post his boipucci or hell get banned

testing my english

post feet bébé


t. got it from the vocaroo thread

Its a female voice insulting you while alternating between English and Tunisian


Well to prove it's "her"

why don't you show us how you speak Arabic?

why the hate

i'm not "her"

I just accused "her" of using vocaroos from the vocaroo thread up right now

R8 me


>average tunisian father

Not sure if Kawaii or cringe

Insulting this whore in glorious taqvaylit, though I put no emotion to it.

Also proof that I'm a male.

nice fish

post t-shirts you wear

thank you user , i caught them by myself and i am so proud of it

This guy isn't me btw, he's assman

You're in a fish market m8 who are you fooling?
Maximvm cringismvs

oh algerianfag* my bad. You're a good friend.

yes but i own it

Thank you
Cool then

>/ME/ is getting Alive

just checked

that's not anywhere near getting alive

Check again.
nice pic btw, saved.

we should just go back to /mena/
why can"t the fucking moroccans handle the bantz?


let's colonize