Whats the best sword?

whats the best sword? And in which country?

>Inb4 hurr durr sword of damocles

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the best sword isn't worth shit if a weak arm's swinging it

>Inb4 hurr durr sword of damocles

also >>>>>>

Too much meem arrow if you ask me

Japanese katana.
looks sexy as fuck.
Punjabi khanda looks kind of like an orc sword, and Tulwar sword fighting style looks gay as fuck. Nordic style swords with the rounded pummel look pretty cool too.

hurr durr sword of damocles

The best sword will always depend on your opponent armor and formation.

Gladius were really efficient back then in the Roman era, almost exclusively used in thrusting motion

The katana

The spear is the best sword

Spears were like assault rifles back in the day
Swords were like handguns



there is no "best sword", each of them was designed for different purposes

I liek flyssas

I mean you didn't drew your sword if you still had your spear at hands and werent in close combat.
bad analogy but still it was the case

Of course "best sword" is kind of silly. Best sword for what? All of them have their own job.

What are swords for?

You have swords better at cutting
You have swords made for thrusting
You have swords made to throw their weight around

It's not all that fucking simple m8.

Most swords are made for killing, so yeah thats what im asking

the bayonet

And I gave my opinion as to what would be a pretty good choice.
It's just not that easy to pick an objective best given that it would change per situation.

Ok then why flamberge

Because it can do a bit of everything that I had listed above. Plus the fact that it's more modern than most swords helps.
If I was stuck in some sort of gladitorial life and death battle with only swords i would pick that as my weapon.
Plus, I've heard that it vibrates the other person's blade when you strike it. Never experienced that, but people i've talked to told me it sucks to deal with.

A buckler and an arming sword would beat all of your """""2 handed""""" swords.

Do my opponents have armour or shields? Do I have armour or a shield? Are all the people we need to kill armed with swords, are they unarmed, or armed with other weaponry? Do I have a horse? Do my opponents have horses? How many opponents are there? What kind of opponents are they? (physical build, use of tactics, level of cooperation, combat experience)

To make an absolutely best choice we would need to know all of these and possibly more.

I'll say katana just to spite you nerds.


Did you know that the Romans wore their scabbards on the right hip? It wasn't until later that people figured out you can draw your sword with a slashing motion if you place the scabbard on your left.

Halberd obviously.
>spear to fuck up opponents
>axe head to fuck up armor and break bones
>hook to pull cavalry off horses


>what's the best sword
Good luck lifting it off the ground