I feel so haram

I feel so haram.
I want to betray my ancient ancestors and heritage.
I want to race mix.
I want to seed an non pure aryan european shit skinned woman with my precious priceless white aryan european male seed.
I want to defile my race.

black pussy looks disgusting though

Nothing wrong with going out and BLEACHing the world m80


This i have to do it for future white aryan european males. I need to make as many beautiful mulatto children as possible whole world must be bleached..

>world must be bleached
do it with nukes, bring it on sissyboy


they all are pretty good nice taste m8

nah man i do it with my dick

what a fag


u are homo

I don't even want children I just wanna fuck pretty and cute women.


You don't fuck it with your eyes


t still a virgin

This vaginas are all nasty looking.
>inb4 r9k autism about muh rosties

I want to stay virgin forever


too bad you live in finland. only nignogs are fat somali wifes. good luck bleaching


They want a man. Not some spineless mongrel who shat himself when he learned his country would be taken over and ran to the nearest mosque to pledge allegiance.

Who are you talking to?

Fuck off racist retard.


Nothing wrong with it man, your ancestors journeyed out of Africa to find pastures new and now, you;ll be going back to Africa. Deep into Africa

t. nigger mudslime

Where do all these hot African wenches congregate? The ones where I live have heads like smacked arses.


t. ignorant American

my bad.
But seriously, white people are closer to black ancestry than asians and south asians unless you're talking about south indian people which have a more abo- admixture


Fuck my life

Abos are genetically distant from African niggers you retard

>pierced nips

My syntax is fucked, people of south indian ancestry here have darker features reminiscent of Africans, however they're closer related to Abos, they're not the same though.

rolling for my black angel


Pic related also
Rollin, number 4 bls


Hoping for 2

It is okay, OP.

As a true "white guy" (a.k.a 3rd generation European Canadian {.25Polish, .25Ukrainian, .25Swedish, .125German, .125Austrian} raised only with North American culture and English language) I often feel the desire to get my hands on a "black girl" (a.k.a 3rd-or-later generation Afro-Caribbean woman raised with North American or European culture).

It's not often their faces that get me (but when they do - god damn), but moreso their bodies. Of all the Earth's races, they have, on average and in both relative and absolute terms, the largest breasts, hips, thighs, and asses. I mean it's just human male nature to want to fuck that.

Only downside is, as mentioned, any cleft or dense part of their skin (armpits, inner elbow/knee fold, nipples, thigh-groin juncture, and the whole groin region, from genitals to butthole) is dark, dark brown, almost black, even for most light-skinned black women.

I know their hips, faces, hair and bodies just way too superior to compared to other races. This is what drives me so mad.



>black faces and hair are superior to other races
okay, that's enough for today Mikko

kys nerd

shut up

All this cherry picking

bet your still fapping habib al saled

8 > 5 > 4 > 1 > 7 > 2 > 3 > 6

Who tf is that? I'm not from Pakistan sorry

Which one OP?

Yeah, but when you find a pretty black girl, she's really pretty.

No darker ones?

damn ask something easier

rollin for 34

They are rare tho

Hard to choose but i pick #7


Unfortunately Especially since I like dark girls.

you have to get a girl friend first op

Step 1: Go to xhamster
Step 2: Search for "FakeAgentUK Perfect ass and tits ebony chick wants sex"
Step 3: Fap like mad



My workplace has very dark girl and she has very good hair and perfect body and personality too. But she is married already.

F*ck it, rolling

geeeyawd dam

>I want to betray my ancient ancestors and heritage.

Your ancient ancestors were illiterate dumb peasants, if they today saw you with your negro gf, they'd be like:

"Wow a slut that's like all black like uhh... a thing that's really black. That's some neat magic"
"Is her cunt black too?"
"Can I borrow her tonight? I never fucked a black cunt."

And you ancestors couldn't make beer yet!

True, they probably ate fly amanitas to get high.

Hah! At least my ancestors had the good sense to have the reindeers eat the mushrooms and then drink their piss!

Got any that don't involve a fucking fat old balding dude?



British black girls are also sassy?

gas the blacks

race war now

From what I have seen most uk black girls don't act like that on porn, I doubt they act like that IRL.

I get it, there are pretty blacks.

But there are so many pretty whites as well, so why not just find yourself a nice white chick?