What are some unique ice cream flavors from your cunt?

What are some unique ice cream flavors from your cunt?

Pic related, blue moon a midwestern usa thing.

That stuff is good but too "sweet"

Maple bacon ice cream

Pistacio Almond.

Yes everywething is Corean.

HA. We have that in the Netherlands too and we call it....

My favourite ice cream is from Maine, Gifford's Muddy Boots.

Licorice ice cream

Want to try that

Same for Germany.

I like mint ice cream, black cherry, and creamy french vanilla

Never had it. is it good?

We have it too, we call it hupikék törpikék


It is bitter—bitter
But I like it
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my ice cream.

Salmiakki ice cream

its like fruity loops + marshmallow

though there are lots of variations. supposedly its actually raspberry lemon but who knows

this is some good shit, please export more to sweden

Real coconut ice cream with some sweetened sticky rice at the bottom.

dead animal ice cream

we've come a long way

blue waffle is pretty good

can't find a picture because I am on my phone though, only have this toad saved for some reason


I love that, when it's fully black that is.


Bubblegum. Because I'm a man-child.


posting this for my canabros since none of them posted it

Tiger ice cream, one of my favorites

It's orange with licorice swirls, really popular in Alberta

Fuck that looks tasty. What kind of rice is at the bottom?

Green or purple sticky rice. It has chewy texture compared to regular rice.

I need this now