Can i pass native in your country ?


You look like the stereotypical white Brazilian.


>black hair
sorry nope

am i white ?

Except for the chinky eyes, I'd say yes

not with that faggy ass haircut

I need to see your dic and arse to decide


You look like a Paki.
So yes.

most turks can pass as mexicans desu


Well you could definetly pass as a faggot, and apparently that's what you're aiming for with this haircut

you can pass for a fuccboi

i'll spray some clorox onto your anus to bleach it you tight little fuccboi.


You could pass as a bf in my bed

Gay desu

Go live in Jammu or Haryana regions.Possibly get into bollywood and settle in Mumbai,white skin is all they want.

no, you could pass as a white arab

>white arab
That's like 20% of our "whites" desu

You can pass on this dick.

oh, just saw you are a turk.
well, that's how you look, like a western turk.


you look like a southern european, normies won't see any diference but for someone who is interested in racial classification he'll see that you're not 100% white but something beetween


>you look like a southern european
no , he looks like from morocco

Keep the level of your fabulousity a bit lower and you would be able to.

you look spanish to me

>you look spanish to me
yuo are fucking idiot, he looks from morocco

in brazil you're white, but here nope..

lol but Spaniards ARE from morocco lol

we have tons here in Miami.. they look just as latino as the other brown sudacas

Could I?

True whites don't see sunlight

>true whites

i think you mean true slavs my friendo, slavs aren't white :^)

you live in murmansK?


you look like russian for some reason

yeah you could pass as a local here

you have much mistakes in word "rossiyanin"

No no, slavs are not white. Sunlight gives us a a slight tan, I wish we had more basements over here

lel no.. by your look, it's obvious that you're a Turk.

>implying there is a difference
Only in black sea region

nope you ll be labeled as gay

>doesn't pass as a local in germany
That was a funny one hans

C-could i?

hell no m8, too not latino

yes, maybe.

>too not latino

I think you mean indio ;0

as chechen

mate, i've seen few ruskies in my town, they look like him, maybe they were chechens ?

>here in America we have the highest standards for the White Race

Can I pass as a native in your country?


I thought you were Brazilian

Are you Captain America?


wew :3

how exactly im looking like a chechen, dumbfuck?

judging by the fact that our natives look like pic related i don't think so. you'd certainly blend in here though

alot your chechen mazafuker :33

Could I pass as a native in your cunt? :3

I-I'm as pale as him
And I live in Northern France (parents from the North)
What the fuck am I? An arap or a med???

yes (in portugal)

ps: ur a qt

Tam evet diyecktim flagi farkettim desu