Going to Cred Forums facebook page

>Going to Cred Forums facebook page
>All of the motherfuckers are ugly/fat as shit

Explain this

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Because if someone attractive posted their face they would get attacked.

Hence why uglies with nothing to lose are more likely to post their face.

Why do you think only uglies mostly post on /soc/?

>>Going to Cred Forums facebook page
expain this

Pol has a Facebook page? Do we have one too?

Low status males are attracted to extremist political movements. Hence why neo-Nazi and communist groups are also populated by basement dwelling subhumans.

It should explain itself, the kind of people that go to Cred Forums are bitter for a reason.

>Cred Forums facebook page
whoever did that should meet with the founder of /r/Cred Forums and collectively kill themselves with the rest of the userbase of those communities.

To see gems like pic related, I just found it
No Idea, I just typed Cred Forums politically incorrect into search and 300K members page showed up

holy shit

post more

This is the guy that is calling you Nu-male on Cred Forums



The head of the NSA personally dropped by kikebook to thank (((Mark Zuckerberg))). This is fake and gay.

I'm not even nitpicking this shit, I just click on a random profile in the comments and all of them are JUST material

the kind of mong that will join a facebook Cred Forums group has to be very socially inept
socially inept people tend to care less about their appearance

>This thread

What ? here's the facebook page
Go and see for yourself


People that Identify themselves through politics whether it it be right or left tend to be the worst people of their population. Politics should not be considered your whole life


They're all sock puppets. Anyone can create a bunch of email addresses and kikebook accounts.

Racist people are usually ugly little retarted turds complaining about immigrants all day to blaim them for their failed life.

manchild angst

The untermenschen of Cred Forums blame their poor life choices on others (Blacks, Jews, Muslims) to relieve their guilt.

You didn't need a Facebook page to come to this conclusion.

Seems huge effort for very low reward, especially that all of them have friends commenting on their posts and pictures

>This guy is wearing the same shit in a year of profile pictures

>The untermenschen of Cred Forums blame their poor life choices on others (Blacks, Jews, Muslims) to relieve their guilt.
Maybe we'll all go to Germany.

They wouldn't be Cred Forums if they weren't losers.
But I think only plebs would non-ironically make a facebook account and post their own picture, any person with a decent social life would at least try to hide its racism.

> “Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.” - Schophenhauer
Does this prove he was right?

My fucking sides.

Please post more



>these are the persons calling you degenerate because you think women should have the right to vote

Germany YES!

He was a rabid fedora tipper though.

Go ahead

gee, I wonder

>died in Frankfurt Germany
Didn't they have a school of communist who went mentally insane after the working class chose capitalism over communism?


What an alpha male. He's not one of you scrawny weak untermensch, this is a REALLY aryan man.

Sauce, faggot


They might be ugly but that doesn't mean they're are bad people. I bet you fuckers hating on them are just as ugly

Here's more of our guy

of course they're bad people, they're on the Cred Forums facebook page

It's true bro, you can't just hate an entire race of people for the actions of a few it's idiotic.

He looks Arab desu

I look like this

That's why we hate the USA, you see, too many of you are religious idiots.

>cant make this shit up

>Everything I don't like is bad people.

If you're ugly on the outside chances are you're ugly on the inside too.

>ugly people exist
Did it really take us this many years to find it out.

I like the neckbeard protruding from underneath the mask, it's a nice touch

>Everyone is ugly but me.

>gas the jews
>not bad people

For real, you can only pick one

>gas white people and the patriarchy.
>''They must be good!''

Where did he say that?
>Cred Forumsogic

This thread sure is r*ddit.

>Cred Forums telling other people they are ugly.

>Machine Gunner on Mexico Wall at Trump Industries

This is what he wrote at the work section of his page

What sort of contrived Cred Forums logic is this?

>if you don't like Cred Forums's racist immature philosophy, you must be the other extreme!

All of these people are bad. They're just two sides of the same shekel. Whether you're racist/bigoted against white/straight/whatever people or black/gays/whatever you're a gigantic douche who needs to grow up.

>communist groups are also populated by basement dwelling subhumans.
maybe in america, but its usually the turbo-normies that support comunism here

>I have no idea what implying is.
Do they even have logic at tumblr or??

what a fine aryan specimen.

One of the least endearing elements of the Cred Forums psyche is the refusal to accept critique of any sort. Thin-skinned overreaction () detracts from image of credibility.

A trait shared by the sorts of people Cred Forums claims to resent.

Now we know you're just shitposting.

Half of tumblr is calling for genocide of whites and men.

>off topic threads are still up.
Are the mods even paying attention anymore?

>I'm a nationalist

I don't think we need to gas anyone.

Well, maybe you, but that's it.

Oy vey.

Pls, most of those people on tumblr are just right wing trolls at this point.

>Cred Forums facebook page
>check it out
>It's all old pictures from r/atheism and Cred Forums cringe threads

I've seen many of those pics from those places.

Something is suspicious about this

>HAHAHA Cred Forums is so thin skinned!
Oh yes very thick skinned.

>"Wait, you don't want to gas the jews and degenerates?"


>I poo in the loo.

>Cred Forums has any sort of topic

And yes, this is also from the page

So black people are right wing nationalists?


Ah yes, the old no true Scotsman fallacy. A true favourite of leftists.

When did I or the Fin mention tumblr? What the honest fuck is wrong with Cred Forums?

>Cred Forums


Nobody cares about that libel here.

The ones in South Africa seem to be

Yep, completely unrelated shitposting, exactly what we expect from plebbitors.

When did I say I was from Cred Forums?


Check out the page yourself lads. They look like normal people of course there will be ugly ones in every group

They're sock puppet accounts.

XDDDD hahaa thats a good reply can i screencap it

Usually extremists on both side of the coin will be ugly.

Typical SJW
will be as ugly as your neo-nazi extremist.

yeah he also uploaded that on 4th of july with the caption:

>It is good to know Americans have to choose from lying communist Clinton and Good guy Trump. I think Putin likes Trump better. Is Putin good guy? Ask a Russian. i am only pretend to be Russian.


What is it with you faggots and your no true Scotsman fallacies?

Why do lefties operate on the level of infants?


Jesus Christ you dumb faggots, don't you know that both the far-right and far-left are ugly and dumb, hence they become outcasts, hence they become far-right/far-left.

That's why anything from center-left to center-right are the only acceptable political ideoligies.

lefties rely on emotion rather than logic. The ones who learn to use logic end up becoming centrists or right wing themselves.

Ignorance is the tool of the left to keep them in line.

I don't know what that means

How is it the No True Scotsman fallacy? I'm saying that most of these sjw tumblrs these days are just right wing trolls pretending to be sjw's.

It's literally trolls trolling trolls.


I agree with greatest ally, boiling down real life to races, privileges and genders is pretty dumb.

He currently has the highest approval rating of any PM ever.
I want off this ride

>tfw Cred Forums people are good looking, /fit/, socially capable but chose to be a bit reserved,


>Rocket scientists,Doctor,etc.
Those are grown ass men and unless they've been attending Cambridge secretly for the past 4 years it seems like none of them would be anything higher than a tradesman.

>poe faced indignation, overused reddit memes, and an autistic obsession with Fallacies to blank out the realisation you might be gullible and easily trolled

could you be any more of a cookie cutter?

this guy is right, you retards are so autistic you flip your shit at the most obvious trolls

You can't make this shit up.


That's what triggers them them the most. They hate being branded the as the same amount of cancer

Everyone on Cred Forums is hot, /fit/ and wealthy.

Why is there a facebook page?


because Cred Forums is full of literal social autists


You shouldn't necessarily expect Cred Forumsacks to all look like that, but you sure as hell should expect this kind of appearence from anyone who creates the slightest link between their main, personal FB account to Cred Forums in general.
Well, except Cred Forums since it's mostly kids nowadays.

why this canadian is shilling? this has nothing to do with the thread

I am a social autist who uses Cred Forums but I would never join a facebook page. I only use facebook to talk to family and friends.

difference between SJW cancer and Cred Forums cancer is Cred Forums never influenced movements or forced colleges and stores to change policies.

When was the last time you seen Cred Forumstards marching and forcing people to take European heritage classes or European sensitivity classes?


Honest opinion? Cred Forums is 90% American, hence more mongoloids and mongrels.

There is also the bit with good-looking normies not worrying about things

>tfw no nose job


>I talk to my family and have friends.

you are not a social autist, dont be so harsh on yourself

That's literally a Cred Forumsfag roleplaying as a leftist. Many of those twitter screencaps are just that


>tfw you look like a jew but don't have the money of one.



It's defense mechanism, he simply got triggered and couldn't take it.

Only time I ever use reddit is for hockey streams that get linked there so I guess I'm a redditor because I don't agree with your easy-to-chew Cred Forums idiotism and I'm capable of having my own opinions that are neither of the extremes.


Canadians are the youngest posters here, they are the most prone to being influenced by a "movement" or "philosophy" like Cred Forums's.

It really is mostly the native English speakers who buy into this here the most, mostly because they are less educated than those of us here who had to learn English as a 2nd/3rd+ language.

>needing reddit for hockey streams.
Hello migrant.

He's just projecting his insecurities.
Especially since Cred Forums had no clue this facebook page existed and is fairly recently created and filled with old pics from Cred Forums cringe threads.



I am socially retarded, I've never had a gf etc, all that crap. It's just more that I know what is expected of people so I can "fake" it to some extent by copying how others do things.

>Cred Forums faceboook page
>Cred Forums subreddit

Uhhh, so what does Cred Forums have to do with Cred Forums anymore?

I still can't believe this Cred Forumstard dressed like a woman, got his(or her) face pierced,hair dyed and even baked a cake in order to troll tumblr.


They aren't Canadians desu

>/r/Cred Forums
>Cred Forums facebook
I guess Cred Forums has been reddit this entire time.

>created just a few months ago
Really makes you think


What a shithole. Cute blonde girls though.

i like how ontario has nothing lol

this place is a shithole


is it wh*te bashing thread :DD


Or simply that English speakers dominate Cred Forums, so there are more English speakers on Cred Forums.

>Israelis in charge of logical thinking

The thing is this is only the tip of the iceberg

Just imagine what kind of Cred Forumstards are hiding there, the ones who don't even have a facebook profile

Post your face, Canadian. It's a better redemption than posting all these unrelated pictures.

He's probably an arab. You'd think shekelstein would be more smarter.


The hook-nosed Shekel-hungry desert-dweller is right, though


>Guy with Deus vult themed profile with an average of 1 like

Literally nothing wrong with racism, tribalism is a fundamental human trait.

>post your face so we can dox you.

Not him, but the other Canadian itt


He's half right but it would imply there wouldn't be any intelligent Native English speakers when there would be more just by population of them being higher.

Not at all. The average Finnish poster on Cred Forums for example is a depressed alcoholic NEET subhuman yet they have to learn English to post here. The average Arab on Cred Forums is a retarded homosexual social outcast etc. Nothing special about the non-native English speakers here at all, if anything a lot of them are failures which is why they do not fit in with their own societies.

thats disturbing

Go back to Apefrica, monkey.

I like the decorations on the wall desu

I'm start to find really big similarities between Cred Forums cucks and tumblr nu-male freaks

Lets not forget the Finnish underaged cancer that infest krautchan

> I just typed Cred Forums politically incorrect into search and 300K members page showed up
Jesus fucking christ
I want them all dead so much

You are still vastly over-represented in these discussions about Cred Forums philosophy, though.

I mean it shouldn't really come as a surprise that the people educated enough to be fluent in another language would be less prone to racism/bigotry and other childish shit like that.


Wew lad we know
stop being so butthurt

You realize it's a parody of those white tear mugs and meant not to be taken literally, or are you retarded?



why do you think poltards are so angry

Remember when __X___ tears mug were funny and used for video games not part of a feminist tumblr agenda?

youre more triggered than the average tumblr user.

Thanks, it's my porch, I have lots of neat antiques, heirlooms, and things, in here

I remember when Cred Forums had a facebook page with an approximate 1 million followers back in 2011. I knew that the end times of lulz was coming. We're in the age of Facebook normies now.

If he was he'd be making signs and organizing protests...but yet.

>Israeli complaining about racism.
You cannot make it up. Israel is a country of racists, and most of you speak more than one language simply by the nature of Israel being a country founded through mass immigration, yet you hate each other (the various stripes of Jews) and you hate Arabs and Arabs hate you.

Jews, specifically Israelis, complaining about racism is a joke.

Literally nothing you just said is true you fucking nigger


Of course there are some intelligent native English speakers here but the sheer amount of effort it takes for a non-native to post here in English weeds out the most idiotic retards. Our idiots use "our own" imageboards, you guys don't have that.

Depressed alcoholic NEETs fit our own society pretty well so there goes your argument.

#10 is absolute bullshit desu
Also how many of those apply to, say, Ethiopia outside the Somali areas? None? It's like saying all of Russia is the same shithole because you've seen a liveleak video, and then apply it to the whole white race.

Still waiting for a timestamped photo of the FUCKING LEAF.


This is a very cool thing to do. It all looks very... canadian.

t. depressed alcoholic NEET

No, it does not, because by your logic we should not be getting a representative sample of Finland. We should be getting the best of Finland. Yet we don't. What does this tell us? It tells us that those who use imageboards made for English speakers are probably social outcasts in their own society and are thus unrepresentative.

Reminder that this was unironically a Canadian Cred Forumstard that got doxed because he left too much information on his screencap


Ethiopia was probably the only African country that even had a real civilization.

That house looks cute. Did you make it yourself?



ie. The average Finn, the average Israeli, the average Turk etc posting on Cred Forums is a fucking loser. Which is why they are here.

Also one of the few "sub-Saharan" countries who had any knowledge of the wheel.

But it still true though, 75% of the worlds aids carriers are black.

Well at least he isn't ugly.
>Born to bee wild

still remember when this guy got doxxed as well (but on .Cred Forums) for the same reason lel

>Go to Netherlands
>Everyone is a hopelessly cute twink

Explain this

No, it's almost 200 years old, that's just the smoke porch. I also have a sun porch as is common here.


Boipussi is amazing I'm surprised you didn't creampie a few on your way out.


But "we" are getting the best of Finland here, we're not that intelligent of a society as a whole.

>this whole thread

No gym culture.

it's pretty good for when you're bi like me.

>anyone who makes fun of me for being a fat and ugly Cred Forumstard must be a SJW

Good one.


sorry pekka but no


>Anyone who makes fun of a SJW must be a fat ugly Cred Forumstard

Also what the fuck is up with mexicans like pic related cheering for white supremacy? is this self hate or am I missing something


sharia law doesn't allow me to be a slut, or so I think

im jelly

imo even if they are ripped they can't get rid of their cute baby faces

Do you think he's getting ready to buy a Kaine shirt?

On a related note
>VP is named Kaine

Cred Forums facebook group is now live.

I want to cum inside your mouth, how does that make you feel?

They look extremely average 2bh

>wanting to be associated with a pedophile Mongolian hand holding forum.
That's asking for trouble really.
>Hey you browse that site that has CP, fucking gross I'm calling the cops.

Again, nearly all of these won't fit Ethiopia. They had and still have their own written languages (there's three IIRC), used the christian calendar ever since the 5th century and sure as hell had crops and roads before the Enlightment.

They look normal to me except a few

>deliberatly screaming to the world "I go to Cred Forums"

Go back to sleep Virgineisson.

probably true in this thread though, why else would anyone be that butthurt?

Like 4 look average. The rest are typical nu-male beta male groups.

i have a friend who is open about using Cred Forums and brings up memes, very cringeworthy

Makes you think


i suppose so yeah. i don't know why that is either.


great chart, this really made me question my previously held beliefs


Ethiopia is pretty cool. They should slow down their rate of reproduction though for their own good.

What's it like for someone to shoot their load in your mouth?

Not OP



rip my penis

>South Africa is Africa


On Photoshop.

Are you mentally ill?

Reality is racist.

It doesn't look real, but the north of Africa and Southern France would probably. She looks like her dad was Norwegian and mother north black.


I've never seen an attractive black person IRL.


You're just saying that because you want it all for yourself

Tell me where the booty is hidden and I won't throw a burger in the bin


Please tell me, why I'm still in this thread?


100% african apparantly

try and stop me nigger

You have to go back.

>Faces of Cred Forums


2 members

>Does chocolate make your penis bigger, a scientific study by a feminist scientist
>result no
>scientific output
This is literally what 90% of "research papers" are


Do you know the definition of 'species' or is the Finnish educational system not all it's hyped up to be?
Species are defined by 2 things:
1. being able to cross breed
2. for the offspring to be able to have offspring themselves
this is heighschool stuff

>easter frog is not cover pic

you had one job faggot

That may be true, but even if you remove 90% of the papers, that map would still look the same, proportionally.

There are researches quota the hired scientists have to do yearly, result is shitty magazine researches that's literally a filler.

Sorry changyu I'm not into mongoloid looking women.

That's impossible


If you remove 90% of the 0 articles Africans are producing, you are still left with 0.

[email protected]
Here are the keys muh boy.


Europeans and Asians have neanderthals DNA, that means my ancestors have bred with neanderthals, does that mean we are the same species? No.

She has the manly hands of a builder.

I raise you one of my own collection, Leaf.

There is a concept of subspecies and the genetic distance between Niger-Congo people and Australian abos is greater than between two chimp subspecies.

I browse Cred Forums



I don't give a toss, 'species' has a definition.

meant for

Ugly, fat people tend to be the angriest, and tend to blame their shortcomings on others.

I'm talking about subspecies.

The better she jerks

My neurons are firing.


than write it in your images faggot
don't post false information

Color her white and she's a slav

She probably has a small head making her hands look bigger.

The only people who care about race and stuff are angry fat virgins who post on Cred Forums like this guy


>poor people are more obese
hmmm what a concept

Looks more like your average Plebbitor, maybe you should go back there.

You only need to tell her how to make squaring not uncomfortable

Neanderthal + human babies had a lot of fertility issues, black + white crossbreed babies have none that I know of.

I didn't post the species image. Pay attention to the flags.

On a side-note, every single Wyatt Mann cartoon is backed by research.


>This study finds that 92% of biracial children with African American fathers are born out of wedlock and 82% end up on government assistance.


She isn't even squatting and how is that not comfortable wtf

KK, cya in r/finland buddy

It's a fairly new concept and not known in Africa.

Why do you bother to post here? only people who are posting are the 3 butthurt Cred Forums users,posters count didnt go up for the last twenty posts , I must have posted a picture of one of them, I suspect it's the guy with the jewish pose


Squatting normally or like that isn't comfortable for me either.

I think I read something about that only Slavs and chinks can actually maintain a position like that for prolonged periods of time because of blood flow



Obviously I'm talking about the Western world you dingus, do you think they get cheap junk food in their local mudhut corner shop?

I like butthurt pol users.

Go home paki.

Why do you think I'm black or give a shit about America lmao

>more pics from Cred Forums fb group

Why would a Paki be defending Africans?



You're upset by Wyatt Mann cartoons. Also you're some dutch Somali nigger on welfare.

No idea. Pakis are inbred retards. I can't explain their actions.

lemme guess, you're top right

lmao gross

I'm pretty sure even "inbred retards" don't think everyone that disagrees with them must be some scary minority.

Wrong again, Tyrone. Just as wrong when you were answering questions on your IQ test.

Superhuman white specimens for the future white ruling class. Serious answer SPOILER half of them are American police. SPOILER

>you will never get into anime with a anime loving qt like this

I will watch anime if that means getting her

stop making me vomit pls

>"inbred retards"
No need to put quotes around that.


Is that Jeff Gerstmann at the middle-left?

fuck off back to somalia nigger


>stormniggers actually believe that image
Whatever ya say Cetus or whatever redneck equivalent there is up in snowland.

Your outrage only encourages me

>Native Americans scoring that high

Poor spelling, typical of low-IQ baboon faced coon.


Imagine being so mentally ill you spend hours posting meme images because you don't have any opinions yourself.

Imagine being so mentally ill you think people will actually get triggered by this on fucking Cred Forums.



t. Zhang

Maybe the whites will let you join their cliques if you spam images on Cred Forums all day!

I will find her and make tender love to her like no other to make mudbloods like you simmer like never before


do you think anyone is actually visiting any link you post or reading anything you say???

Why are paki niggers so easily triggered?

And a Ching chong ping ping to you too ying

2007 is calling friend, it wants you back.

Is nobody going to post more of the girl?

>Australians are dumber than niggers
I can believe it.

>t. big-nosed goblin
Back under the bridge with you

.>do you think anyone is actually visiting any link you post or reading anything you say??
>being able to read
>being able to use a computer
wew you walked into that one, Le-Tyrone.

>indigenous peoples

Am I french now, can you keep your story straight bud?

Why are you so mad? Wait, are you actually a dirty paki? Holy shit!





I'm here to educate.

When there's so many scary boogiemen it's hard to keep track.

in order to teach, you must be willing to learn
-yo mama

This one?

If so I will throw away 300+ years of "pure" noble heritage for her

You really are dumb and your parents were probably cousins. I was joking at first.




Really makes you think huh?

Good post

>Really makes you think huh?
Not really.


>posts a 20 minute video because he has no opinion of his own
This study must really have some truth to it huh?

Niggers are guinely racist hence the low IQ result.

Niggers and pakis are typically racist, have low IQs and have "right" wing ideologies (including Islam). So it checks out.

I'm glad to be not white or black

Good thing I'm not Pakistani or black then, just believing I'm one doesn't make me one. :^)


You got obviously triggered. You're not fooling anyone. Islam is the real supremacist ideology.

You have to be a minority to be """triggered""" by low IQ people shitting up the board?


Did you even look at this image? It says there's a correlation poor, badly educated people and violent crime. Do you know who's way poorer and less educated than whites? Blacks.

My political views span the spectrum from left to right. Although this study claims the left views are more intelligent it doesn't publish any compelling clinical evidence to support the argument. It basically says "A group have made a link between prejudice and low intelligence", well, if that particular group link low intelligence and prejudice then that's their opinion, which is different from a demonstrable fact. It doesn't mention the views of the people who claim to have compiled a report. Presumably these are left-wing academics and this is their method of bringing prejudice into disrepute? All intelligent people know that not all prejudiced people are unintelligent. People have always tried to attack opposing views by lambasting them as moronic. Without factuality this study makes no reliable conclusions at all. I am against most forms hatred against Asians, Hispanics, Jews and even African Americans, but when it comes to dirty Paki sand niggers like yourself you should be deported back to the shit hole you came from.

I posted it as bait to see if you two could actually respond, if you have the level of intelligence to analyze articles like this why don't you do it with all the sorts of pictures you're posting too?

>taking what I posted seriously

You never know with Cred Forums so big, they're even bigger than Cred Forums nowadays. It's fucking horrifying.