Eastern European Men + Black angels

What do black girls think of eastern europeans?
Our girls are totally not based at all, they are preety yes, but empty too, very very shallow and they are dudling western cock so bad.

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tfw no black angel


e/b/ony belongs to Cred Forumserracial mixing.

hi fellas

they really are black angels

Black girls here in my part of Brooklyn are always getting BLEACHED by Russian guys.

As long as you keep your accent and act alpha you'll slag the puss.

What if I just put on an accent? Most americans are pretty ignorant about foreign cultures, and I'm pale as fuck and could pass as a Russian i reckon.

You already have an accent you dingbat, just say some bullshit about how you're a dive instructor at Sydney Harbor National Dive Association for Disabled abo-war veterans and blind kittens and you'll be diving in her sweet pink punani

every women on earth dig australian accent tard.
but yeah, nobody would want to fuck retards regardless their accent

It's either this or gayness taking over

Kill yourself you 70 IQ monkey loving scum

Literally paki tier behaviour

Hello brother. Im searching for my black angel too

Hope we find them both

Imagine how aggressive the children will turn out to be


My accent sounds so Russian
you americans are so lucky

shoo shoo ugly anglo scum

Well, at least they will have a father.

Yep, and he'll be raising a nigger son

russians are niggers

No they're not

t. doesn't interact with Russians daily

Neither do you

Russians aren't Jews

Israel has tons of Christian Orthodox churches and Christian Orthodox areas from Russians and Ukrops who got to Israel during soviet times with false religious papers.

this thread doesn't really helps my jungle fever

I wish I could see my parents reaction if I had a black gf

What would they say?

i agree.

me and my wife (i'm white she's black) we're thinking about organizing a ir-couples pride parade in berlin.

it's time for a movement that uplifts afro-german people and supports young ir-couples.

I wish i could find black gf.

Spreng dich weg du Spast
Sonntag wird AfD gewählt

Gimme some o dat.

ooga boogaria

I have no idea

My mother always cherrypicking my gfs and tells me to avoid black girls (not like I will ever meet one in my country)

My father hates every other race

I am gorilla

>My father hates every other race

As in what, anyone not Hungarian or anyone not white?

not white

me and my back gf

so you're austrian or croat or slovak in hungary?

Hungarains are paler than Croats

yes, but in America skin colour is a race and not a trait, because Americans are dumb.

So even if you're black from Southern India with the blacker skin than Obama Americans don't think you're black because you're not from africa.

i'm hungarian


We secretly love black women 2bh. They are considered passionate sexual beasts unlike boring bitchy and psychotic polack women.