Why are we 2 separate countries?

Why are we 2 separate countries?
We are pretty much the same.

Just read about franklin arctic expedition

Francis Crozier, another possibility, was of humble birth and Irish, which counted against him.[8]


there are 5 countries and a few crown possesions in your pic. then, the number of races are even higher.

you question does not make sense.

is it true that if France got back the Channel Islands you would overtake the US/China as the world's first ultrapower?

You have a fucking monarchy (literally and figuratively wasp-tier), are a bunch of pretentious wankers and tried to kill us all a bunch of times.

yes, jersey is the only thing standing between france and world domination

Come on m8, it was only a bit of banter.

Why would you think this

>can't handle the banter this much

that's northern ireland not poland mate wrong flag

fuck off hun

This tbqh

Fuck off, I'm not living in ROI. Keep dreaming


what's that polish part?

Don't talk shit about Ireland.

It is Protestant Poland.

It was just a prank.


Literally fucking throwing up in my mouth

But the Germans got them for a bit?

Why do paddies still blame us for your poor farming ability?

Do you get tought about how we genetically engineered a super blight decades before it was possible?

Literally don't care either way, wouldn't care if scotland, Wales and northern ireland were independent either

Monarchies in 2016 are an embarrassment

Well, they both speak the same language

we could've been best friends but instead you decided to be a horrible cunt of a neighbor.
When you get evicted and the muslims move in next door it'll be an improvement