I'm so sick of white cucks my whole generation (millennials) are faggots that would attack our own people and defend...

I'm so sick of white cucks my whole generation (millennials) are faggots that would attack our own people and defend muslims over whites I can't live in a world like this I'm going to kill some fucking people.

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I want to have sex with pale anglo women.

get in line pal

good luck friend. Go to Britain, France or Germany and I'm sure you'll get plenty of white women

I want to marry a black girl

Get fucked white boi.

shut the fuck up


whites are so pathetic

I'm going to do what anders breivik did just wait

Top banter


LOL Poland upside down¶¶¶¶

pic with gun or it did not happen.

If race mixing is wrong then why is the combination white man and black woman least likely to end in divorce?

If race mixing is wrong then why are black women so hot?

If race mixing is wrong then why are all white women undeserving whores?

Yeah with your expansive Aussie arsenal.


Kill yourself m8. If you weren't born between 1980-2000 you're a piece of shit with bad opinions. Millennials rule old people drool

Does Australia have some sort of FBI that i can send this to?

If you were born before 1998 you shouldn't even fucking be here

Its only 1st world problems, in Russia we are white and our men aren't betas and cucks

u rite good thing I was born in 1997 ;)

Black woman are ugly omg
Bodies are too fat or too muscle, faces are maximum disgusting

You stay too much time on Cred Forums m8, stop exaggerating


His face looks so small in comparison to his head, like someone just shrunk it.


If you were born before 1998 you shouldn't be here. You should be outside living life.

Oh God no make it stop.

Because black women are least desirable and won't risk losing what they have

You've just seen cherry picked photos online. 95% of them are fat and ugly irl



Same desu

You're fighting to good fight me friend.



That's the case with all women

Since being on Cred Forums I've learned the Balkans are big fans of interracial coupling.

why is everyone at your wedding black?
don't you have any white friends?

millenials who complain about millenials are the biggest faggots ever.
shut up cunt. you're a fucking millennial, and you act like one too.

No the ratio of ugly and/or fat is different in different countries or ethnic groups.

There are actually a lot of moderate weight kiwi girls and quite a few fit, outdoorsy ones. Islanders however are literally all fat after uni age.

wait, are you saying there are people over the age of 18 visiting this site?
Arent you too busy with your job and family?

>I'm going to kill some fucking people.
I think we all are, it really feels like a war is coming, we can't have this culture clash and expect it to go peacefully

Please don't go all anders böring börvik on us

kiwis are disgusting and have a shit accent
only hot kiwis are maori mix

>not Andy 'Bogan Basher' Britvic

The Norwegian alphabet/language doesn't use ¨ over any of the vowels.

Yeah I know it's the finnish shitposting version of his name

could also be Anders "Anno" O'Bervik

How on earth would you know? But yeah on the whole Anglos are ugly

At least kiwis are not so fat as other Anglos

it's just one shitposter who will hopefully go diaspora mode soon and never come back

if you are even a little brown you are in luck anglo girls can't help but fuck brown foreigners

pretty rare

>You've just seen cherry picked photos online. 95% of them are fat and ugly irl

looks like Africa is pretty yellow mate

ok but he killed whites over anything lmao


It's the same people who walk their two dogs and fail to breed.


>Traitorous strategies fare even worse than selfish ones because traitors are exploited by ethnocentrics across group boundaries in the same manner as humanitarians are, via unreciprocated cooperation.

Be smart and aim for the Muslims.
Go to a Mosque wearing a bomb vest and shout; Deus Vult, before blowing the shit out of them.

reported to your respective countries' intelligence. Terrorism is no joke

Oh, my! Now I'm scared.

Because of poverty largely and a more active lifestyle/diet in the more developed countries.

I'm talking about black women in western countries where you have a comparison on even ground with the same conditions. I'd also assume he'd be living in a western country with his black gf and not moving to Africa.


There is no such thing as race mixing. I believe you mean ethnic mixing. Probably b/c black males take their wives for granted & white females take their husbands for granted.

There are good & bad looking people in every ethnicity. Most are mediocre looking or ugly. Also your attraction might be due in a part to the male lust being attracted to females that they subconsciously perceive to be "exotic". See: the rise in Euro-Anglo & Asian-Orient relationships.

B/c feminism & muh equality. But you already knew that.

Muslims aren't an ethnic group. Your mom could be a Muslim in the closet. So good luck aiming for them.



Haha beta bitch whiteboy, you're not so different other than being a keyboard warrior on the internet

Too bad about the rest of the world.
>A starving continent is skinny guys look!