1. your country

1. your country
2. are you nice to each other
3. do you like kindess

Kill yourself weaboo.

wtf i hate france now

1. why is this question asked
2. that's relative, in the bigger cities like brussels and antwerp most people ignore each other and become suspicious when you talk to them
3. of course


2. No
3. Yes

>1. mugi a shit
>2. mugi a shit
>3. mugi a shit

1. hueland
2. the most friendliest people ever
3. yes


bestgore tells me otherwise

kissing you mugi

> bestgore
Are all the Belgians such madmen?

1. England
2. Depends
3. Yes

No, you don't

3.Of course, I like it my own way though
I always think Mugi is Kazakh, why?

Yes :3
Yes :3
Also I want to kiss you


Why does Mugi love blacks so much?

but user i am just a small girl

We just ignore those kind of places exist. It's like they're in a whole other fucked up ecosystem

That's cute!



where does all that crazy shit happen?

But I see a lot of scooter accidents from brazil on there as well, that must happen almost everywhere no?

It happens in outer suburbs and favelas.

There's like 4 layers of a city:
Downtown, which is supported by people and companies living just outside of it, in the Suburbs.

Then there's the outer suburbs and favelas, which have their own shops and malls with a lot of pirate things, lots of scooters and lots of shooting. You don't see much of them downtown as they have everything they need in their shitty stores.

Everone only pretends to like mugi, because they want her money and food
She actually has no real friends