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>nothing to Netherlands

shit map OP

Geef klei

It isn't what happen to poland sometime ago?
I mean you know, Prussia Russia and and Austria?

this. We deserve Kales & Rijssel

Do you have other Trianon fan fiction?

Lmao Italy must enjoy Algerians now.


and this

Now we're talking

i wonder what the map looks like if we apply all these proposals. disjointed territories errywhere

This one was almost made reality, but the US stopped it.


would take a lot of autism
Something like that?

Silesia should be Polish and Bavaria free though.

UK, France and Germany should be Balkanized desu

Why Spain? We have nothing in common and there is no historical claim.

y tho


muh digg

annex Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia and we talkin.

>to holland

why would we ever want that?

their culture is way different, their language is way different the people there are way different

Moorish Heritage?

Revenge for Tours?

>To Scotland

Really makes me think

We dont even want that much.
We would be happy with getting back Elsaß-Lothringen

Le balance of power faec

More than you seem to think.

>We dont want that much, we would be happy with getting Sudetenland
t. You, 1938

>Califonia to China and not Mexico
Oh boy, shit would to explode between the two.

>We have nothing in common

Southern France is way closer culturally and architecturally to Spain than say Germany

Bohemia historically part of Germany (HRE)

Roussillon and Pays basque français are rightful Spanish clay.



>Corrida in Nimes
And that's all, nothing against you but I just don't feel any connection to Spain

I think we are culturally and architecturally more French than Spanish or Gerlan, we are not cucks ... :^)

You mean Catalan and Basque clay

They are also Spanish clay.

>Germany (HRE)

not all Emperors were from Austria.
As a matter of Fact, there were even Bohemian Emperors for some time

Spain is a social construct

Bohemia was a Kingdom, thus by the Bible a sovereign country.
King in a kingdom is free sovereign.

We were as much part of HRE as we allowed ourselves to be (which cucked us once Habsburgs hijacked the throne).
With in turn they got themselves at least 3 elector voices in the election of the Emperor.

Dont compare peaceful Bohemians to eternal Germans ever again.
Looks like in Netherlands history starts in 18th century.


>be empreror of HRE
>evenually, its somebodies else turn to be emperor
>"whaa! we are beeing opressed!"

Hey! all the red bit is ours! France needs to end their illegal occupation of English territory.


>I think we are culturally and architecturally more French than Spanish

Yeah obviously, but since /fr/ likes to jerk off to muh white germanic France I like to remind from time to time there are also a lot of places in the south of the country that look southern European
I'm not saying that map made sense tho

Yes, good old time when French was the official language in Britain :^)

At least it's not an antisocial construct like Fr*nce


>When John of England rose to the throne he fought to expand his empire, launching the campaign in Normandy to rival Philip in national territory. He lost much territory, leading up to the major battle at Château Gaillard from 1203 to 1204.

>The Anglo-Norman army retreated to the castle, holding their position. Though all of their relief attempts failed, they held out for years. Soon, Philip ordered his men to climb up garderobes, or toilet chutes. The sneak attacks resulted in the fall of the castle.

>In 1214, when Pope Innocent III assembled an alliance of states against France, John registered in. The allies met Philip near Bouvines. The Battle of Bouvines saw Philip win with the smaller amount of troops due to using couched lances. The victory for France ended in the conquest of Flanders and the defeat of any attempt from John to regain his lost territories.

>Philip ordered his men to climb up garderobes, or toilet chutes. The sneak attacks resulted in the fall of the castle.


t. Sean Hasting Lopez

more like
>Luxemburg dude rightfully ruling over Bohemian kingdom happens to be Emperor
>Habsburgs hijack throne in a war, without election in Kingdom with elective monarchy succession.
>Keep it for half a milenium just for the Golden Bull votes in HRE.
>Fuck it up and let Memepoleon cuck the HRE out of existence
>Fuck it up even more later on with mismanaging minorities.

this is horrible because Swabia should be Swiss German and Bavaria should be Austrian.

Join speakers of the same language with speakers of the same language.

The HRE was ruled by Roomskoning Willem II, graaf van Holland, from 1248 to 1256.
Gib clay!

I like the French language, in fact i prefer it to English, but that territory is still part of England and France is an upstart little kingdom currently trying out being a republic that needs to give back English lands.

it isn't. there is a thing above inheritance, it was called the right of conquest

I-is this a TRIANON maymay?

Silence, cunt

>join german speakers with german speakers
checks out


It should be to Belgium. Everything north of the Somme to Belgium.

There you have your natural border.

Enjoy your very own Québec guys ;)


>peaceful Bohemians
you cunts started the 30 years war
and the husseit wars before that

for beeing peaceful, you sure enjoy throwing people out of the window a lot


that's not muh prusenshithole though

looool poooooland

Both 30 Y.W. and Hussites were self defense against the eternal German. Germans being annoying faggots in the first case and killing of Hus in the other.

look who's talking

>two french families fighting over the french throne
>one incidentally also owns England

Its your savior

> a non-country talking

More like a failure that didn't listen to more experienced than him.

>starting the most destructive war in Europe because of some theological hair splitting
pick one

You would'nt exist without him my man
The only faillure he did was to lose

>You would'nt exist without him my man
Would we?

Napoleon not only wasted milions of Polish lives that could've been used for rebuilding Poland but he also betrayed us by letting Prussia stay as it was.

It wasn't Napoleon that created Kingom of Poland, it was Russian Tsar. Napoleon created dutchy, which was in personal union with Saxony, the biggest insult he couild possibly make.

I'm not another blinded polish idiot. I see Napoleon as a failure and a thief of young polish lives.

he is right though
France is an alturistic country that declared war to Germany because of some eastern european shithole like Poland
Show some fucking respect

You're patethic, even for a german standard.



and all of belgium should go to holland

i believe that was implied

nice comeback
now apologize to France