"Top of the mornin' my dudes! I came over to Ireland for Erasmus looking to party hard! I heard you guys drink tallboys all the time but y'all just call them cans, that's wack! Back at my frat we just get a six pack of cool beers for all the guys and that gets us wasted.
Ecstasy seems to be pretty big over here and that was a surprise to me, you guys really go hard!
I've been hearing about this 'sesh' thing and my good old buddies Joycey and Ray who I met outside the convenience store say they're going to take me 'buzzing' on 'yolks' soon, and I really can't wait. I'm here to learn about your beautiful culture, I love Conor McGregor.
Far out guys, I'll message y'all when I'm 'buzzin' chops' over the weekend. I can't wait to find out what a 'gaff' is!" edition

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korean pop


I'd rather see that Cara guy than these autistic chink posts tbqhwyl

>fail 4 summer uni exams
>actually revise
>pass all 4 retakes
onto second year it is lads

Rim Kim




Pop muzik.

Totes m8

I found a good looking English female!

Why do you keep coming back to /brit/?

The gimmicks are shit, the memes are shit, the banter is shit. It's full of fucking boring, retarded JFs clamouring for attention and mentally ill halfwits desperate for (You)s. An endless stream of shit quips in a race for the bump limit so some spastic can can think he's done something special in his life by creating a 'new'.


lads, word on the street is that Poleaboo is updating his blog tonight at midnight

in the club high on purp with some shades on
tatted up, mini skirt with my J's on

Human of the sesh detected

>Why do you keep coming back to /brit/?
>The gimmicks are shit, the memes are shit, the banter is shit. It's full of fucking boring, retarded JFs clamouring for attention and mentally ill halfwits desperate for (You)s. An endless stream of shit quips in a race for the bump limit so some spastic can can think he's done something special in his life by creating a 'new'.

ratchet and clank was fucking great though n g l

Here's another

scheduling a wank in the next 5-10 mins

British women being ugly is pretty much a meme

feel like ending my life

How the fuck do you fail first year


Ireland are absolute mongs, the anti state subsidy laws were in the treaty of Rome which they knew about when they joined decades later - this isn't a new rule they just suddenly decided to start breaking it a few years ago and are surprised they're getting pulled over about it

Play by the eu's rules or leave, simple

Made this

The foreigners are discovering our secret good looking women we've been hiding!

>full of fucking boring, retarded JFs

ahahaha you can start posting a good looking English female anytime lad


Hey hey hey HEYYYY Put cha lighter’s up! Ganja’s in the house owwwwww! As you can tell from my accent I am from Dallas, Tex-ass! And it was not very easy growing up looking like this! Whether I was playing in my grandma’s clothes or putting on a show for my well-organized alphabetically-ordered beanie babies I was guh guh guh GAY! OKKURRR! But it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles that I discovered Marijuana, I mean I like to smoke, y’all I am just flying as high as your receding hairline! OKUr! Marijuana really does help me calm down, so y’all, I went to Valencia where they film the TV show Weeds! Now, y’all, it’s very dry, it’s almost kinda like your vajoina! Can I get an amen?!? Now y’all, I am a treehugger because if it ain’t green, HUH I’m not interested! OKCURRRRRRRR!

Good lasses

Beyond the food you eat, the language you speak, what is culture? What makes arab culture not compatible with english culture?

She's well fit

haha once more

hello mr jew
do you like goys?


Fucks sake haven't they nicked you yet




he just wants to be left alone

fancy watching a good spy film

something that will make me envious and insignificant

any recommendations? any good film will do 2bh


penciling in a wank for about two days from now.


Just had an idea for a great post tomorrow morning

its just one of several regular sites I have on in the background while browsing. its not like its my sole reason for browsing or even having the internet. not much to be achieved from deliberately avoiding it

Haha never tire of this

Brits doing American accents

Some of them are spot on



machines please



kill yourself

literally just knocked AJ out sparring haha x

writing *masturbatory event* on a certain day on the calendar

Yanks doing english accents [or as they call them, british] are truly dire

yea i hate jews
greedy ugly little bastards

>tfw the new killed the conversation i was having

>all but telling joey to stay the fuck out his turf

Don't worry, he probably didn't want to talk to you anyway


it was a dull "conversation" anyways

if some chav kent tried anything with me he'd be floored before he could even finish flapping his fackin lips

>spy film

Id love to live in a tribal society where we can hunt the runts like the ones in this thread down and kill them

id be a hunter


what's the difference, between a killer, and any one of us?

>The media showed up to the presidential ballroom of the new Trump International Hotel on Friday morning expecting Donald Trump to take questions about whether he still questions if President Obama was born in the United States.

>Instead, they got more than a half hour of a variety of military heroes — generals, medal of honor recipients and a gold star wife — expressing support for the Republican nominee. And it all aired live on the cable news networks.

>Before the event, Trump tweeted: “I am now going to the brand new Trump International, Hotel D.C. for a major statement.” That was interpreted by the press to mean he was going to address “birther questions.”

>That’s because on Thursday, Trump declined to tell the Washington Post if he still questioned whether Obama is an American citizen. But later Thursday night — after his comment took off in the media — Trump’s campaign released a statement saying: “Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not, Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.”

How is Trump always 5 steps ahead of the media?

ahh yes good recommendations

killer kills people
seems obvious but that's just imo

shark tale

i could be your goy toy ;)

ill kill you both

you'd be a gatherer and like it

why does this keep getting posted without comment?

*kills you*

why do i always get bombarded with people adding me as a friend whenever i play CS:GO? it's not my fault i like to be a little bit funny and witty on the mic


welcome to try but it wouldn't end well for you
5'9 and built like a viking longhouse

Alright lads

who do you think will die first?

>How is Trump always 5 steps ahead of the media?
why dont you ask the people in /cum/ who might actually know, rather than brits whose knowledge is flaky at best on US politics.

Up until this point I thought he had been fluking his way to popularity and was getting in way over his head, but he might just be playing 4D chess while the rest of his opponents are playing checkers

Same and its always turks and russians

Just got matched into a game of CSGO with some fucking 12 year old squeaky cunt who wouldn't shut up on the mic lmao

added him so I can show him to my mates later hahahaha what a fucking specimen

Do brits think Canadians have accents

he's not a politician, he was born and bred for the Media, he twists them around his fingers

Slint aren't looking too good nowadays

You mate, when I get my hands on you xxx

ribena'll probably get himself killed 2bh

you may as well slaughter those yorkie terriers ASAP, they're useless

post stats


is this Rimworld?

wish i was born a girl lads

bare hate being a boy

Good post

Yeah, Canadian accent is its own thing but has a heavy yank base

Bit disappointing because the Aussies/kiwis have their own distinct accents but have a British base to theirs

>tribe mode
tough desu


its pretty good for an indie game, quite a lot of playability and updated regularly

why the fuck is chelsea vs liverpool on a friday night?



you may not be a girl but at least you're still a little bitch

Through profound research and technological (pineal) breakthroughs I have compiled a list of Johnny Foreigners whom I enjoy on /brit/

Here it goes:

I think you know who we ALL dont like. I think THEY should be purged.


french canadians are like pseudo french

ontarians are just americans

and british columbians are just "ching chong ching chong"

Getting my daily dose of tumblr


because your dad is a bender


can't bring myself to get out of bed, might just piss myself

never tried it yet, only heard it was similar to Dwarf Fortress which I like.


my anthem

Terrible post

what about me

> liking canadians
o p i n i o n
d i s c a r d e d

>tfw don't have Sky Sports


feels weird not having an accent t b h

Pierre, you're MY favourite poster.

Don't listen to the Irishman

Just filtered the British flag

who will post toot

yea yank accents

not being aware of your accent is a sign of low intelligence

my name isn't Pierre
but okay mate. i like you too


>Ontarians are just Americans
Ontario is not American at all
the West is more "American" since all the Steppenigger states blend together more or less.

download speed hitting 2.3mb/s

never been above 1.2

what on earth is happening

>Ontario is not American at all
lol mate
just lol

read that as "can't bring myself to get out of bread"

haha imagine that

Imagine dwarf fortress and prison architect, but in a space western setting in which you try and survive on an Earth like planet

you alright lad, stick around there might be crumpets later

Me too

I've been noticing my accent more recently, I feel like its getting worse


Haha, you're cracking me up lad

Gonna fire up the ol' Acestream in a minute.

this t b h


Shut up, Pierre.

Ontario is Canada plain and simple.
We're the Serbia to the rest of the country's Yugoslavia.

Why Jeaun Luc, you're the best jf of them all. Without Frenchies to hate life would be boring.

only go on /brit/ at the weekend now

your cpu is throttling the speed calculation so it counts 2 seconds of data as one

equality is a meme

your fucking sick. your sick, you and your anorexia posts. this is terrible.

if you're talking about influence then toronto and ottawa are canada, not ontario
otherwise lol

>tfw hit 8mb/s on steam before

if my 14 year old self could see these speeds he'd jizz himself

spoke to a girl today and she was nice

What continent is it?

Only go on /brit/ on Thursdays

was in a car with a girl earlier

Business idea: British Colombia

hector what if i pop?

a girl brushed against me on the tube and now there's a bit of cum in my pants

something's fishy about this post

There's something a bit noncey about Jurgen Klopp

Good work lads

Why are Irish always playing the victim they're like a bunch of fucking niggers

>muh Bobby Sands
>muh Black and Tans
>muh Oliver Cromwell
>muh English oppression

No different from the #BlackLivesMatter crowd



Culturally Ontario = Canada
its also the most archetypal province.

laid eyes on a girl today

Getting 50meg next week 2bh

*beats netherlad into a pulp*

I reckon it's Caralad venting his frustration at not being able to post Cara

>Ice lolly

Don't worry he's a student, they lose track of what day it is very easily cos they have fuck all responsibility

getting a specific download speed is not the same as your connection speed you semen stain

You'll be the victim of my right hook you nonce

wheat cylinder

Humans of the Sesh always cheers me up when I wake up hungover as fuck and feeling like a shitstain upon humanity

10/10 meme page

wouldn't say it to his face would you


Doubt that opinion is very popular in America 2bqh

>might be going to the fair tomorrow evening with a girl
>also spent a few hours with her last Saturday too
>she has a bf

Think she's told him about me?

wasn't talking to you

*grabs you by the throat*

back the fuck off !?!?

NEED an Edwardian gf

bro if her name is edward then that she is a he! dude! that chick has a dick!

get cucked by a mick lad?

you are being trialled as a possible upgrade.

Fuck off southern fairy

wtf I love the #BlackLivesMatter crowd now!

Just a wee reminder that Cromwell was a power hungry traitor

ontario culture outside of the wonderful cosmopolitan paradise of toronto is just "lumberjacks xd" and "redneck but not american haha"

Yeah I would, I'm bigger and stronger than him.

Oi, you, that lad sat on his bed with his laptop. You're lucky I've not banged you out tonight. Your posts have been shite.

Of course it's not there's too many muh heritage cucks to see the reality of things

It's just like people thinking the Scots are so noble people struggling for freedom because they watched Braveheart

can the rest of the league even compete?


>a modest proposal II
gets me everytime

any memes lads?

you reckon she ever took it in the arse?


Glad you have a clear picture mate 2bqh

Yanks are a despicable course upon this general and they must be cleansed.

They only say unprovoked anti Irish shite to earn the respect and attention of British posters.

Id mangle this petty yanks jaw.

the only league they'll ever be top of

Why do they all look like the Queen Mother?

Actually fucked a 9/10 Irish girl

She got mad when I said that the IRA were terrorists


yep the irish are professional victims just like the scousers, scots, jews, blacks, faggots, feminists etc

You're thinking of brenny

It ties in with his current club's history too

when you and the protestant NI people get at each other it's the most cancerous shite on /brit/ just so you know

You CONSTANTLY obsess over Korea and Korean girls.

Korea and Korean girls NEVER think of Britain and British men.

>9/10 Irish girl
yeah and I flew a pig home from work today

got a haircut today and the bloke told me a story about his journey through hair-dressing school and how he could have been a sucessful womens stylist in london but instead he works as a cheap barber in a small town

just sat there and said "yea haha" every 20 seconds to fill the air haha

Thanks lad

Can't really express that opinion here without getting hated on by everyone

>Actually fucked a 9/10 Irish girl
>She got mad when I said that the IRA were terrorists

does this retarded Cred Forums spacker actually expect us to believe him? what an ugly cretinous being he must be irl

>born southern
>no victim status
feels bad man, no wait it doesn't at all. HA

Edwardian girls > all

You constantly obsess over Britain and British men constantly obsessing over Korea and Korean girls

Britain and British men NEVER think of you and (you)

They literally were ha ha

*runs over yanks with a lawn mower*

Do one, cunt.

yank sympathiser


Need an 1980s film goddess gf

met a 45 year old twink on grindr who says he wants to power fuck me. meeting him in an hour. any advice?





gas yourself

What film?


honestly, reassess your life

fuck i remember this lol

weird science i think


woman in red gene wilder

Lads, I truly, honestly, actually, 100% seriously, with all my mind, body and soul, and every fibre of my person and part of my being, absolutely NEED a qt3.14 Korean gf.

chuck a (you) my way boys

Why are they drinking Karpackie a Polish shit-tier beer?

*lets you ride*

Meant to be going out tonight but I'm fucking shattered

Dunno if I'll be able to hack it

Definately will not be introducing my children to the internet until their atleast 16

Can you lads give me a genuinely good film

Not one which is so boring that I have to switch to /brit/ every 5 minutes


jacob's ladder

The Woman in Red, She's also in Weird Science


they are americans

Cats are for faggots and old women

Whatevers cheapest in the off licence

Zodiac (2007)

Crackin' good film desu.

Business idea: Edwardian Bake Off


t. never been anywhere in Ontario aside from the Golden shitstain

Going into 3rd year and off to freshers tomorrow wahey hopefully some totty fresh out of 6th form

women's hair back then was ugly

Had 4 Tyskies last night.

A Most Violent Year

Based Sargs

Running Scared 2006

Amazing idea

*Gives you a thumbs up*

Hope this is b8

That film is a 3 hour snooze fest


where did you guys find this old barnacle?

find lefties a tad pathetic

Kill yourself

actually i lived in kingston for a year try again sweetie :)

Why did Canadians let a frog become PM

seems a bit silly to me

St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold

A Most Wanted Man

it's not even true

He's handsome af m8.

looks a bit like whats the actor, Alfred Molina.

>3 hour snooze fest

NOT surprised in the very least t b h.

Mulholland Drive
the Bridge on the River Kwai

Betty Blue

Anyone else right wing yet find Trump to look and act like a fucking twoddle? he has such an annoying accent too

Paris, Texas. Such a moving film.


Has he shot up the dentists and DPD depot yet?


t. cuckservative

yeaaa boi

Zodiac was shite no offence

thats ok mate, only kids think in black and white terms. You dont have to like everything on "your side", you can even be against stuff on your own side and still be your side.

Fuck off leftie cunt bet you like the eu pmsl

t. Snow

t. right wing traditionalist

get over yourself, I bet all of your ideas on politics come from Cred Forums

libertarians are just right wing communists

was that the Chechen one? also p. boring

Libertarians are right-wing anarchists

nah i dont mate I have NI citizenship and a residence in the North and voted leave fucking assuming twat

good one there lad yeah great harrowing stuff that


Trump isn't even close to a right wing traditionalist.

he's a Liberal protectionist

Fucking plankton go watch some capeshit

>NI citizenship

No such thing la' it's British citizenship

>right wing communists
sounds perfect though

business idea: leaf hunting

I said im a right wing traditionalist

k nerd

I understand what he's doing, so I don't consider it to be annoying. Trump isn't even right wing though.

David Cameron was literally a centre left politician, especially when you look at the things he intended to do before the financial crisis hit - unironically to the left of tony blair

just implied i'd kill myself to my mum but i don't think she got it lol

business idea: leaf burning

t. brit in denial


women are truly horrendous drivers they have no place behind the wheel

neither do pakis

>Americans go on vacation just to look at the leaves in fall

business idea: leaf composting

is this accurate?

bit boring

the gf

business idea: leaf mowing

just give me 5 hours to read it all lol

business idea: grind up leafs

stay strong kayslad

You abhorrent illiterate swine

why you disgust me

Canadaphobia is hate crime

business idea: gas the leafs

business revelation: leaf blower sales up 10%

Jordan Henderson is criminally underrated

would you get in trouble for advertising something without permission?

t. 19 year old with no life experience

your mams a leaf blower

business idea: annex leaf land and make their citizens our slaves


on here or irl?

pretty sure you can put up a sign where you like, at worst it will be torn down.

Yanks are fucked mate. That lying twisted oligarchy crone Hillarity Clinton or out of controlled opposition TV personality and professional outsourcer, Donald Drumpf.
Probably be a rapture soon. Both of these cunts are equally satanic. Yanks are insufferable at the best of times and they deserve this for being retarded but you can't help pitying them. 300 million of them and these two clowns are the best they could muster up.

just made this little picture :)


i wish i was born anglo,trust me

francis drake