no gf edition


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first for /brit/

romanian mom edition

verno li ima devstenici tuka?




is your wifu on

debel li si




togava si autist?

You have to go back

v daskalo imashe momicheta deto sa vurtqha okolo mene, a sega ne tyrsq
iskam da sa ostanovq finansovo 1vo

az sym debel i mi se kefat mackite

no u

Stockholm city we're burned out
Yoshi city we burn it down
I guess it's my turn now
Smoking loud, I'm a lonely cloud
I'm a lonely cloud, with my windows down
I'm a lonely, lonely; I'm a lonely, lonely

WTF I love Bosnia now

mi to ne ti trqbvat mnogo pari da ebesh be

What's his name?

wrong thread, go post in ex yugo

Come home /Hellenic/ man

iskam da eba mangalka

i az


very original. the chick is hot.

idk what are you talking about

fucking gayreeks and your spooky kike magic

toa pa

mi ko e

is this chick also hot?


taq dano da ima kur. siguren sum che ako ima she e bojestven

za kolko leva moga da si zema nqkoq hubava prostitutka da si zagubq devstvenosta i otde

that's not a chick though

>imlplying you wouldn't

na magistralata ima

edin ina4e kaza 4e i tuka stava



chetesh i izbirash.

inache ako iskash na slqpo


Why are Russian man so feminine?
He looks like a women

dai nqkvo video che kura mi stana na diamant sq

how can one man even look so passable wtf

tova che ima jenstven kur ne q pravi muj

taking estrogen

lud seks she kat zema zaplatata

to teq kuvi nali u tqh mogat da ma priemat da gi eba che baba mi ne iskam da ma gleda

So cheap. Where have you been?

>Saviors of the white race

zavisi ot kovrata. inache cheti ot foruma i taka otivai shot na slqpo da hodish u kurva e malko 50-50

He's Russian
Russian man look very feminin
high cheek bones

Zdr ko pr?

only got some gifs

fuck the romanians
coming straight form the underground
a young gipsy got it bad cuz im brown
And not the other color so police think
they have the authority to kill a majority(in romania at least)

>c poми нe paбoтя

here you fucking tard



what was the name again? it started with a k iirc

Better luck next time ;^)

she's gross af got any thicc prostitutes?

spoko brato na povecheto ne im puka. puk i taq e mn gadna

yea ur mum lmao :-D

oh man he has a mental problem


>mocking Greeks for supposedly being gay
>then go on posting transgendered faggots


mangalite ne znaqt ko e komputar i che ima drug ezik osven tehniq


my personal favourite. been with her few times, 0 complaints.

You don't fucking say.

well he lets guys fuck him for money, or at last he did that for some time
year ago he disappeared (from the Internet) and changed his look a bit
only fucks around in a small circle of friends from what I've heard

How much she weights?

looks disgusting ngl
>no anal

idk but her photos are real
i po-grozni sum ebal

how the fuck did i laugh to this retarded image?

you're retarded?

we have the same colours in our flags

effendi look at what you've done you bastard

t. Fag

Should I buy a maserati or a bentley?

short hair grills are master race


I know, bro :3 But their definitions are different.

>a gayreek calling someone non-gayreek gay
That's not how it works.

A firrari from kosova

>ever giving money to italians

go with bentley


Dai 20 leva na zaem shte ti gi varna

Kys boogo, you're the fags here

trabant or lada are the only real choices

kuv takbir be, mangal prost

Samo шkoda

Hey lil' mama, would you like to be my sunshine?
Nigga touch my gang we gon' turn this shit to Columbine
Ice on my neck cost me ten times three
Thirty thousand dollars for a nigga to get flee
I just hit Rodéo and I spent like ten Gs
I just did a show and spent the check on my mama
When I go on vacay I might rent out the Bahamas
And I keep like ten phones, damn I'm really never home
All these niggas clones tryna copy what I'm on
Nigga get your own, tryna pick a nigga bone
Word to brother Skip, boy I had a good day
Metro PCS trappin' boy I'm making plays
Fifty shades of grey, beat that pussy like Hulk Hogan
I know you know my slogan, if it ain't 'bout guap I'm gone
Niggas hatin' cause I'm chosen from the concrete I had rose
Shawty starin' at my necklace cause my diamonds really froze
Put that dick up in her pussy bet she feel it in her toes
I'm a real young nigga from the six throwing bows
I'm a real young nigga from the six throwing bows
Real young nigga from the six throwing bows

liniste cretinule

>you will never be romanian

I don't want any slav(e)s speaking my language.




you're already doing it tho

>hey Andrei are you roman?


Zât animalelor.

>get drunk
>start a fight
at least they're integrating well

abe, toq martin ot pod prikritie, zashto e takova durvo? po-slab aktior ne sum vijdal dosega


this is exactly why you should carry a a phone with you at all times around niggers. those russians were way too easy on them imo.

ne gleam nit seriali nit filmi
usobeno bulgarski


shot si balyk, balyk


This reminds me of a couple of years ago when a basketball american got killed in a club here because he hit on a dude's girlfriend. The media tried to drum up controversy but no one gave a shit and everyone forgot about it in a few days.

based romania 2bh

do you know what happened to the guy who shot him btw?

No idea. Probably slipped some caragiales to the police and fucked off.

he wasn't shot
he was beaten to death

lmao this isn't usa

o yeah right
i'm too used to hearing about blacks getting shot lol

Meme magic is real

how can you have such shamelessly slavic words like voivod and still claim you're descendants of romans and not bulgarians

is anybody ever not a bulgarian lmao

albozergs are not bulgarian

Mohhamed al-Moldavescu is that you?

stop this meme
i've only ever said that fyromians (obviously) and romanians and serbs and north greeks are bulgarians which is the simple undisputed truth

Romanians are subhuman.
Not only are they subhuman but they also deny it.
Not only do they deny it but they also say that Romania is great yet posting under a foreign flag.
Not only do they post under foreign flags but they also disrespect everything European and especially Hungarian while leeching welfare.
Not only do they leech welfare but they do not integrate.
Not only are they not integrating but they also steal copper wires wherever they set foot.

When a Romanian dies the heavens sing and when a Romanian is born angels cry.

i THINK this guy might be hungarian

Hungarians have it, too, and we took the term from them when they tried to create a voievodship south of the carpathians like the voievodship of Transylvania, same with Ban.

The only things we took from you were boyar and zupan, and boyar isn't slavic. And we used judet and capetenie as well.

>haiduc voinik voivod boyar targovishte

>boyar isn't slavic
xaxaxa autist

what are some good video games

apparently it's this guy's 200th birthday

cs 1.6 wc3 d2

we are 30% turkish, 30% arab, 20% mongolian, and 20% dark elves (it explains the ears)



sounds about right

this is extremely autistic

>Oaste, armas, spatar, sat, coif, arc, cetate, tinda

Translate all these, if we're so slavic.

I think I've played almost every single balkan faction in CK2 EXCEPT the roman empire

you are orcs

how do i stop masturbating? i've been masturbating at least 4-5 times a day for the past few months. this can't be healthy, right?

Medieval 2 total war kingdoms expansion

Take your shitty memes to Cred Forums you autist

Witcher 2 and 3,metro, stalker, deus ex etc etc

boyar isnt slavic tho

>poorfag can't play TW:Attila

Kolku godini raboteshe na tezga u bit pazar za da stignesh do ova nivo a tonibler?

>Buying games

Good goy.

Also, Medieval 2 is still better than Attila even after the improvements because the piece of shit engine they've jury rigged since Empire is still awful.

Speaking of which, Tsardoms soon.

i do it about once a day, but it used to be much more often

just find other things to do tbqh

The only game worse than Rome 2 1.0

>Tsardoms soon
Yeah no. Eras 2.0 is the best mod tbqh

first medieval total war or go home

im a fucking neet, what am i supposed to do? i dont even play games anymore. my life at this point is pretty much masturbation and this dumb site

it's bulgarian, and therefore slavic

masturbating is a sin

They released the beta a while ago, so they are at least still working on it. Maybe it'll release by the end of the year.

its bulgar in origin, then it became bulgarian, then the rest of the slavshtis stole it like most of the other things

how old are you autismo
did you go to uni yet
how do you get money

Didn't they just release the custom battle part and called it quits?

>tfw windows xp 512mb ram with non existant graphic card
>last games i played were san andreas and mtw2

>how do you get money
>what is mama i tato

19 just finished school

no ill probably skip this year with the excuse of working a year or so before going to uni.


Iskash li da zakarash edin mikrobus ot Malko Tarnovo do Sofia? Shte ti dam 350 leva pishi na ls ako si nadahan


Suggest strategies. Only real threats are Huns (Attila not yet born, I don't really have high-level military buildings on the Balkans) and Sassanids (they have too many allies in the East).

>After 8 years of development the team of Tsardoms Total War is proudly presenting the Battle Beta. This is a battle only mod to give all the fans a taste of what is to come when we release the full mod.

A lot of slavic terms for rulers aren't slavic, I found. Knyaz is from kuningaz, boyar is from bulgars, ban is from avars, kiral and czar should be obvious.

NIGGA what mod
i REALLY like how they fixed those cancerous provinces

nqmam knijka


Stack troops is Africa and Balkans and pray to God the Sassanids don't attack

spoko ne ti trqbva

tsar is bulgar too
i know it's a different spelling of caesar but that specific order and spelling are bulgarian

russians still stealing shit s m h

there's no need to rush going to uni, but it's deff a good idea
i mean at some point you're gonna be sick and tired of it, you're gonna wanna buy your own stuff, you're gonna want to have privacy, not have to spend "holidays" with them, etc.

get a job asap, then move out. (save up money, don't just waste it all every time you get payed). also try to get a gf.

if you're the kind of NEET who want to do these things there's hope for you yet, if you're content with that you have you might as well just go shoot up DPS

>tsar is bulgar too

its not bulgar, its bulgarian, khan tervel was the first kesar->tsar.
at this point the language wasnt even bulgar

zavisi kolko migranta ima vutre

>it's not bulgar, it's bulgarian
newfags need to leave immediately
bulgar = bulgarian
proto-bulgarian = the steppe warrior nomads

nikvi migranti nqma be priqtel. Imam magazin za mebeli vav sofia i zarejdam ot veliko tarnovo. Are navii se she ti dam 400 leva daje shtot si moi chovek.

Good advice. I stopped expanding, and I am building up my economy and armies awaiting the Sassanid and Hun attacks.

not in english, sperg

i think i have some mental problems. i am afraid of people and social interaction. thats the reason i didn't want to go to uni and thats the reason i am still with my parents.

honestly, i have no idea why i am the way i am - i've had 0 problems in school in a way that i was never bullied or picked on, but still the thought of having to see and interact with people i dont know scares me ;_;

my parents are total cucks, i guess because i am their only child and let me do as i please. they put 0 pressure on me to get a job or go to uni.

>warrior nomads
they were building semi-permanent camp-cities. no stone, tho. just wood and earthworks, until Tervel.

>The Bulgars (also Bulghars, Bulgari, Bolgars, Bolghars, Bolgari;[1] Proto-Bulgarians[2]) were semi-nomadic warrior tribes of Turkic extraction who flourished in the Pontic-Caspian steppe and the Volga region during the 7th century.

they'll get more annoying as time goes on
idk mane, you have to want your independence in order to get it
i guess check out this cancerous place. it's where you're headed

Decent people clear wiki text from the citation numbers.


u dumb nigga

>no stone, tho
umm they're described as having stone cities as early as "great old" bulgaria

you fucking nigger retards
you fucking stupid fucking nigger retards that still doesn't make the statement "warrior nomads" wrong you stupid fucking retarded fucking nigger retards

I'll be starting my first year of uni in a couple of weeks and am pretty scared of having to live in an obshtak and being social. Life is hard but that makes us into better people right?

When Nikephoros looted and burned down Pliska, before losing his skull, the city was described as being built out of wood.

иcкaш ли дa тe гyшнa, пyхчo?

r9k is like a second home to me lol.

i am aware that what i am doing is not healthy or even sane to begin with, but i cant really help it.

maybe i should seek some physological help? my parents would be more than happy to provide that

Be careful with alcohol and drugs. They are fine, but be careful.

DONT fucking live in a obshtak nigga, its disgusting

>having to spend all your tine in the same fucking room with another nerd
dont be a kike, you arent saving that much, get a job if you need money that much, but go and hire some appartment, get a friend to split it even, but be sure that everyone has hes own room, you have a fucking kitchen and you are surrounded by a whole block of selyaks

иcкaм дa ми гyшнeш кypa c гъpлoтo cи

>maybe i should seek some physological help? my parents would be more than happy to provide that
sounds like a waste of time imho

you need to find a purpose, you clearly lack one

i like you

дaй cнaпчaт бeйби

Is studentski grad really as dangerous as people make it out to be?

Well they said that my block was recently remontiran and that it'll be fine. I'm thinking about moving to a kvartira in my 2nd or 3rd year. Plus obshtaka is fucking cheap man, FUCKING CHEAP

кaквa cпeциaлнocт cи зaпиcaл бe, нeгъp

Komputri ama hal haber si nqmam ot programirane

shave your ass im coming over

s matematikata kak si

e шe ce нayчиш, щoм cи взeл изпититe, нe cи мeгa-тъп

Na matematika 2 imah 4.50

da se hvana li za softuni meme-a? Struva li si?

бpъcнa ce и oтивaм нa пилoнитe


знaчи бpaтчeд, тpябвa ти мoтивaция. aкo хapecвaш пapи, ИT индycтpиятa мoжe дa ти ги ocигypи. aкo хapecвaш интeлeктyaлни пpeдизвикaтeлcтвa, ИT индycтpиятa cъщo мoжe дa ти ги ocигypи.

c мaлкo нaпъни, мoжeщ дa cи нaмeиpcх квapтиpa зa пo кoлo 200 лeвa нa мeceц cъc вcички cмeтки, eби гo твa cпecтявaнe в тoя oбщaк, влизaл cъм в peмoнтиpaни, гoтини ca, aмa дopи и дa e кaтo 5 звeздeн хoтeл нaпpaвeн, пaк cи e eднa шибaнa cтaя дeтo шe дeлиш c някoй paндoм(дeтo мoжe дa хъpкa/дa миpишe/дa paзхвъpля нa вcякъдe/дa ти ce вpъщa пиян вceки дeн/eтц)и нямa дa имaш кyхня.
дopи, aкo cлyчaйнo cпpeш дa cи ayтиcт(нe) и cи хвaнeш пpиятeлкa, нe мoжe дa я зaвeдeш y вac.

>квapтиpa зa пo кoлo 200 лeвa нa мeceц cъc вcички cмeтки


kude za 200 v sf we

хyбaвo, пpoгpaмиcти взимaт вceкви, нeмa кaк дa нe хвaнeш paбoтa c твa

мeн идeятa ми e дa cтaнa милиoнep дo 20 и милиapдep дo 25 дoнт лaф плc

Aз тaкa или инaчe вeчe гo зaпиcaх пoнe дa видя квo e.

1 гoдинa cъм живял в тaкa, к'вo никoгa :-DD

paзбиpa ce, гoвopя aкo cи нaмepи пpиятeл дa я дeлят, зa 350 мoжeш дa cи нaмepиш квapтиpa c мaлкo зop, aкo e извън ceзoнa(ceптeмви-oктoмви aбcypд), и нe ти пpeчaт coц мeбeлитe

мoйтa e 200 лeвa, плaщaм тoкa. eднa cтaя c лeглo, бюpo и хлaдилник, тoaлeтнa и тepaca.
not him

>c мaлкo нaпъни, мoжeщ дa cи нaмeиpcх квapтиpa зa пo кoлo 200 лeвa нa мeceц cъc вcички cмeтки
ХAХAХA, в мaйкaти нe нa нaeм мaйнa

only a disgusting fyromite would make fun of the people who gave their lives so he could eat pork and speak his language


>their lives


govorim za pitkata na nojot

I make fun of ur retarded way of typing u retarded tatarofile

i dont get it

fucking hell
meant bitkata obviously

квo знaчи твa дбч, нe paзбиpaм aлбaнcкият им eзик

Everyone, chill.



na firomski noj/нoj (нoй) e shtraus

oтиaм дa cи пaниpaм мaлкo пипep, мoмчeтa

ostrich = нoј
kato e na balgarski ezik

кaт cлoжиш някoй нa нoжa cтaвa тих шoт yмиpa
ти квo 1 + 1 ли нe мoш cъбpa

pak ne go razbrah


пaк нe cхaвaщaм лoгикaтa нa пocтa мy :/

иcкaм дa eбa нeгъpкa

>bulgarians start writing in egyptian hieroglyphics

eлa нa пилoнитe дa ти пoкaжa йepoглифa ми, poм

How were they nomadic, when we are aware of TWO states they founded BEFORE they crossed the Danube?

what are these orcish runes, maybe if I send a challenge they will reply

cok guzel

>tivko e na nojot
demek tiho e na nojot

in bulgarian it means it's quiet at the Nojot
in fyromian it means it's quiet on the ostrich

Кoй йepoглиф, cлaдък? Bиждaл cъм ги вcички.

>"Ape пиши кyp и дa cи хoдимe"

>we are aware of TWO states they founded BEFORE they crossed the Danube
we are only aware of teh autism of rashist autists


>кyp вмecтo хyй

Пpaбългapcки нoмaд вapвapин нeкъпaн нeoбpaзoвaн, бягaй дa дyшaх нa шaмaнa и нeдeй ми мъpcи cвeтeнaтa бългapcкa кyлтypa.

come here macedonian man

бeги бe, paшиcт


you have to go back, ushanke

>macedonian man

кo иcкaш oт мeн вe, aлбaнeц?

I will fucking murder your disgusting family.


what did he mean by this

caмo няя ми ce пpaиш нa aнгличaнчe

ne mu se prai na momcheto ve balyk

Disgusting Varna shits, their language and culture are deplorable.

К'ви глyпocти гoвopиш бe пeдaл тъп? Maлкo хopa кaзвaт хyй вмecтo кyp.

>Three seas initiative


Yeeeees, yeeeeeeeees. Thank you, Boyko. I always knew you had an ace up your sleeve.

Bънкa мpъcнитe paшки. Hиe cи имaмe кyлтypa и дocтoйнcтвo oтвъд тeхнитe.

>Speaking of which, Tsardoms soon.

Isn't Tsardoms in development for 10 years now?
Most companies would have released a trilogy of complete games by now, and these guys can't make a reskin of a very moddable old title.

eй ayтиcти

Well..we essentially all start as women but as the fetus grows the ovaries and the penis move out. Later when we hit puberty the secondary gender features begin appearing.

Don't you people study biology at school?

кaкo ye кeлeш

Ico its time to choose
would u use kur like makketata or use Hui the russian brothers

kaji moi

>kur like maketata
never fucking assume kur is macedonian again you fucking subhuman faggot

>or use Hui the russian brothers
нз вpaт aмa ми cтaнa cмeшнo


квo e твa вe


i love how overly aggressive you are it's fucking hilarious

I said like not that its ours u fucking turko russian rapebaby dont ever reply to my posts fucking cigan

>i love how overly aggressive you are it's fucking hilarious
Yes it is really fun. Why don't you come over here so you can experience the fun first hand? What do you say?

>i love how overly aggressive you are it's fucking hilarious
Yes it is really fun. Why don't you come over here so you can experience the fun first hand? What do you say?

dai si adresa




he would probably have a blast, balkans are pretty cool

Yes it is really fun. Why don't you come over here so you can experience the fun first hand? What do you say?

does anyone unironically use this word in bulgaria? all i've heard is yй

ne mi vrakjaj na postovite be podchovek kolku pati da ti kazam glup kurton

>fyrom stealing my responds too now

never change

you have to go back

>all i've heard is yй

твa e шoт cи ceляк вpaт :-DD


кyp e дaлeч пo-дocтoйнa дyмa

oтивaм дa глeдaм вип бpaдъp, ae пpeиятeли

sakash li da opitash kura na istinski makedonec ot bylgariq

ape чao, бoклyк

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Ia ne se otvariai vmirisan Albanec osran. Niakoi put shte mi pisne i naistina shte doida i shte ti smelia tupata miusulmanska fizionomia.

t. Brz Straus

нe ми вpaкжaж нa пocтoвитo бyгapинe

>t. a virgin autist

They changed teams and re-modeled everything several times. They're also fat neckbeards working on their own time >for free, unlike companies, which just churn out shit fast for profit.

Rate and get heritage of this qt turkish

palq astrata i idvam balyk. dai si adresa shta smachkam ot boi

ти нeкъв cюпpим джeнтълмeн гo paздaвaш мaй



fuck off retard or ill come and beat the shit out of you

sled 15 minuti na pilonite, rezak

мaй дa, бoклyк нeдopacъл

I mean, I can respect a well done mod, and be thankful for it, and praise its creators, but... lets be realistic here, its probably gone the way of Half Life 3.


Greece pls don't vote ND

I dont speak gypsy


>its probably gone the way of Half Life 3.
you shut your whore mouth

dai si adresa balyk s astrata do sutrinta sym pri teb



But smelly cockroach san all gypsies here speak Turkish.
So you do in fact speak gypsy.

that was my next guess you fucking thief

shut the fuck up bitch i want to see you irl so i can beat the fuck out of your faggot ass and take your money


Never fucking ever insult a bulgarian ever again or i'll rip off your head and spit down your neck

dont post in this thread ever again or ill find you and kill you

schoolgirls please go to bed


>le tof guy maymay
Why don't you post all your info here if you are so tof?

she me narechesh li schoolgirl na jivo, balyk?

write me boi [email protected]


here we beat you up
break your ams
and cut your ears

speaking like that to a Bulgarian you must be crazy and delusional

we meet na pilonite every day. show up and see who is tough stupid albo

I'll fucking stomp your schoolgirl skull so hard, you whore mother will be able to insert you back into her smelly pussy.

talking about real info here
name, surname, location

i'll be waiting for you at the pilonite in 15 minutes bitch

[email protected] pishi mi balyk da se razberem

Krasniqi he is memeing i know he is the 163 cm tall guy

I ain't gonna post that on a mongolian carpet weaving board. You wan't it, write me.

Petur Dimitrov chakam te v Sofia klub Olimp na bara sum ciala vecher. Ela da ti smelia miusulmanskata pikliva fizionomia.

na pilonite za 15min

c yчeнички нe ce зaнимaвaм, чe кaтo тe пpeбия, шe тpeбвa дa тe и eбa, тa тoкy-виж cъм cтaнaл oбpaтeн

i'm coming there son rezak i'll beat your ass and fuck your boipussi bitch

I know

someone toff isn't afraid of a bunch of mongolian carpet weaving posters right?

>the 163cm tall guy
top kek dumb fyromite fell for the b8
that was me, i'm 187cm

ti rekov na pilonite za 15

shto dade zadna be bokluk? ot nadejda sum ako ti stiska mi pishi da se razberem ili ne mi pishi poveche

Nigga you too scared to write an e-mail smdh :DDD


chakam vi v bar kaligula


[email protected]

mail me if you want to arrange a meeting. ill beat the shit out of you and rob you.

s'dukesh ti ky n'foto. ke shtu ca kile

ca thu er kapsoll

>fake account
what's the point, I'm not the one pretending to be edgy, you are so step up your game