Why do Latin Americans love dogs so much?

Why do Latin Americans love dogs so much?

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That's why i will never fit in this country.


Why does the rest of the world loves pussy so much?

Well, dogs don't tend to be ungrateful autistic cunts.

i dont know what to make of china, if they have more dogs because they ate the cats, or they have more dogs to eat them

> Why do Latin Americans love dogs so much?
becasue cats are for either:
cold people
pretentious cucks
sleazy people

Dog Owners :
Masculine, Alpha personalities.
Enjoy asserting dominance over powerful animals.

Cat "Owners" :
Feminine, beta cuckolds.
Enjoy being being a 10lb furball's bitch and being pegged by women.

>Not having 3 of these guardian your house.

>Asian males


Think again.

Asians eat dogs, they aren't making them pets.

Guard property

cuz ur mom is a real bitch he he he

>Russian males

They are also eating the cats.

>Islamic shitholes loves pussy

chinese people adore dogs because they are loyal, unlike any other chinese person.

This is true.
Russians are huge pussies, that's why they kill themselves so much and don't rebel against a dictator destroying their country.

Huge dogs, too.

You go out with a big ass german shepherd and no robber will dare to approach you.


the reason of this is because if the girl survives the crash, the driver has to pay more money for compensation.
So some hit and run drivers make sure that the victim is dead, even if they get caught, they get to pay less money.
And people are used to this so they just ignore the bodies.
Chinese people are scum

Russian are bro tier, why do you hate kot ?

>more cats

> Russians are bro tier
Hello churka, when do you fly back to Grozny?

>look like retards, often drool and hate their tongue out, their muzzle's only expression is IM AN HAPPY IDIOT
>big and cumbersome, small ones are literal genetic abominations and die fast
>show their affection by trying to rape your leg
>eat their shit
>cannot be taught to use a litter, must be taken out every 5 minutes to shit and piss everywhere
>beta as fuck animals, will love you even if you beat them daily

>look classy and elegant, can show variety of humanlike expressions
>small and light, can carry them in a pocket
>show their affection only to those who deserve it, their purring is comfy af
>eat their children, literally spartans among animals
>can be taught to use a litter, in case of emergency leave though the window and shit on a betacuck's dog
>alpha animals, will claw your eyes out when you sleep if you're a faggot

how can cats even compete?

>c*t countries

t. koshka