Story behind hoe who an hero'd

This is all over my feed, what is this? Please explain.

P.S I stopped using the internet for a a couple months but even IRL people are talking about things and I don't know what they're talking about, then they ask me about it and im like like wtf is this nigga?

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>I stopped using the internet for a a couple months

Are you from North Dakota?

>P.S I stopped using the internet for a a couple months

why, how, when where

She killed herself bacause she was weak.

This. Only weak people die.

She's dead now


Ive tried but havent found that sex tape yet

Someone help. Apparently shes suckin dick and saying shes a whore or something i need to see for educational purposes for a friend

while she fucking dick she said: "are you filming? BRAVO"


>someone killed themselves

wew, who cares?

and the video? :D

Where is it, the video

very hard to find due to a massive remove..try with some torrent

Isn't worth it. She sucks a dick near a car on the street and she says something about her boyfriend like he's a cornuto (Google it) and she's a great bitch, then someone approach (a neighbor) and ask "everything is OK" and the guy reply saying that everything is alright and the video stops. He get a blowjob on the street near his (I suppose) parents house.

But there are at least 4-5 videos with her

Xvideos link?

It was posted on Cred Forums a few days ago.

i got you boys

dont spread it around too much

She killed herself because of a leaked sex tape, not something serious.

A really stupid woman sent a video of her with her boyfriend to her ex-boyfriend to taunt him and apparently thought he'd just sit on it. and sulk.




But who is this girl?

Was she an actress?

Just some random girl who's sex video went viral

>random girl
If she's random why is she being treated as a famous person?

because italian news channels feed on these kinda stories. italy is boring af, nothing ever happens. but if something happens it's blown out of proportion. i dunno why this story got out of italy, maybe because it's an occasion for demonizing the internet with "MUH CYBERBULLISM" and shit like that

No, she skilled herself because of constant harassment both on the internet and in real life.

She managed to change her name and region of residence (she did move from campania to toscana)


She obtained the "diritto all'oblio" (the so-called "right to be forgotten") - except she was condemned to pay 20k € in processual expenditures (lol)

And one year later, when nobody remembered her any more, she committed seppuku

She wasn't actually that notorious, I never ever heard about her before she died

And now

INSTA-MEME: everyone is looking for her videos* and her REAL name is forever marked in every news around the globe, and she'll be forever remembered as a slut

She had mental issues WAY BEFORE the vids and it's clear she had a very poor reputation and self-perception of herself

Now, even friggin italian youtubers dedicate specials and whatnot ( e.g. ) to this slut and while they downplay the moralism against the slut they all say "hey it's the current year after all, sexting is a thing and if you don't consent to further diffusion, that's it"
That's a mixture of "no means no" and "you won't download a car"

It's like being back in 1999 BUT with contemporary feminism

A "no" doesn't mean shit and if napster first and torrents then have taught us something is that IF SOMETHING IS ON THE INTERNET, brace for it because IT can be FOREVER you fucking dumb 30 yo sexting bitches. If something can be copied IT WILL BE COPIED and a sentence from a tribunal against youtube/google/youporn aimed at taking down the content won't upgrade your MORE SERIOUS, MENTAL ISSUES

There's no CONSENT no COPYRIGHT LAW that will EVER prevent anyone from copying your precious content

I'm surprised this bitch and her name and reputation got so far that now she' on CNN on the other side of the globe too, but hey you reap what you sow

*6 in total, some are selling "the originals" for bitcoins, lel. Fucking terroni

damn that's hot

I was bullied for actually being mentally ill and I am still here. She was a pathetic weak bitch.

Why didn't she use her infamy to start a succesfull career in porn?

When life gives you lemons...

>sent a video of her with her boyfriend to her ex-boyfriend to taunt him


My dick turns diamonds everytime i hear a girl speak some shit in italian

this girl was in need of help.
she did nothing wrong. just having sex with her boyfriend.
she wasn't eating shit or fucking an horse, why change your name and finally sailing across the river Styx?

oh wow really? our news didn't include this piece of info. don't feel bad for her any more

She was a fucking whore, in one of the bids she and the guys who's dick she's sucking keep calling her bf a cuck.

This entire strikes me as her attempting to embarrass her bf and it backfiring on her.

Wait how did this even spread outside of italy

>this is considered "white" in Italy

>There's no CONSENT no COPYRIGHT LAW that will EVER prevent anyone from copying your precious content
what's worse, you get Streissand Effect
if you don't want it spread online, don't upload it. if another does it for you, sue HIM not us

il mio nero

learn from him , he's a cool nigga unlike you nigga

is there a video of her getting fucked?

that's some next level retard right there