>go to international train station
>even many women are taller than me
>a Norwegian tour group comprised of teenage girls were all a head taller than me

Should I move to Spain or Italy so I can be amongst my own kind?

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That's even short for young people. The average is 1,78 but you can befriend Jorge and buttfuck each other buttlets

Only in Southern Italy you wouldn't feel short (but you would still be like 5 cm below average)


Javier de mierda

tell me about it
175 chink here

Why are you comparing his height to that of other men? What does that matter??

As long as you're taller than girls it's all k.

Go to Mexico 1.7 is pretty tall there, lol
In Spain and Italy not

>blonde and blue eyed true Aryan
>12cm dick

Mine is 15,5 at least

why complain that's bigger then average

Actually my is 17×14cm. I'm just joking.

>he measured his dick

No one will ever see it because a girl doesn't want to have a boyfriend that looks weaker than high school girls

Why are manlets so insecure? Just own your height and make the best of it, girls generally don't care as long as you're not a midget, they're more repulsed by your woe is me attitude if anything

T. Manlet

t. Mehmet

>go to shopping centre
>can see 100m+ to the other side without obstructions
>looks like a sea of car floor mats


>start a conversation with a dutch tourist
>can't stop noticing the whole time that he's at least an inch taller than me

>yfw you would be quite tall compared to others if your parents didn't emigrate.

Why you need a microscope to measure yours Just work out more.I was fast af when i was younger but even light fitness mad lose weight and get muscle fast.Just do it frequently

t. 10 cm

that isn't bigger than average in France.

Also fun fact: HUNGarians have the biggest dicks in yurop at 16,5 cm

are you sure 1 fucking cm is going to make a difference?

iktf I'm 169 cm

not girl or immigrant either

>be churka 188cm/85kg of muscles and not even ugly with 21cm benis
>tfw no gf
How to stop my shitty beta existence without pain?

a 15 cm dick is okay.
women won't be exited by it's size, but also they won't be disappointed.

Maybe you 'll leave Dagestan, you 'll probably can find gf if you want)

do you have churka-beard and churka haircut that all churkas have?

>21cm benis
p-post proofs

Damn that must suck, I feel for you. Hopefully you're handsome at least

>dutch family pops up, 4 people, I'm one inch taller than their daughter

>Hopefully you're handsome at least
merely average I'm afraid and perhaps even below since I'm ginger

i have a friend who's 172 and handsome, it doesn't really help him.
He makes it worse because he somehow stopped in mental development when he was 18, though.
He's just "that adorable guy" for girls.

Ho я в Питepe живy
Yes, I do
I'm in an office now. Too risky

2bh germany also has quite a lot of womanlets can't he just go for those

probably, but he's still childish af

Tbh lads I've got an uncle who's like 160cm and has a hot Asian girlfriend half his age and taller than him. He's a landlord though, so I guess wealth makes up for it?

>meet a pair of german dudes
>they aren't as tall as expected, feel victorious
>play some divegrass with them
>they send me flying everytime mark them with a single push, without breaking a sweat
What are you motherfuckers fed? How can they be pretty much the same height, same age and same weight yet be three times as strong as an average spic?

I think this is the reason
fresh Mett

if you're out for golddiggers, ofc

i think it's the milk, nordics drink/eat lots of thing based on milk, they are naturally strong

So every woman that doesn't want a man of modest means is a gold digger?

170cm is taller than the average man in South Africa

no, a woman that wants a man for his money is a gold digger

Don't feel so bad. I'm 165cm weighing 85kg and I have a 175cm gf who goes to work every day while I sit at home cleaning the house, making food, play games and shitpost on Cred Forums and reddit.

>almost every girl my age has the same height
What the fuck women eat these days?

Not really, but let's be real, the dude is a fucking manlet, and manlets do NOT get girls, at least not the normal way, so of course we have our doubts.

>and manlets do NOT get girls
Source: /r9k/, /fit/

Come home manlet.

How does the population of Venezuela reproduce itself if manlets don't get girls?

>brother is 164 cm
I lucked out, even if I'm "merely" 175.

Tbh most girls don't care as long as you're at least a cm taller than them.

Then again I know this guy who is about as small as my brother, ugly, fat, acne scar ridden, with the most repulsive personality, yet he managed to procreate. The girl is taller than him and even realistically out of his league, even if she's something I would never bone sober.

So yeah, you can make it bros. Just don't wallow in self pity, at least not so others see it, that's the most unattractive thing you can do.

Look at him
Look at him and laugh


Women are between 160 and 170 in every western country



1.75 is tall here...

Here there are 190cm 14y.o.

Are Spaniards taller than Italians?

parents are 165cm and 168cm, somehow i'm 179cm
thanks god

This shit is out dated.

your dad got cucked

I don't know. North Italians are pretty much like central Europeans in height, southern Italians are smaller on average

From 2010.

I don't even mind all the braindead bullshit spit out on Cred Forums, but people actually believing it is just sad.

>90 KG
>alpha mode



>he doesn't have complexes about his dick
Literally a woman

Veneti are quite tall, but for the rest the difference is small


>6 years difference
A lot can change, they should do this every 2-3 years.

Not him, but i rarely see someone below 175 cm

>Tbh most girls don't care as long as you're at least a cm taller than them.
Yes but taller at least a cm when she s on high heels))

Every woman I ever spoke to, even ones who prefered guys who were 185+ said they don't mind anyone as long as they're at least the same height, and most probably don't even mind shorter guys, especially the tall girls.

I'm 174 cm an idgaf.My last gf was 180 cm.It's all about personality.Also working out might help.(inb4 overcompensating manlet)

H-here I am.

A friend of mine is shorter than 170 cm and all the girlfriends he had were taller than him, he's not even handsome or rich

>12 cm

asian heritage?

Who /13cm/ here?

I am worried about my eventual sons desu, gf is 156 cm

i Look like slaveshit scum with shitskin eyes.

I heard that boys inherit height after dad but not sure, better get tall gf and make sure she won't fuck you with a manlet.

How tall are the guys on her side of the family?

>tfw wife is 172, her dad is 190+

Man i wish i could be as alpha as koksal. Manlet and still more confident than me.

12 y.o boys))

Leave her or don't make children with her senpai, living as a manlet sucks, if you love your eventual sons don't do it.

try being 165cm/47kg/15cm

>180 cm
>see kids taller than me
>not uncommon at all to see young girls as tall as me too
>19.5x13 pencil dick
>looks thin as fuck and although it's considerably above average grills will most likely not even notice since they probably all expect porn cocks
I love these threads because I can let out all the /r9k/ that's in me

>12 cm too

truly the worst size

You have worse issues than your body fagget,mental issues.

>know that feel

How many times have you had sex?

>17 cm
I get complimented. Feels nice.

No Mateusz, maybe you don't believe in it but evolution isn't visible within 6 years.

yeah, I'm pretty normie but my self-esteem gets low as fuck sometimes

>be 22 yo
>one year later

Are you rich?Good-looking?Smart?

fuck you most of us have no self-esteem

What's your secret bruh?Also anybody here grew after 18?

>this humblebrag


171cm here
my ex was taller then me, my current is shorter. c'est la vie, girls who care abt hight are the same trash category then men who just care abt big titts duuuuudddee lmao

>19 cm dick
>haven't had sex for a year and a half

feels like I'm wasting my gifts

seeanswer please,

I stopped growing at like 14

Not that user but i went from 178 to 182 in 1,5 year. I am stretching every morning, and do a lot of pull ups, also i take vitamins and calcium.

Me was 166cm 18, I'm 19, almost 20. Now I'm 175-176cm

Aww, poor little man

Here's something to cheer you up

>being afraid of tall women

You'll never make it in life

>same height since 18
>mummy still tells me I've grown every time she sees me

I'm inclined to think this way, when I was younger I only wanted a girl who was physically attractive, now I'm a lot more concerned about their personality. Maybe it's just that I've realized I'm a manlet who has to settle, but I'd be fine with a homely girl as long as our personalities meshed

What's the average height for a german girl?Also are you a turk?
I've been growing constantly since 14.Now am 18.When did you get facial hair?
Do you take calcium supplements?
Did you have facial hair by 18?

Girls who are unusually tall basically have to be willing to date guys that are the same height or shorter, otherwise they'll almost never get a date because all girls prefer tall guys anyway and most guys prefer girls who are a fair bit shorter than they are.


I had beard even when I was below 170cm but after a year, my jaw line and whole face got bigger including nose.

No hair change or anything.

it was never free

And it Aldo gives you daily dose of vitamin d.

10 cm penis here

need tiny asian gf

>stopped growing at 16
>been taking supplements for over a year now
>still 170cm

Thanks Obama

13cm pencil dick here
>im rejected by many korean girls

Man up froccio.Get a personality.
Lucky you.
Then why do you complain about dicksize when you can't even seduce a girl?
Who told you to get these suplements?

I'm taking the same calcium as and also take cod-liver oil and some multivitamins. + my beard started growing when i was 16 but i started balding when i became 17. Now i'm 20 and can grow one of those epic beards but i'd trade it for a head full of hair.

>>im rejected by many korean girls
did ya show them your dicky?

Same height since I was 18...
My grandad apparently grew after he got wed (was 24). His wedding clothes didn't fit him after a few years.


13 CM is above average in Korea

It's normal even in western countries

I have a shitton of hair. I'll give you some hair for 3 cm.

I didn't have enough calcium when i was growing thus i got Osgooda-Schlattera (when you grow too fast with not enough calcium a piece of dead bone grows under your knee, gonna have operation to remove it next year because our health care sucks), so my aunt told me to start taking those suplements. But you can get them without prescription.

no I just know because two girls that I dated before were in top tier of the league and were fucked by many big dicks
one directly said she is not satisfied when having sex because..

also they were about my height

>tfw 191cm
>19cm benis
>not that ugly
>god tier eye genes

>turbo autist
>no gf

Thanks to genetics I may be 'short' but I look descent enough to compensate, can't be bcz of my shity Fort Ka or my 200€ bank account ballance. For me, attractivness is character * appearence, if one of this is low the whole attractivness value is low over all

Had to google it, 165cm and I am pic related

I'm not giving away any cm from my dick since it's average but you can have all of my beard for head full of hair.


read this stupid belge
I wouldnt lie
13cm is average in korea yes but 13cm is still small.

basically human still grows till 27-30 yo.
I started working out, eating clean, checking macros, changed my posture. I was eating on breakfast ,cottage cheese with oats, so maybe thats a thing. Also try working our with picrel.

>tfw the tall part of my family are all bald
>tfw the average part are all with hair
177 with hair better than 187 with no hair.

>cottage cheese
food of gods

this is incorrect

>changed my posture
Maybe you just had a compressed/curved back and that's what actually made you taller

I was talking about height, my beard is glorious.

>177 with hair better than 187 with no hair.
This, just date short girls, it doesn't matter when you're 186cm if you look like a 40 year old.

Are you considered like funny short in germany or are you considered like the shorter guy?Also are german girls racist?

If you're 187 with no hair, no one can see the top of your head

Checkmate manlets

The only thing worse than being a manlet and/or having a small dick is being fucking bald. This is an absolute fact, discussing it further would be pointless.

Hey mate I'm 178 and 15 cm
Mine doesn't even look proportional to the rest of my body

"small" is relative fucktard, if it's average in your country it's not small

thought koreans were smart

chink insect

Spanish are taller than us.

t. baldie lanklet

This thread is hitting me right in the feels

Is there anyway to still grow taller after 30 ;_;

I think it gave me 1 cm, I was rly checking it out while attending a gym and sitting on pc. Also I forgot to mention that for last 3 years I am wearing corrective insoles, check if your shoes are worn at the heel, some things may be essential for you to grow correctly.

>talking to Hungarian girl
>like 15cm
At least she's a virgin and won't know

It's not that relative when I have slept with a few sluts from europe and get feedbacks from them. And I have said mine is think like a pencil.
13cm is small.

Good luck with with 10cm you will be made fun of. Bet you can't even doggie those who squats.

Aren't the men in your region few cm taller than hobbits?

I know
i'm just being an idiot

t. balding

>Is there anyway to still grow taller after 30
not possible man, you can always try with growth hormones.


There is always that surgery that breaks your legs and then regenerate em

its pretty cool, but its horrible to actually do

delusional insect trying to make himself feel better by lying on Cred Forums

I'd beat you up in 5s you little pussy asian manlet

Nothing to do with it, they're just not whiny and probably used to using their centre of gravity better than you.

I'm shorter and lighter than my younger brother but so long as my centre of gravity is lower than his, I can fling him around whenever we play rugby.

Just the shorter guy but to be honest, I stoped growing when I was 12. Surprisingly, noone ever asked me anything hight related

Germany is a very diverse society, you have places where you shouldn't walk alone when you don't have blond hair / blue eyes and vise versa, but most of the Reich doesn't care, neigther man or woman. Germany is and was always a immigration country and mostly everyone is 1/4th something something not german at least. If you count todays borders, I am 1/16th russian and 1/8 pole and 1/16th romanian

>tfw you cant handle high test

you will forever be an inferior disgusting yellow chink insect gonna stop replying to you now I'd smash your disgusting head in 2s you'll never be european you'll always be a pathetic little cockroach just a rat who looks like very other chink cya I'm leaving this thread all your replies will be ignored have fun with your meaningless life you won't be remembered because you're just another chink insect

>tfw 175 and on par with most teenage girls

Why is it legal for manlets to breed when it only breeds suffering?

> you have places where you shouldn't walk alone when you don't have blond hair / blue eyes and vise versa

What the fuck are you talking about?

>you have places where you shouldn't walk alone when you don't have blond hair / blue eyes and vise versa
i understand there are shariah goatfucker zones but i thought you guys were progressive

>calls me delusional manlet pussy
and 10cm say she would beat me in 5s lol

bitch 13cm-14cm maybe average by statistics but when it comes to fucking extroverts who had had sex with lots of guys with big dicks
it doesnt fucking work wake up 10cm.

have you treid coming-out to your pathethic size with your mates in belgium?
its unreal
they would probably think 15cm is average and ideal size
whereas you 10cm think 13cm is average in your cunt.
fucking funny.

Yeah its quite ironic when you say im liar and acting fake without facts and at the same time you say you would knock me down in real life. I laughed hard 10cm.

Bautzen würde ich zZ meiden wenn ich Ausländer bin und ansonsten versuchs mal in der Dortmunder Nordstadt, endweder kriegen dich da die Nazis oder die Achmets

Like I said, ~70-80% are normal guys who don't care. Sadly our failed immigration of the turkish and italien workers after the war backfires plus the actual migration crisis is no good to our liberal understanding but all of these problems are home made.

Ahhh and I want to be shorter omg((
always wanted to be a nice small manlet, and now 17 y.o and 172
the biggest complex in my life

You can grow up but become shorter nobody can't

I look like this guy.Will i be attacked in nazi neighbourhood?

Normally not, no. If you ignore them or at least not provoke them (some refugees where stupid enough to do so, get drunk and attacked with 20 men a 80 men nazi group) you should be fine. Even if you look like the fucken-guy usually they behave like normal people, this is not russia

Thanks bro.I'm coming in germany in a couple of weeks for university.I was worried because i've heard you guys are very cold and hostile people.

no you dont look like this guy and stop seeking validation from some bald drunken degenerate nazi faggots
post face

>go to the shopping center
>get mugged

>i've heard you guys are very cold and hostile people.
We on the other hand love foreigners! (that is if you look white and don't speak german)

As a blonde, blue eyed literally pure aryan at 191cm i sincerely bad for anyone under 185cm, i mean, it must feel so incredibly bad to be literally less man than us tall guys

t 170cm sticklette

well, my GF is from ghana and all her family is super open, 120% familyfeeling. Compared to this, germans may look cold, but as long as you don't study any STEM stuff you get your normal everywhere uni party experience

As long as you don't act like a dickhead you will be threaten normal

b-but we love you kurwas..

I have a big dick though so I guess we're even

im 179cm and im 18, will i grow?

maybe you will, maybe not

Do you really think women will be with you just because of your slightly larger than average dick? btfo manlets

you probably wont, but you might gain 1-2cms if youre lucky

Yes i do.My nickname in hs was Don Jon.
I'll study medicine and i'm very sociable.As long as people aren't dickheads to me.
We can only hope Polebro

Since you're such a girl, probably not.

See, you're good to go! Enjoy your stay


Enjoy dying at 75

I feel bad for you if your height is the only thing you have going on for you

come to Japan,you are not so short here.
short white men are quite rare and strange tho.

you're already taller than most Poles, who gives a shit


my height isnt the only thing going for me, i dont really think about my height except when short people complain about their height.

17cm, so i think im above average

If you're so great and master race how come 165cm Achmed is with your oneitis?


>two Albanians post on Cred Forums
Sounds like the set up to a shit joke.


t.actual nigger

Shoo shoo Diaz is coming

>a country too stupid to grow more than 1 food crop

>role playing as a country

Night night Diaz :)

>be brown 170 cm
>go to white country
>still taller than white man

Feels good desu

you live in france, should you be shittalking norwegians? youre basically a 3rd world shithole by now


Non-turkroach and ayrabbb



>As a blonde, blue eyed literally pure aryan

Too bad Scandinavian girls only want one kind of man.


>mfw I know this feel

I could have lost my virginity at 12 years old. I could have lost it again at 13, 14, 16 and 18.

But I was so afraid and ashamed that I only lost it at 22 when I found myself a 1.45m tall tiny petite puritan virgin girl to compensate for it. I even made her my gf since I won't get this lucky again.

The second she sees an other guy naked I will be fucked.

If she's your girlfriend and already sees another guy naked, you're probably already pretty fucked, hombre.

Dam, i am 1,87m and life seems like hell to me, yours must be unbareable
Normal: 1,88
God: 1,90-1,91
Good: 1,92-1,96
Skinny, shitty, and probably with health problems: 1,97+

Don't say such things. You're beautiful in your own way.

Look at the good side, manlets like us look better in girly clothes!

>Not knowing that OP is a fag