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Haha, should have went with slavs, we drink and drink and work and drink and drink

Seriously man they have the worst work ethic I've ever seen.
Wherever you go in Italy you have to wait really long because don't focus on getting the job done

you dont work either anymore Hans, your parents did, get off your high horse

Welcome to mediterrenean working ethics.
Its great isnt it?

I worked in a post office for 2 1/2 years and we literally take less than a fifth of the time they need for the same transactions

>mfw the working German man will be the one supporting these losers when times get tough

kek, based italians

this, desu. Germans like other westerners grew lazy and entitled. No fighting spirit, no working spirit.

Strong, Asiatic races like us and the slavs will take over.

It's hell.
Being a sensible and responsible individual that cares about doing his job properly in this sea of useless and lazy fucks is hell.
"Group work", what a fucking joke. No matter how much you pray, no matter how much you struggle, no matter how much you try to convince them, you're going to do ALL the fucking work and they will piggyback, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME

work? non mi piace!

It is.

Until you actually want to get something done, then it gets difficult.


Relax and have a drink, Hans

Eurobonds when?

im a mongolian in my native homeland fuck off slav shits

Your tears sustains us

Why is Italy like this?

It seems comfy

hahaha dai prendila con filosofia crucco frociazzo hahhhah

Good foundation work for the wall.

honestly when I see the work ethics of the average people in southern europe and France I don't wonder why everything is going to shit.

Going to a post office and asking a question to the person whose job it is to help you is taken as an insult by the workers, if they even pay attention to you and are not playing their phone.

that's bullshit, I went out of my parents house with 18 and had a small job even before finishing school.

frogfag get out of my country

you get out of mine first, and take all the shitalians with you

>mfw you see the police in Spain relaxing in the shadow of a tree
>mfw they are chatting and don't even try to look busy

Ich sag nur

Harz IV

>eighth economy in the world
>in the first seven positions there are only countries with higher population
We're just slowing down to give you a chance

Why aren't they fired

>move from Midwest to New England
>"Oh, New Englanders really value hard work"
>20 union breaks daily
Fuck, I just want to work. Do we really need to have another goddamn meeting followed by a break?

>you are supposed to look busy

hello communism

Because their bosses have the same attitude when it comes to work.

I know it's disgusting.


Do forengiers know about german hartz IV?

You know what's the easiest way to look busy? By doing some fucking work, that's how.

>Public servants
>Being fired
Top kek


fucking protestants

>supporting these losers

I would say they are the winners for making Cuckmany work for them, senpai.

Does your police work ? Or only when they are blackmailed?

We should be the fifth desu

Is it true that in Germany shops are closed on Sundays? What if you need to buy some groceries?

>fucking protestants
You take that back, you gaudy-church-having, slanty crossed, bearded fuck!


you know what you have to do...

The role of police in society is to grow fat and eat sunflower seeds on the street. What are you implying?

>all this german autism
go back to play your construction simulator, Hans.

Working on a Sunday isn't really christian isn't it ? Also yes, most shops are closed on Sunday.

It's true, gas stations with food departments are open though.

I had my first job in 11, and official one in 14
t. slav

ITT Latins and Slavs defend laziness

>Implying you aren't a nazi who fled after ww2

>t. amerisharter neet

That's actually sad if it is true.

>go to France etc.
>restaurants are opened from 12-14 and again from 19
>stores are closed while restaurants are open
I'm jelly of their lifestyle to be honest.
There's really no reason to keep a restaurant open from 9 to 23 on weekdays.

n-nein, I-Ich bin nicht...

Slavs aren't lazy, they're just dumb.

Sure, I've had my share of sharts, but I've never been a NEET. I got my first job (newspaper delivery) at age 11, and I've been working steadily the 20 years since then.
Good man.

>not putting nihilism in bananas tier
>zoroastrianism is placed above neo paganism
>jainism, shinto and indigenous religions aren't interesting enough for interesting heathen tier

Absolutely disgusting.

You can work while eating sunflower seeds

My coworkers and I do it
Just sweep up the shells at the end of the day

Doesn't that apply to most countries? Besides cafés and restaurants everything is closed on Australian Sundays

>zoroastrianism is placed above neo paganism
I didn't make that, but I'll defend this one. Zoroastrians are monotheistic.

slavs (at least russians) smarter then most europeans, at least in tech and engineering, see this for example icpc.baylor.edu/worldfinals/results

Come home Hans

No. Most service jobs are 7 days a week here.

Yea but I think neopaganism, when it isn't being practiced just to be edgy, is pretty interesting

our golden times...

Don't pay attention to that guy. There's plenty of grocery stores and shit like that open on sundays. Some places even stay open 24/7; there's one not far from where I live.

Why is Northern Italy one of the wealthiest places on this continent if Italians don't work?

It's not uncommon to have slightly shorter hours on Sundays but rare that they're closed entirely.

sounds comfy tbf

slavs from poland, russia and eastern europe in general are just as smart as the average western european, but those from the balkans and southeast europe are significantly dumber.

Arbeit machts frei.

I am an Italian NEET btw, 100x lazier than your average Italian.

Fair enough, Varg, but the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is supreme.
It's probably a city or neighborhood thing. There are still lots of towns here with "blue laws" that restrict alcohol sales on Sunday.

>never earned a cent out of my own work

It would be best if everything was open 24/7

what job is it? If it's a state job it's that way, otherwise I think you are exagerating, as usual when this topic comes up

I've been working since I was 14. When I have time off I get stir crazy, bored and start drinking. When at work, I can appreciate occasional fucking around or slacking off, but goddamn... get the fucking job done first! Even the catty old bitch secretary that talks on the phone all day gets her shit done. I don't get how people can jerk off all day and not feel like a piece of shit.

because they work hard

Northern Italy is white.
Mezzaagiorno is nigger.
'nuff said

Yeah it could be something along those lines. Small towns still more or less shutdown completely quite early in the day; but if you live in even a large town or a small city then there's a good chance you can always find somewhere to shop anytime of the day.

>I worked in a post office for 2 1/2 years and we literally take less than a fifth of the time they need for the same transactions

I ship packages of stuff I sell and they arrive in less than a week in all of europe, and a 10 days everywhere else

Not in Victoria.

And italy still has a larger economy than Russia.

People here work to live. They don't live to work.

Italy still exists after having a culture like this for thousands of years. Maybe they know what they're doing.

surprised you had the energy to post

Most shops also close on sunday here.

Although recently it has become more common in big cities to open up on sunday.

Kenya still exists after having a culture like theirs for thousands of years but that doesnt mean that its the right way.


But it's siesta time, man, don't be like that.

Italiani sonno buoni
Per mangiare maccaroni


I need to eat a shit

When I was a lad we had te go inta the salt mines for 26 hours a day for ten sixteenths of thrupence and then when we got 'ome me dad would thrash us all ta death.

>tfw no German bf to relax after a hard days work


>tfw work 50 hours a week, every weekend. Always available.

Atleast i can shitpost, fucking germanic parents.

Really though, fuck those guys. Amirite?

idk lad
if other people don't get jobs i won't be able to upgrade shitposting equipment

But wouldn't you be wanting people working in Britian in order for you to do that?

w 0 t

Well how is them paying taxes in Germany and Russia helping you upgrade your shitposting equipment?


big supermarkets and shopping centers open at sundays here

So now you see what I'm getting at then, yes?




"When in Rome do as the Romans do"

We don't have rapefugees trying to rape girls everywhere, they don't have to be on alert like yours.

it's fucking not

I'm not even going in some bullshit south vs north discussion, but when some workers aren't as productive as the others, everyone is going to pay the consequences - which is having to work much more hours than northern european standards, to keep production on par since productivity is not as good.

Yeah, I feel your pain. I used to work with a lot of Europeans at my last job and the only people lazier and more useless than the French were the Italians.

eyy pizza spaghetti bapolopolous margharita ayy maron va fungul ayyyy

This, in other words, hello European Socialism

>spain still safer than germany

>You know what's the easiest way to look busy? By doing some fucking work, that's how.
Actually there are much easier ways than that.
t. Relatively experienced bludger who's also been trained by other experienced bludgers.

It's an Argentina pretends to be white episode

Because their white

Your bludging skills are rudimentary at best, there's been no improvement that is quantifiable at all in the last quarter. I swear if you don't start bludging at a higher percentage and style it's off to the job centre with ya.


Stop trying to make a poor speller into an escape goat.

That's the beauty of bludging though: If you're doing it properly, people don't think anything has changed at all.
Tbqhwyf I would rather not bludge at all. I'd much rather be working as part of a team where everybody contributes and does their job. But bludging can also be a vital skill in the workplace. I'll still turn to it if it looks like I'm going to be the only one or one of the few busting their arse on a team of workers only to end up playing second fiddle to some fucknugget that doesn't even put in his share. That, or sometimes you're not getting the respect you deserve from your boss, or maybe you're just fucked and need a breather. You never know when you'll need to use your bluding skills. Hone that shit.

He may have meant white as code for cocaine. They're wealthy because they sold their cocaine.

People like you are a diamond dozen.

That's what normal human beings do, Hans Heinz.

>Scape Goat

Btw I'm said poor speller

Fuck off with that shit, pal. I ain't ain't gonna be no artificial lamb.

when you have a big welfare state + nice beaches, what would you do?

That's a fucking talent
I assume that puts you in line with the spaniard who hasn't left his room in almost a year?

Wtf Kenya isn't a people bro.

There's a limit in how leisurly to go but adopting a "live to work" attitude is toxic to a person.

Früher hasste ich auch, dass die Italiener generell nicht sehr effizient sind und ich wollte nach Deutschland umzuziehen, aber jetzt sorge ich mich nicht mehr darum und, vertrau mir, es ist sooo viel besser so zu leben. Kein Stress, keine Probleme. Ich glaube, dass die Menschen jetzt mit der Zeit zu besessen sind.

Wir Südeuropäer haben alles verstanden.

>Mormons on the same level as Christians


Zoroastrianism is actually duotheistic. Two gods, one good and one evil.

The Swedish one is so spot on.

>its the 'germans are orderly and efficient' meme

The prussians instilled that into you hans, it is not natural for you.

Meh even Wieners fit the german stereotypes despite their typical austrian denial. Unfriendliness and work ethics are something related to the whole germanic world rather than to Germany. Romance Europe on the other hand...

>not living in a right-to-work state

Literally Venezuela tier

That clusterfuck was the RESULT of orderly rules.

all you ungermanic subhumans can suck my hard german cuck

thanks for reading


der stich sitzt tief.

being bilingual is so great. Deutschland is a irrepressable nation of winners. Deal with it.

nigga when i was 9 i died in 3 oil rig explosions

coal mining a shit

""""""""Winners"""""""" who haven't won a war since 1871 :^)


Enjoy sunshine, brother.

I hate germans so goddamn much, I can't wait until you autistic faggots disappear.