Could I pass as a native in your country?

Could I pass as a native in your country?

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sadly, yes now

If you are an Asian and go to Eastern India,yes.No idea how Kazakhstan people generally looks like.

M8 asians are every where.

You could pass as a native in most Western countries.


I thought only in Canada and Australia.

Ok then come to East India.Sikkim is pretty comfy to live.Rest of the others are shitholes though.

You will pass most likely

Is she East Indian?


Google tells me she's from Nagaland,so yes

T. Elliot Borat Rodgers

Nagaland is a bad choice to live though

Not a real name

weirdly, no

B нaшeй oблacти дa

Hy тoк в Бypятии ))0)


Opeнбypгcкaя oблacть нaши opcкиe мнoгo кaзaхoв)

whats kazakhstan like friendo

No. He is considered as a Chinese

Is she Chinese?

yes you could


Which city?

i am greek

all of em

Haha chink eyed finns

btw, you can't pass as native anywhere in Azerbaijan

yes i know

straight outta 80's like that

people will think you are chinese

Being a native tied more to accent and behaviour desu

no, too light skinned

No, you looks too european for us.

you could pass as a tatar immigrant
lmao sikkim means my dick in turkish :DDDD

I can't pass as a native most times because of dark hair so I'm going to say no.

Yeah you could pass as a grocery store or restaurant owner


Yes, Hu is now the most common surname in Milan


tatars are top-tier immigrants
btw what do you think of nazarbayev? are people ok with him?

Kazhaks can pass as natives anywhere but Africa


Do all Kazakh males look like Elliot Rodger

No, there are a shit ton of Chinese people here lately

I don't collect guys, m8

In the UAE? All of them. We have a huge influx of immigrants/expats, a lot of which are from the Philippines and Malaysia.
In the USA it's the same case.

Do you have Russian expats?

why don't you answer my question about nazarbayev? :(

I'm lazy for this.

tatars are the only white muslims

i guess he is a good kind of dictator
he got me with this video

the ones i met weren't really religious

I didn't want to say they are religious, just would point out tatars' traditional religion.

Not many in Abu Dhabi, but a lot of Ukrainians/Russians in Dubai. Mainly women, for some reason.

yes, we have chinese restaurants


these threads are never fun for me because the answer for US is always yes

Yeah, you really could.


Brazil seems to have lost the concept of what native means.

>mfw Asians are the Mexicans of Russia
>mfw I have no face for this