Why do Finno-Ugrics make the best boipucci?

Why do Finno-Ugrics make the best boipucci?

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Stop being gross on the Internet

pic of her when she was young

wtf i love trannies now

They surely dont, its just some kind of new cuckspam machined by some trolls



Jews make the best boipucci, fact only a jew or idiot would deny.

Why is there a bulge?

she has a surprise for you

There is a feminine penis in those panties


I've never seen one

Post a jew trap

How can a penis be feminine?

so what tribe he is from?

i would be mad if minorities could be bigoted

What the fuck...
He looks so feminine. This is unreal


mankind will be changed forever with the emergence of artificial wombs


>Me no speak English
>Didn't know what the word meant
>Distracted by her cringy tongue action but still got semi boner fantasizing her mouth
>realise what boipucci means
>wants to kill you fingolian and myself ㅠㅠ


>there are two threads about traps on Cred Forums right now
really makes you do a ponder

Tbh Christianity is a cuck religion and homosexuality is a mental illness.

Is OK 킴.

Is he russian or finnish? GOD DAMMIT ANSWER ME!!!

Typical sissy boy in /mammi/


Not fucking everything that arouses you because of ancient societal norms is the true cuckness

What's the matter with his lips?

katya pero is the name: imgur.com/a/Mjmg0


why do finns browse /balk/?

this is what happened when you suck too much dick

Anything attached to a figure that catches the eyes of a healthy heterosexual male is feminine by default

It's not gay if it's honestly that feminine.

Is she a boy?

cock sycks


Would wife

never come to balk again you fucking mongoloid

russian boypussy belongs to bulgars

It's not gay if the penis is femine...

i wanna marry him

more: imagefap.com/pictures/5894322/Katya-Pero-(Ekaterina-Pjoryshkina)-russian-goddes-trap?gid=5894322&page=5&view=0

you clearly never been on Tel Aviv, that place is full of simial very feminin ladyboys.

> Finnish man faced hairy traps with clumsy bodies
> That sexy

Pick one friend

katya is hot, th ebest trap, i wish she post more new stuff but it's seems that she won"t anymore. Also her dick is not funtioning :(
she can't get hard

>tfw you'll never drink the semen of katya pero



It's funny how an ugly boy can become a cute girl.

>Also her dick is not funtioning

Too much women's hormones will do that to you but it's reversible.

>her dick is not funtioning
>>tfw you'll never drink the semen of katya pero
prostate milking is what you need

>but it's reversible.

is it possible that she gets a true dick and keeps her feminine looks at the same time?

2bh when i imagine a perfect boypussy trap it's close to finish in looks 2bh


that's beside the point, it's pretty obvious christianity is being deliberately undermined in the western world by the same fucktards who have a hard-on for islamic extremists

even though i'm an atheist, i'd pick christianity over islam any day of the week

jesus fucking christ

>is it possible that she gets a true dick
she might get my dick any time

You t-think i c-can??

Yeah, I just had a walk I was disappointed myself. But I now know that I am wrong. It is okay to get a boner. I now want to fuck her.


Probably not, it takes a certain kind of ugly boy to become a cute grill.


Cunt has bigger hands than me.

if you live close to finland, yes you can


No way

>tfw you'll never drink the semen of katya pero

right in the feels, i'd bet it tastes wonderful

>it's reversible.
i hope she will fixed this problem and post her magnificent feminime penis in action

cock puls

Yes. Hormones just change your appearance and body shape (real boobs+butt) and skin texture and voice if you begin early enough. Once you have it you don't need the heavy doses anymore.


i don't believe you

how is that possible?

no you retard

That's not her

I know that feel.

>post year 2016 in one photo

>tfw you'll never drink the semen of katya pero
Ok. I can get some faggots wanting to fuck trannies, but this is pure faggotry
Are you just trying to be gross and edgy fag?

W-what kind senpai?

i didn't want to see him as a boy
now my erection is ruined

you would actually be fucking this faggot from left pictures

Probably not too strong jaw line


it's not her

guys i can says that i've dream of katya, basically we were in bed and we hug and kiss like a normal couple, for some times i was a little in love with her, not anymore. So i stalk her i look for any information about her that how i know her dick issue.

Skinny, short, delicate facial features, steady hands (for puting on all that make up)

Does she smell more like a boy or a girl?


i hope he smells like cum

oh god, I've never wanted to fugg a boy this bad in my life.

she's a girl, you are the fag here.


>not wanting to taste all kinds of love nectar from a girl


nice meme guys
here's your (you)

Are your shoulders wide?



32 cm but it's wide enought for this height

This is obvious cross-dresser though.

That really isn't that wide. I guess you could pull something like that off if you really want, depends a lot on your face though.

No, he is a nonbinary woman
stop with your racist propaganda

That's hot

my face...

>Tfw no russian girlfriend (male) to ravage her boypussy

muh dick

>this thread

i can't fap right now

I still have her private (and also new) skype. got the first one almost two years ago before she closed and deleted all of her accounts and changed her appearance.

she's thirsty for good looking german-russian cock

that's a rather boyish ass, I feel a little disgust

even though I wanna fuck him/her normally. actually though about him yesterday before falling asleep, and now I see this thread.

and yes Russian make good traps because they have high cheek bones long legs and sharper chin.

holy shit post it sempai

did she know this place ? and that people love her ?

how old is she now? when did she start transitioning or whatever?

It is a sign. You will have to marry that freak.

I wanna fuck

desu it would be fine. a life experience like no others.

>this thread


>and that people love her ?
that was the reason why she closed all of her accounts on insta or vk for example got too famous. also some guys recorded skype-session and stuff like that and postet it around the web. she posted quite a few times on 2ch with timestamp

if you talked with her please tell her that she' got a true admirer from france and she need to create a tumblr of something and post new stuff

hey knower can you answer

>got too famous
no surprise she is better looking than most girls
she need to come here and not waste her time on 2ch desu

Won't happen for sure, honestly I don't know the exact reason for "going offline" if you know what I mean. not like people in russia love or accept traps openly. but she's pretty good of since she's living in Moscow and fucks around with sons of really rich people.


yeah good idea using her time to help some dudes on Cred Forums get off

>she's living in Moscow and fucks around with sons of really rich people.
she's an escort ? what is she doing for living, maybe school ?

>ah good idea using her time to help some dudes on Cred Forums get off
well i'm not sure what she is doing on 2ch but i don't think it's for talking about the thermodynamics of the universe lol

anyway if you talked to her again send her my love

cloud.mail. XXX ru/public/c074f9b890f6/2.flv
cloud.mail. XXX ru/public/115532941567/6.flv

here guys
not from me

I'm not that close to her
No she's not a real escort, only fucked guys on a few occasions for money. somebody got to pay for her treatment, right?

if u want her ass go to minute six or so first video

>this french faggot with a pathological obsession for a guy who has managed to turn into a convincing trap

Fucking pathetic

thank you user


too add

she believes, that she's a real female. always talking about the biology behind itthat that it's just a mistakethat she was born with a dick

Don't pretend muhammad, arabs loved to fuck boys in the day.

>O the joy of sodomy!
>So now be sodomites, you Arabs.
>Turn not away from it--
>therein is wondrous pleasure.
>Take some coy lad with kiss-curls
>twisting on his temple
>and ride as he stands like some gazelle
>standing to her mate.
>A lad whom all can see girt with sword
>and belt not like your whore who has
>to go veiled.
>Make for smooth-faced boys and do your
>very best to mount them, for women are
>the mounts of the devils
Abu Nuwas

Few more things

Her mother is quite wealthy and has connections, that's how she started the treatment in the first place. officially there's no such thing as hormon therapy in Russia

>transsexual is mentally ill
>something new

So what? You wouldn't fuck her because she's mentally ill?

What are you, a faggot?

Not true m8.
t.started hrt 3 year ago

Post pics pls. :3

what not true?
and she got a bf`?

nu :3 i'm ugly



>officially there's no such thing as hormon therapy in Russia

I guess it really doesn't matter, since I wouldn't be able to impregnate her. What would bother me though is getting shit on my dick and being a fucking degenerate.

tits or get the fuck out

LINKS don't work. Post alternative source

>for women are the mounts of the devils
really made me think

We need a thread compiling all the trannies from Cred Forums

Just delete the XXX from the url you dumb fuck.

1.remove XXX and spaces

they work retard
its just cloud.ru sucks balls
doesnt load video and forget about downloading it
maybe it works better for people in russia

my tits are weird

thank you lucky user, i wish i could to talk to her
also the video are hot, i love her butt and her slutty attitude

i wonder what she's doing about going to army


The idea is not to admire your tits, it is to comfirm your status as a tranny.

i think we all know the answer

maybe there's some special law for that kind of thing


yeah there is i hope for her that they will reject her otherwise she's going to be the cumdumpster of the regiment lol

>mfw Thai ladyboy websites are filled with Arab names

Oh boii.
Islam is the answer. Hypocrisy is the answer.

I see what you did here.

As if that wasn't her plan to begin with.

fun fact, all the top country for google search term of pedo pron, animal sex etc are all muslim, saudia arabia, pakistan and turkey are always on top, can't find the article but you can find on google. Fucking hypocrite lie you said.

i'm tired thank you german user for the info and video, good night

>otherwise she's going to be the cumdumpster of the regiment lol

wont OMOH homopolice kill you if become trap in russia


how do you know this

Could someone post that other hot Russian trap? I forgot her name.

russia isnt killing gays and traps. government just wants them to stay "in the closet"

you germans sure are autists

literally if you muskovite no one cares

im only 25% german
and its true you retard
russia forbids gay pride
but they dont forbid homosexuality
its not an illness in germany nor in russia


t. founder of all the memes in the world

who's the real autist?

looks like a typical slavshit as a male

t. slav

slav males ugly just because they are dirty.

btw what is better
petersburg or moscow for studying?
will go to russia for a year after I finish half of my diploma

Petersburg is the hipster central, Moscow filled with churkas.

>all this faggotry ITT

Guys. It's a dude. Hormones and makeup/lighting doesn't really change that. Getting a gf is not that hard so there is no need to be so fascinated by fetishists craving attention.

thats jordan not palestine you idiot

Studying definitely Moscow.
Peter for tourism because if you spend more than 30 days in it it's fucking hell

>Getting a gf is not that hard

מה ההבדל?

Palestinians are Jordanians in denial


arent fingolese womin turbosluts ??


and you're a trap too?

>Also her dick is not funtioning :(
thats the hottest part

that's spooky I don't want to fap her anymore

y just fucking kill me m8. I don't know why I'm shooting buckets to shit like this

Only for everyone else except me.