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First for Eesti


REALLY REALLY good edition


do you guys like cranberries? I do

you just know something's up when two completely unrelated regions across the globe from each other post in the same general

First for stolen flag.

seminormalfag rights now

I guess

Latvians kinda just invited themselves

oh yeah???

crocodile dundee is based off a Latvian legionnaire who after ww2 moved to Australia to hunt crocodiles

if thats not cultural binds, nothing is


some obscure movie reference doesn't give you the right to just barge in like this

Who wants to get drunk to this song with me?


>lithuanians think they matter
>they werent even connected to the Bridge


Both Baltics and Australians have high concentration of idiots so that's the thing that unites these generals

Guys what hobbies i should write in my bio?
Shitposting, anime and vidya don't seem like a good options

>when a russian posts

Trick question all Latvians are Russians

But ausnz doesnt have russians

fencing and karaoke

>hes still trying to banter

Yeah, they have Australians.

nazis were shit lmoa

Genocide when?


Losers get along with losers



Todella todella pahalta näyttä

Russian women are really hot, it's not worth it.

Täis Eestlane siin btw.

Stamp collecting and chess. I have liked those.

Based Vaira

Enslave the men, fuck the women.
That's what we Indo Europeans did when we invaded Europe ((And Finns did at some time against Swedes I think, because I remember some Finn telling me Finnish women got more Indo European Genes than the men do))

Ennast täis teinud kusik oled

>she will never be president again

>some Finn telling me Finnish women got more Indo European Genes than the men do
that's not how this works, friendo

nothing stops her from celebrating our occupation in moscow as a private citizen though

It's probably better if we let them naturally integrate over time, which they will.


He was talking about mitochondrial DNA maybe.

It does though,.



>the commie ruskis is triggered from a thread edition


Where do you see any triggered ruskies in this thread?

they're real in his mind

I think normies should stay away from our secret club. haha, right, guys?



They have abos.
oh hello

I wrote programming and then some strange men started offering me a remote job. weird.


>Having a shit system
What's your excuse?

Hello lads, in previous thread under finnish flag i promised to also post pic of my leg in estonia
Here it is


how does that make them russian, though

just made my own garlic butter

fucking god like

For them not a amazing fan = not latvian

They're the types of people who would shoot up a school if they lived in america.

Good post and pics pls

food.com/recipe/the-best-garlic-butter-65423?photo=93167 made it after this recipe, really good, try it

Is this accurate?



>Saaremaa 0-2%


How can Latvia and Estonia even compete?

hope youll like it as much as i did

i replaced the italian seasoning with some tzaziki spice mix and didnt put in paprica and did all of the ingredients by taste, ended up godly

>measuring in cups and spoons
What is this retardation?

americans, thats why i just did it by taste


will try it out tomorrow

looks neat

we're still making ww1 movies, give us a few years to get to ww2

Was just listening to a radioshow about woods brothers. These guys were badass

Do you guys like castles? I do

I would like to own a castle one day. It's my dream

Everybody went home. I went on drinking alone. Is this normal?

the real question is

do you like OUR castles?

Depends how old are you

Oldfag. Wearing suit and hoping to score a drunk 5/10 pub hopping.

you'll be fine

I own my personal castle in Russia

what are you doing in Finland and then in Estonia? are you sailor?

I love them. I have that picture saved.

Do you like ours?

No, I was attending political conference paid by euroshekels.

I fucking hate Baltic "people"


I used to think castles couldn't be bought and sold. Even now it puts me off a bit, I think of them more as monuments than settlements
Did a search for you haha, if you put together 930k you can get this



Upkeep costs would be the bitch tho. Like heating costs in the winter and it has so many rooms that you surely need some servants for help. Would probably need double that money to own it.

Haha, well it belonged to Napoleon III's family, so I suppose that wasn't much of a problem
What irks me is that with those costs, it's probably gonna be bought by a kebab oil prince

>post an image
>most aggressive act since 1812

Watch out!

I have the best manners itt

woof woof woof

Fuck this was good

hey, Alex, I thought you was ded XD

Thought of this makes me really sad. All the history that this building has and now it would get defiled by filthy muslims.

Alex is in Baltic heaven with lceland

rate my hideout

Putin's language.


separatists are faggots. Poland will be great


i like how these pictures show they will take land from russia, but not the rest of ukraine, finland, sweden or even norway and murmansk

How is this Putin's language?


Castles are relaxing

ahahah Russian respond to GOT

Russian respond to "Vikings".

They are filming another series about Romanovs right now which is supposed to be Russian GoT.

Got home. No pussy tonight. That's three weeks in a row now. I guess it's just another one of fap+sleep nights.

Legend about Kolovrat

wow 3 weeks without pussy, must be hard for you, normie.

>died by Latvian farmera

Decorations and actor play are really bad, sorry. And all this shit looks like Russian "300". And "300" was complete bullshit.

It will be more dramatic than Ned Stark's death!

But we will see it only in 10th season.


We are slowly learning how to make movies

Was second video even a movie?

Am I really that fucking stupid and have an argument on the internet with an obvious troll?

What have I become? fucking hell lads.

winging in on you mate

Baltic movies are based and authentic. I like 'em

Why can't you divide silly bait from a serious statement? Are you autistic?

"1944" just got some big prize from russian critics because it was neutral as fug about what went on during that time while most all movies about ww2 are biased as fug from one side or the other.

highly recommend torrenting.

>big prize from russian critics
I've just googled about it and already saw some Russian butthurt.

Its obviously canadian shitposter

meh, it's Cred Forums.


>"1944" just got some big prize from russian critics
orly? You said it had negative comments on Russian sites.

>Lithuania is making an argument against Estonia
>gets rekt by taking a side.

fucking hell that Canadian baiter is pro

fuck imdb tbf. this movie is at least 8/10

plebs being butthurt.

I never implied lithuania has culture, though

jees, why do you always behave like a fedora tipping libcuck? I've never seen Lithuanians making any nationalistic statements like Estonia, only memes and self-loath.

> /balt/

It has culture and you know it. Some buildings aren't destroying centuries worth of culture.

Baltic language thousands of years old, lifestyle and knowledge.


Lithuanian was literally (re)invented like two centuries ago.

Scene from upcoming movie about curonians We should really start to make psychology horror movies because we are depressed as fuck. Just look at this movie trailer.

I bet you're vaping hipster who enjoys black jazz and likes America in 50s as well, self-loathing cuck.

Watching \the matrix/ again lads. Waiting for the shrooms to kick in. Gonna be a fucken hectic night for sure.


o h o

ey bruces, why does this stuff taste so much like paint thinner? I love it!

here is some look into documentary about all baltic tribes.

fedora tipping libcucks are the mainstream of this """nation""" today, though
I'm something else entirely

A rum bottle with that kinda cap tastes always like vodka with rum-like-taste

Agreed. Would never buy a drink with a cap like laua viin.



Tbh even some of the good stuff has simple caps like that in Krautland. I hate it when they redesign the bottle with some faggy logo and extra hueg plastic screw cap mechanism.

>our pseudo-old cheap scotch has to look more mdoern for the hipsters now

cheap and kills. Does the job. Good drinks are for enjoying and fun.


Can i post here? Our general has been destroyed by one faggot that dumps his pedo folder.

Country that has given birth to that legendary composer and virtuoso pianist is always welcomed here.

>NG+ removes all the gwent cards


not missing any gwent cards was literally the most autistic and immersion breaking goal to keep track of

Why are Estonians so angry at us nowadays, or is just one guy?

shut the fuck up fag :DDD

Just one guy. I know him he lives 2 houses down the road from me.

Pls no bully, I love Estonia :(

Send him some puss och kram from me and tell him everything is gonna be alright!

Sent. Everything is fixed now

faggot luuser get back in the binn :DDD

Thank you friend


If this comment gets 5 likes I will move to Eesti

sucks hey. I wanted to post last night telling you dudes that I am in fact horny. But I didnt cause it was filled with pedo cartoons and I didnt wanna seem weird

*gives 4 likes*

*returns two likes*

1 like

up for grabs lads

donate it to charity

close but no cigar. Better luck next time lads

check your facts


It's saturday morning faggots.

Get used to it


ur not my mum, fug you :DD

Dowloaded this movie.
Going to rate after I've watched it

mitäs rantaryssät?

türa sa vigane värdik võid ka perse käia

vittu tosta molotuksesta tajua mitään

no sa sitt siis võta õppust veits

tost ny ymmärs edes osan

no hea seegi

magama nüüd, hääd ööd

binkas bunkis binkis

shimmyshammyshrimp on da barbie oi guvna petrol ozzie

really makes you think

Australians will never know true comfort.


You're all a bunch of ponces.

it was okay

I'm the seminormalfag who was drunkposting in the last thread.

I'm awake and hungover now. What's news boys?

not curonians, semigallians

hello this is bump


G'morning, c/balt+ausnz/unts.

Good evening esti


How was your day, buddy?

>tfw no wife to beat

I just want a brown qt to abuse

Anyone here from Auckland?

yes hello

t. advocate of pic rel

Tell me about it. The good and the bad.
Heard it's quite expensive to live there.

Auckland is gay lmao

I've never even been to Auckland I just wanted to poopost desu

You won't get a serious answer.

So I've made a mistake moving there?

What about Auckland could possibly be better than The Netherlands?
The Netherlands is such a beautiful country, with reasonable living costs.
Auckland is ridiculously expensive.
A house that would sell for about 200k in Otago would sell for about ~1mil in Auckland

Are you moving to Auckland?
What for?

Long story short, i applied for a partnership based work visa in NZ. My gf is australian so she can live and work there. It's being processed now and hopefully will be approved. Were not thinking about buying anything just renting a studio for the time being.

Good luck in NZ, lad

you will never EVER afford a house
god bless

You'll be fine m80
Good luck

Auckland is a great city to live in. The only real downside is the cost of living and especially the cost of property.

If you're only planning on staying short term then you'll have a great time. For anyone wanting to settle and buy a house, it's really difficult.

>download insurgency after some stupid Cred Forums recommendation
>join a server
>the first fucking thing I hear is "haha ruski yest xDDDD?"
>no one answers the guy goes full commando and ruins game for everyone

Is there anything russians can't ruin?

>visiting v

I tried to ask you guys for any recommendation but all I got was very funny memes and slow estonian responses.

Just play some warband with mods, never gets old.

>Is there anything russians can't ruin?
the United States

I do it daily along with aoe2, just wanted to switch up things. Can't wait until bannerlord 2 comes out.

meeting a girl for the first time friends
very anxious right now

Good luck Bruce.

>Bannerlord 2

You mean m&b 2?

Is this going to be the first time you ever seen a girl?

don't be yourself, be me instead

>You mean m&b 2?
yeah just tried to shorten it to bannerlord2 for ease sake.

Good luck, buddy!


i am here now

1-2-3 just you and me :)

and me

done ;)

Y'all forgot me.

haha woops :DDDD


2nd edition

thanks for posting


girl update
spent 1 hour on the train to go see her
then i get a text from her saying i shouldnt come
time to get very drunk friends

And my thoughts?


:( We are here for you, bud.
Good thoughts.
Thank you.

Don't reply to Australians.
Report their useless posts.

Don't ever talk to my Australians again.


not nice
australians sind süß :3

Sorry I don't speak greek

me neither



Any Lithuanians here?

I'm gonna have to ask you to leave, sunshine.


LIDL is shit



really makes you want to shop at affordable prices


I never go there but some competition is always nice

>some competition is always nice

post qts or your gay

Go on then post some


Can't you just do it for us?

I'm gay

aren't most kiwis gay?

post some qts with big butts


I was going to be a prick and say they're shit, but the one on the left looks nice, she's nice, i like her.

nothings free man post some kiwi qts than you'll get your reward

sorry, don't have random qt's saved to my hard drive cause I'm not a fucking degenrate

>kiwi qts

There are none, kiwi woman are FAT UGLY PIGS

you guys confuse me never saw 2 kiwis at once on Cred Forums

have some non-kiwi ass instead

Entirety of Kiwis on Cred Forums posting

i would eat that ass


Swing Heil?

I'm going outside for 5 minutes.

DON'T do anything till I get back.

is new zealand real?

We'll never know

It's why you don't see it on maps

i did something ;)

Rebel ;)



Don't ever talk to my Lithuanians again.

Hello friends


hi friend
how are u

I'm alright, how are you?

/balt/ threads always survive the night

for the night is dark and full of errors

kinda shitty but not too bad honestly.......

And you?

Is everybody out doing Saturday stuff?

if by "saturday stuff" you mean shitposting on /balt/ and lamenting the poor life choices i've made, then yes

Yes, they're out and having fun with family, friends, girlfriends and etc.

Maybe you will make better choices in the next life.

>next life
shit meme 2bh

Then fix the one you got, the clocks ticking and you're only getting older.

Isn't Lithuania's flag just lovely?

Litva, explain this

let's see if i have culture

nope, still not

Nice culture

heeere we go, check my culture

tick tock, wagie

your culture is our culture so you have it

it's actually

nu thrid

>observing culture when the janny is around

place must be full of fucking normans if it's this dead

there is nothing more to discuss

I'm always there

Thats what happens when the place is filled enough with lifeless posters - the thread becomes lifeless as well.


dissolution of this general when?

no we need to grow bigger, like rome

balt + ausnz + central asia + african great lakes area when?


growing bigger is what killed rome tho

I thought it was external debt and climate change

Just bought a new brush, r8

really makes you brush

ever notice how colgate paste is 1/3 the cost of all the other ones? what's their endgame?

Actually no. I have to check now. But if i had to guess, they use body fluids of chinese child labourers to cut down costs :)


Eating shchi with smetana atm

I was asleep but now I'm not because I need to take a piss.


>tfw pissing after a hearty fap



Yukino will win

want to play red orchestra but there arent any decent populated low ping servers except for jap ones haha

new thread needed

make one then dickhead