Edwardian gf edition

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Business idea: have a wank

business idea: kill the leafs

>not even at the bump limit
>this desperate for your old hags

>boards.Cred Forums.org/film
>403 forbidden

Boing boing boing haha

does this new ukip leader have children

when's tim getting evicted then

just received that waheyyy

beginning of next month

*gives you kisses*

business idea: go yank hunting and trade their blubber to the white man

Poor dear 2bqh



most of the right wing leaders in Europe are childless.

i know you sick of this
name brand nigga wit
flows girls say he's sweet like licorice

new we were heading towards a dyke society

Jordan Henderson is criminally underrated

business idea: flood the netherlands


Already in one haha

having violent thoughts

lmao he keeps posting it !!!

business idea: kill normals

too many identities brah

having violent thoughts

bothered by this

it's biere d'or time

Give me a black woman to manhandle and plant my paddy seed deep in the womb of

As long as I can touch your face you know I'll never leave this place, if only in my mind

I identify as a donkey
refer to me as Eeyore

it's lou pérac, baguette and pâté time

long for the day chinks rule the world

>their atleast 16
Probably won't see much of a dictionary until they're 16 either, aye?


Alt-Right cult hero and white nationalist icon Alexander Jahans gives a cryptic speech to his followers


This has to be fake

chinks will never rule the world in the same way murrca does now. they have 0 cultural influence

Bit mean to bully this spacker desu

Diego Costa: The Elephant Man

having calm thoughts now

love frazzles lambrini and white girls desu

hate one thing though

I don't speak Spanish.

was thinking about starting to lift, but I dont want to get super jacked at all


Post his willy

>but I don't want to get super jacked at all
you won't lol

sheep brick?


might just ruddy well do one

ta gueule enculé
votre nom est pierre

you wont get "super jacked" until over a year of lifting at least 3 times a week

people like you are the biggest fucking memers ever "hurrrr i dont wanna get TOOOO big" like you could just start going to the gym and be the hulk in a few weeks


just moved into my flat lads

starting to regret my decision a little bit haha

but it's only for a short term

such easy bait.

its more fun to post it in /fit/ though

>cooking in WoW

didn't know this desu

I've been lifting for 3 years and am not Hulk tier

you pretty much need roids or 24/7 total fitness commitment to be like that.


*becomes woke*

calm down mate

lou perac is soft and a bit snotty inside. perfekt

OI, that's my gimmick sunshine

>such easy bait.
>its more fun to post it in /fit/ though

matthew mcconaghy is a bad, boring actor

lifted for about 2 weeks and I'm fucking dench

>looks it up
>isn't true

>max cooking in wow
>can't even make toast irl

the optical album is str8 fire lads

I'm not your mate


this is like babby's first bait attempt
here's a (you) to get you started on your journey

fuck off, trude detective, magic mike and dallas buyers club were GOOD


hes good in dallas buyers club, but very average in everything else

i know

>refusing to go on Facebook during normie hours on weekends so people think you're out and about

thinking really hard rn

>lou perac is soft and a bit snotty inside. perfekt
not my cup of tea mate, but each to their own.


>In on another friday night

I genuinely feel bad for you guys. Can't imagine being born as an abnormie.

Who's this fat oaf

>my dream is to have friends
wonder why she doesn't have any?

I haven't used Facebook proper in years now
guess I'm just busy all the time hahaha

fuck off fan boys

>When the autistic Yank who watches football is ahead if your stream and ruins it for you
Bye lads

Gonna eat sushi off a naked girl tomorrow lads.

like this. quite fucking good

look me in di eye agu
agu be doing dis ting fo mi

/brit/ BTFO

Bye :3



could I see an escort on the NHS if I say I might snap and do an Elliot Roger?

just eat her out 2bh lad

rub it on her minge, see if you can taste the difference
haven't got around to watching that, is it good



wouldn't give her the steam of my piss if she was on fire

awful film

still not really up my street as they say, i have this cheese shop down the road from me. Any good uns here that stand out?




What a funny joke ha ha

howling (part 2)

the gf had me lick chocolate off her once

not worth the mess tbqh

*lops your head off*

And let that be a lesson to you

with the price of prescriptions and the 8 month wait you might be cheaper just getting one.

dunno anything about british serial killers. Any interesting ones?


need to find more tunes like this
makes you feel happy

Liverpool will qualify for the champions league this season

Jack the Ripper

What would you do for a Gold Blue Peter Badge?

jack the ripper mate

did you lads know the original Europeans were black?

we're literally the best at serial killers

you're a close second tho x

eat that girl out


remember blue waffle

'scripts are free for NEETs

aaaaaaaaaaaah yes

yorkshire ripper (not JACK the ripper)

interesting stuff

not a fucking clue where the headphones I ordered from China are

they took 4 days to accept my payment, didn't get any emails and a massive typhoon hit them too

hate how i forget so much of the night when i wake up in the morning

lads will be talking about things that happened last night and i'll be sitting there like "mhmmm o yes haha quite funny"

this dara o shite 8bit shite is shite

made it on the news lads

this 2bqh

It's common knowledge the ripper was a jf, otherwise he'd be murdering the enemies of the empire

There's a movie based on the play based on the Ipswich Ripper out or coming out soon


respond to this post if u remember this absolute joka

That's a shame

Probably. Lester obviously won't do it again and Utd and Chelsea are still shite.

Those books were a fucking scam

Over a decade later and I still mad as fuck

just crunched the dog's neck under my steel toe caps

think the neighbour saw me lob him in the wheely bin

are there any middle-class towns in the UK

the cornish flag haha

It's Everton's year la

ashdown foresters
barkham blue
bath soft
babecou soreda
brin d'amoure (which is amazing)
celtic promise
cheddar ford farm
crozier blue
devon blue
Epoisse AOC (true GOAT, fucking buy it)
gaperon au torchon
la pierre blanche
stinking bishop
wensleydale extra mature

are the ones that looks great




Bit unsanitary 2bh

only oldfags will remember this

looks like some game art out of Bully

oo nice one lad, will be walking past tomorrow and shall take a browse with your recommendations in mind.

would love to rim Sturgeon desu, and you?


My gf showers twice a day, sometimes three times.

the gf

yes loads

good post

>go to Cred Forums
>find this


I cannot believe people listen to this kind of dog shit and manage to take it seriously

the epoisse AOC is your priority. but it's also snotty and liquid inside though. just try it for once mate

whats madeleine mccann up to these days anyway?

another child celebrity that just fell off the face of the earth

the mentally ill thick girl may be coming around tomorrow
let's hope so I need my cummies

just revitalized my chakras at greggs lads

boring desu, he killed prozzers

I want to read about serial killers that killed men or upper class women

seen this before loads of times, but it's still fucking disgusting. i hope people think it's all fun and games when that guy dies

Would rather have a go with are Theresa tbqhwy

that top boy scored me an a*

just had what felt like a smooth easy shit yet when i looked into the bowl the water was bright red. had an anal fissure recently but it seemed to have healed up. can't believe the amount of blood that was in there. wish i had my phone in my pocket so i could have shared it with you guys.

weren't maddie's remains found in a locked suitcase in the middle of the desert in australia?

bit grim ngl

yeh just checked it out, prefer the harder ones myself but the gf will like it though so will will prob grab some

>liking rap music
nigger lovers desu

cheeky post

Liz > Terry


ahh yes

I mean normal sized towns, not the villages you posted that you can walk across in 5 minutes

is she a schizophrenic who draws dogs?

lmao calm down lad its just a bit of banter x

nah that was my dog

Reckon this is a made up fictional gimmick. Enjoyable nonetheless.

Honestly that sounds quite good. Would make a good addition to a horror movie.

the best queen

is that a goatfucker?

That's all the Brits kill is hookers

We're the ones that get weird and kill little boys and shit

i like how the mum is oblivious and thinks someone was actually showing interest in her daughter

hope she never learns the truth 2bh

still loads m8

try harrogate


One of my favourite composers, very nice man

wish my gf was more into traditional french stuff instead of sophisticated shit. sometimes cheese, salami and a baguette is the perfect meal tbH

harrogate, exeter, keep going

do you think the nhs would give me a tenga egg and phimocure


No one will know or care when he dies

His body probably won't even be discovered until weeks after his death when the smell begins to start bothering the neighbours

>We're the ones that get weird and kill little boys and shit
ummm hi sweetie x

Bea >


saw a Cornish flag in Llangollen of all places

yep you are right there mate, nothing like simple tasty shit



>tfw parents couldn't afford them
>had to go without

Well, except for one year where I think they forked the money out for maths and science.


Seeing them all over the place lately
good sense of cornish nationalism down here, makes me proud to be cornish not english

My fav t b h

Love her eyes

ah yes

its like a devon for poor people haha

how can i help you king Cred Forumssp/sp/?

yeah? I've seen a seychelles flag in merthyr tydfil

>conceding to hendershit

wow chelsea really havren't improved have they


doesn't even make sense you stupid yank cunt

just call them Chelshit

went to devon yesterday and it was shite

Jordan Henderson is criminally underrated

not going to take ANY time to go through all that dese

Good figure

nah she just cuts herself up and is addicted to benzos

plymouth? yeah thats like your capital because you have no cities lmao

>The Desert of Wales, or Green Desert of Wales, is a term coined to describe a large area in central Wales, so called because of its lack of roads and towns and its inaccessibility.

Wales is quite a strange place with a strange history 2bh

>buying David Luiz
It's like they want to let in goals

That's my gimmick la
Not matter how much it doesn't make sense :3

guarantee id be in the "chad/stacey" category even though im not one

>you have no cities lmao

Truro. checkmate you janner prick

he's a very ineffective, nothingy footballer that every now and again scores a goal and then people like you come out of the woodwork to claim he is underrated

then he goes back to being a nothing man for another few months

Me and the wife

yeah but like real cities, if it's smaller than a small town like torquay its not a city is it

think i might wank

I just realized Milner is playing too


would rather a small city like truro than the paki and chink filled ghetto known locally as Plymouth

gonna be fit in about 8 months. been hitting the gym loads. itll be nice to see my ex desu

this sort of thing terrifies me 2bh

my gf is a little bit bigger than she should be, still got a great body but that's because she's only 19. if she doesn't do anything to slim down now she won't look good when she's 30+

need to convince her to do exercise now before i commit to a whale waiting to happen

dont forget your lotion for your jew cock


>only 3 more hours until Poleaboos blog is updated

>96.5% white
stay poor, irrelevant and mad, kernow

you see you mongs falling for the thicc meme cant understand
they are only going to get fatter. only the thin ones stay slim

the most runty behaviour is telling everyone you're a certain religion but never practising it and then when you are invited to a special ceremony you over do it by dressing like you're going to a nightclub or something

>96.5% white

hahahahaha no
even the """affluent""" area of lipson was at least 10% shitskin yesterday


went to newquay once, had to get a bus from the train station

the town was filthy and 99% chavs. literally could not see anyone above lower class

Are sure you know how this works?

ahh yes, your anecdotes are sure to outweigh the census data

Yeah exactly.

Need to make her realise but I need to think about how to do it sensitively

Reminder that "white" "people" literally evolved from pigs

you should be in jail

Statistically, this poster is from London.

Ahh yes australia

daily reminder this actually happened


Conte is gonna get the
>vote of confidence

Not 100% but my solicitor didn't call me back despite me bugging them all week

I think I did say in an email that my bail expires in September and I wasn't corrected


Business idea: pass a simple flat tax, abolish the IRS and Obamacare

It won't be easy

it's poleaboo you fucking retard

Only decent (big) towns in the UK seem to be Lancaster, Harrogate and Exeter

just tell her to come to the gym w/ you
so you will do something together. don't reveal your secret plan and enjoy it when she will have normal proportions

i just use spit desu

exeter is a city reeee

59 here

ahhh yes. britain

Only by technicality 2bh

ahh yes exeter, aka "that one corner by the cathedral surrounded by an ugly shithole of a city"

>those feels


York is basically a town but counts as a city for historical significance

So throw that in there if you want

>The City of Chelsea

What could have been

*sheds a tear*


>that one corner by the cathedral surrounded by an ugly shithole of a city
aka most of Britain

>this autist obsessed with buildings

UK still looks better than 90% of the world you autistic mong

>these 'living' quarters are still significantly less grim than the entirety of Rochdale

need you out of business sunshine

t. 38

70% of the world's surface is water


you alright lads?



they arent people

architecture is fun and interesting and cool and kawaii
you are not and are probably a lame-o

even scunthorpe is more interesting than water so hes not wrong



Lush may be full of faggot tranny vegan retards but they do sell the best shaving cream on the market tBh

r8 my alt Canadian and Aussie flags
similar style for both

>No union jack

Fuck off Pierre


Yeah I'll have to do that I spose. Good idea

youtube.com/watch?v=ulZN7h1NiAE sound of the streets

Absolutely fucking terrible tbf la'






Are Liverpool going to win the league?

only want to talk when im under mi sensi

well good morning

bit cold out

Where do they get this shit from?

Yakub was the black god of Egypt and invented white people

Is this real?

typical irish weather

It's like £20 for some shampoo get tae fuck


>having to ask if its real

>havent had sex since July


>havent had sex since July

Which year?




every time we complain about the heat you jackfruits spazz out

so you DO NOT get to talk about the cold x



having a wank lads i'm doing a poo
i'm having a good hard think about you
when i'm finished pooing i'm going to be doing
another poo because i like to poo desu
wanking atm, while im doing a poo
having a think about you while im doing a poo
i want to do a poo
having a wank oh yes im having a wank
i'll have a wank while im doing a poo
i'll have a think about you while im wanking and pooing
i'm really going to enjoy this wank
pooing, doing a poo, having a big think
wanking, pooing, having a think about you
it's wank and it is poo

all concerns of racial inequality in opportunities and outcome absolutely btfo by this picture

thinking some ppl at work know for me & my coworker
things aren't going to be good from now on


looking at a german rightmove

wish we had nice houses



reviewbruh is pretty tall

taller than me

isn't 14 degrees cold for you? x

*becomes evil*

he's a big lad

jessie's laughter doesnt look very happy

Post the song


Good post


I've been using my sunscreen but the laser has resulted in me having a few spots of hyperpigmentation on my face (small areas where the skin is lighter)

Last time I had sex was April 2014

14 degrees is unironically nice out

why is the media trying to defame pepe? he's had a hard life

when did reviewbrah become such a meme anyway? I remember watching his vids like a year ago and now I always see his pics everywhere

shut up you transvestite

oh fuck lads what's the difference is coming on

tears when those Cred Forums mongs think they have any kind of influence because a cartoon frog made it big

He was a meme long before a year ago.

Last time I had sex was never

alternate alternate leaf
Union jack is boring
would prefer something that subtly references it like the BC or Newfoundland flags rather than just pasting the entire flag there

Transgender, I'm on HRT

looks too much like le 155


Because he legitimately started browsing stormfront and took the red pill hard. Fucked him up for a while


me drinking jet fuel wouldn't make me a eurofighter hun x

other people on twitter and wank tier conspiracy sites.


yeah I know but I only started seeing his pics recently

*trips and falls over*

>Fucked him up for a while

Did he OD on red pills? What do you mean it fucked him up.

oh don't cry you big baby

I got vitiligo and various other skin pigmentation oddities all over the place

I look much worse

fuck off runt the union jack is NOT boring. The Union jack actually means something unlike your shitty flag.

Do one Pierre

Became a meme from bodybuilding.com misc a while ago (that's how he got the name reviewbrah, loads of people have brah at the end of their account name because of chestbrah zyzz's brother), made an account and started posting there, then moved onto Reddit then 4chainz

He basically went depressed

Know exactly what website this is

holy FUUUUUCK the bass on wtd is so crisp
grooverider and fabio rip doesn't do it justice

But on your face?

I thought he went on Cred Forums

Say my name

lifes shit but im under mi sensi lads

Imagine driving around 1920's Britain

Not a single new-build in sight

eating a caesar salad



>this comprehension
pic related is a union flag done in an interesting way rather than just a cuckstamp

>She's now a tranny

From what fad to another

yes, everywhere

my face, my chest, my arms, my dick, my arse

my legs are okay though


Im really racist lads

He still is depressed.

He's a NEET with social anxiety who never goes out and avoids contact with people.

>deep dish depression


t. Greggs occupier

someone do a new so i can post a gimmick i just thought of thanks x

really glad reviewbrah made it big


Is this picture real?

I like stripes on flags

>The Union jack actually means something

>deep dish depression
every time

There's a picture of reviewbrah visiting some Hitler related place

Crazy T

Good times

>ywn be this based

Yea it does, its the symbol of some Georgian faggot that doesn't exist that was ripped off Italians

reviewbrah seems pretty cool

why doesn't he get a proper fitting suit? also he looks 17


How do you cope?

>why doesn't he get a proper fitting suit?
he does, but they are a vintage style which suits his tastes better


Hey guys, it's Ryan Bradshaw from BuzzFeed news uk

I was told that I could get in touch with this man here?

Thanks in advance

is it possible to get an office job without a uni degree?

Everytime I drive past a McDonald's I always think "I could eat a Maccys right now"

thats how they wore them in the 40's. theyd laugh at our suits now

We NEED to save him

Wtf, no

He's 6 foot 4


did a wank into a crisp packet because I had no toilet paper and it was salt & vinegar

bellend is stinging

I just do because I'm a man.


Still haven't seen a single video by Lorde's brother and I'd like to keep it that way

wow itv is making japanese man look weird

but why?

reminder that reviewbrah is in such a state because he unironically "deFOO'd"

Didn't mean to quote BTW

yes chelsea

heres a picture of a man who wouldnt take it any more

what does defood mean?

really can't figure reviewbrah out. is he mental or not?


forgot what it stands for but its cutting all contact with your parents

It means you cut off all contact with your Family Of Origin (FOO)


The poor kid has some crazy stalker breaking into his house. Leave him alone. That's why he lives in his car now.

Going to hang myself if this girl doesn't like me as more than a friend hahahaha LADS

He's gonna end up just like Tim I guarantee it

Every morning he gets up, puts grease and all sorts of stuff in his hair, combs it back, puts on a suit and then spends the entire day inside listening to static on a shortwave radio.

how's that rimworld lad getting along?

>when memes go too far

so he has a routine? wow

he's rimming me at the moment

Fucking hell

new thread now


t. have one

In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

Naw this is comfy

>american attempts to fit in with british bante
every time

What the fuck


What do you do and how did you get it?

*wake up*
*listen to jungle*
safe as fuck

new thead. now.


Doop off

Naw. This is comfy

When will the UK and the Netherlands unite?

We both share a common history, familiar languages, keen senses for discovery and finance, a passion for the seas, an global and expansionist vision and a misunderstood cuisine and a love for beer and banter.

Meanwhile the Dutch pretend to be like Germans. And the British pretend to be like Americans. But we both know that ain't true.

data entry, and it was quite easy, just don't be a total pussy

you'd be surprised how many jobs don't require a degree

"ah yes, let me just break into this house, scan these photos in and then put them back"

fucking mugs, the photos aren't from his gaff

To clarify my earlier post

I DON'T have hyperpigmentation
I have HYPOpigmentation


You are banned

Good post
English would definitely be official language ok

also we unite with canada and aus-nz

retake ireland

what could go wrong