You wake up in Algeria

You wake up in Algeria

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Everything looks exactly still the same

I wake up at my home.
and I am 2 years old
In my grandma's house
and this life that I was living is a long dream.

>take boat to france
>move into shantytown outside paris
>intimidate tourists for free cigarettes

praise Allah

take the RER to Paris

They should have built a wall a long time ago to stop the desert.

Inshallahhhhhh moor brothers, feel like home...

score some hash

travel to egypt with my mates

defeat dio


Annex everything

I must unite the Berber peoples under one flag


turn PC on

Kek is that Bilel?

>being this new

>You wake up in Algeria
>That flag
It probably means that you are CIA, preparing your next coup, like this american who is in (((love))) with Algeria.

redpill me on this guy and Bilel pls. I like memes.

>comparing the filthy autistic muslim arab bilel to wiki warrior the algerian aryan white nordic amazigh hero and the destroyer of butthurt arabs , iberians and french

it's wiki warrior, possibly the most autistic poster to ever grace Cred Forums, but very entertaining

he no longer posts here

some butthurt franco-algerian, unfunny, he's more famous with the frogs

not based maroc

.....waaateer.......need waaateeer......

eat couscous
try fuk berber

>Immigrate to France
>Rape wimminz

>very slow police car intervening at incredible low speed

>turn into redskin
>dance for rain god
>dance for rain god until it works

Ah thank you based fellow citizen

>Les trois hommes s’apprêtaient à rejoindre l’Allemagne, où ils résident.

Thanks Merkel