Why do South Americans eat Guinea Pigs?

Who looks at this and think dinner?

we personally don't
capybaras are bigger and meatier

oops forgot pic

Post meowre

what kind of subhumans you think we are?
we only eat cows and cats

south americans

I want to sit on a mountain wearing a poncho and eat a guinea pig on a stick while looking into the endless ocean

South America best America

can say the same about us desu

Are you some kinda soccer mom?

We eat lots of pig here without the Guinea, of course

I had a Guinea pig as a kid

Shits sad. Why eat something so small and fat?

Aren't capybaras endangered?

lol not at all
another delicacy, Chacoan Peccari is the endangered one. tasty as f

I dunno South Americans eat a lot of weird ass meat

Your beef is good but I think ours is better

Looks cuddly as fuck.

Oh well

"every walking, swimming and flying being,
goes straight to the grill" t. Martin Fierro

Not dinner. Lunch maybe.

Fucking savages

You ain't seen nothing m8

What is that?



Goddamn eating Guinea pigs is China tier

>go to peru
>eat Guinea Pigs and Iguana
they're pretty good 2bh, altho I'm not a fan of whatever dish is basically ground iguana bones

This kills the kot.


I'm not even sure locals eat them anymore but tourists seem to love that shit.

I thought Peruvian cuisine was the best in South America

The fuck is all this shit?

>south americans
You mean only peruvians and bolivians. The worst we eat here is maybe rabbit.

Just delicacies. Lots of trial and error till we found the good stuff.


>a french upset over eating frogs

Poor Pepe.

I thought the Spanish/Italians brought their cuisine with them lol

t. soccer mom

It's eating cat/dog tier.

Plus rodents carry disease that may not be destroyed in the cooking process

People who've already tasted them and find them delicious? I dunno, they might be tasty

>It's eating cat/dog tier.
What's wrong with that?


t. Refugee


Not an argument.

>imblying there's anything wrong with eating cats or dogs
horse meat is good, cow meat is good, alligator is good, rattlesnake is good, next is dog

Only peruvians and bolivians do this shit
They are subhuman scum

Why not? :D

Dogs and cats evolved with human beings to serve us.

That's kinda fucked up

They can serve me in death

meh, get on our level Peru, the rarest form of honey.

What is that?

I actually know a lot of Mexicans who don't even eat seafood because they find it gross. I can't imagine Mexican food being all that bad

They can serve us in our bellies tho.

Also, wtf I just found out one of our courts pretty much banned the cat eating festival like 2 years ago :(

Very nice. How do they extract the honey? Popping and squishing them I'm guessing.

Yeah they did. But would I get this many (You)s with this?

That's honey ants, you don't eat the insects. And Mexico is a huge country, we've got lots of seafood, don't form your opinions on guys in the sierras who only like beef and potatoes.

Pictured is Mexican caviar, ant's eggs, there's traditions in our country for eating butterflies, dragonflies, grasshopers, weevils, etc. You've probably seen Mezcal worms which are actually considered a delicacy fresh and properly cooked and not when used as a gimick to sell cheap booze to tourists.

No, you have to use a needdle and be very gentle about it or you'll spill it, when you're on survival mode you prick the ants and suck it straight out of them tho.

What do you think about these bad boys?

Dunno if want. How the hell do you even cook that. Don't tell me you eat it... a-alive?

Peruvian restaurants in the US at most serve alpaca and llama

I guess cucuy isn't all that popular here

Any weird desserts?

Nah, it's Jumiles that get eaten alive

rosarino de mierda

che ALF
estás de dieta o qué onda?

None of this is like eating a gorilla

Fuck that. That's pretty much cannibalism IMO

You wouldn't eat that?

don't remember if it was gorillas or baboons but they eat bonobos (another monkeys)

Some Bantu tribes eat pymies for magical powers

>alligator is good
Gator is one of my favorites. Elk is the all-time best meat, though.

We don't really have exotic desserts... that I know of at least. You should try any dessert with lucuma though.

Yeah I'm not that hardcore lol. Some next level shit you guys got.

Mexican seafood is the only seafood I like.

t. New England Catholic

Yeah, primates are a no-go for me.

It's all different cultural codes, we have a lot of traditions of eating stuff like pictured but for 99% of Mexicans it's either survival food or once in a lifetime delicacies. We generally don't eat cute animals or animals that get names while they're alive unless your life depends on it, although we are large enough a country there's always a few exceptions to most things, a couple of our states have a tradition of eating chevalin for instance, but that's actually because of European tradition not native American.

No. You never had a guinea pig or hamster as a pet?

Why does that matter you fucking soccer mom?!

No man, thats a retard mith and you are a fool, who told you this? I bet it was a br poster. I - normal person - only eat chicken, cow and pork. These weird meats dont even sell on the supermarket. And remember, the weird creepy shits are the french and the chinese, they eat some serious shit

I have, but I grew up on a farm and raised my own poultry, pork, and goat. I don't have a weirdly sanitized urban/suburban view of animals.

>it's eating cat/dog tier
No it isn't. They're fucking rodents.

Why do North Americans eat rabbits and squirrels?

Only hillbillies like me eat squirrels, and yuros eat rabbit, too.

I've never met anyone who ate squirrel before

Rabbit is good though. Tastes like chicken