You will always be fat

>You will always be fat

How are fat people treated in your country and how hard is it to lose weight in your country?

In Canada they treat us bad and it's hard to get to a healthy weight

Very hard here

Fat people are usually treated like the disgusting filth they are which is hilarious because so many people are fat here. I've seen fat people refer to themselves as "average" and make fun of even fatter people.

There are no fat people here

Maybe it's because I've always lived in cities and food is more expensive, but I will never understand how obese people can afford so much food and have enough time to eat it all.

It's more expensive to eat healthy. Cheap food is shitty and fattening. You'll notice more fat people in poverty than rich people.

>how hard is it to lose weight in your country?

The laws of thermodynamics are still the same here. Put down the fork or go for a run.

How is it more expensive though?

It's very inexpensive unless you mean fastfood vs gourmet restaurant

Also that might just be because poor people are lazy and dumb, hence why they're poor.

Rich people expect more from themselves and have higher standards

Lose weight or move south fatass

I know Cred Forums likes to act all edgy and oppose fat acceptance but its honestly the right thing to do. You can be healthy at every size.

No one cares about how fat you are. I have never seen anyone that needs scooters tho.
Its easy to lose weight, healthy food is cheap, summer all year and we have a culture of practicing sports.

they are treated with hatred and disgust, as it should be.
Fat people are a disgrace to human race

How fat are you?

Yes it's correlated statistically with dozens of diseases, and backed up with medical reasoning. It's very hard to operate on fat people for many procedures. He's trolling.

Also I find it not that hard to eat "healthy", by which I mean I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, avoid overeating carbs and overeating in general, and I walk everywhere cause I'm poor.

by more expensive he probably means time consuming

its easy to buy and prepare healthy meals for yourself, like ridiculously easy, it just takes some time and basic knowledge of cooking

Will I ever lose weight?

If you work hard, eat less, and eat better, then yes. It's hard, I'm not going to lie. I helped my parents through it and it was very hard for them. But my dad did martial arts, my mom got a standing desk and just controlled her diet and it worked. They both lost ~30lbs. I've never been fat and don't plan on it, but luckily it's easier to maintain weight than lose it.

Good. You should be treated as the parody of the human form that offends every single sense that humans possess that you have let yourself become. Maybe if you get shamed enough, you'll put the effort into losing weight.

If you treat me badly ill only eat more



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How is it hard, there like 1 gym for every 5 human being. Just stop being lazy. Lost fucking 40 pounds last summer by simply walking 30 minutes each day. Been losing weight at a steady pace since then. Went from 300 pounds down to 200 in a year by literally changing nothing to my eating habits and simply walking a bit more each day.

>Just b urself

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I was a morbidly obese man a year ago and now I'm just a bit overweight. You can do it user :3

How should I do it? I'm about 200lbs