>The only nation who got nuked in human history

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they should have nuked us instead

including koreans
since korea was a legit part of japan at that time

If Japan was the one that got nuked why is that South Korea has the most deformed and genetically impaired freaks?


>get nuked
>200000 dead
>get over it and move on

>get planed
>few hundred dead
>national tragedy, everyone PTSDs forever

>including koreans
>since korea was a legit part of japan at that time

OH i didn't know that japan

Sorry, that was the cat I couldn't stop him.

>get over it and move on

Wind-carried radioactive fallouts

are they over it though? to this day they are pretty twitchy

>mfw Imagining how it would taste like Japanese nuclear barbecue sushi

>Coreén education

>many koreans get nuked in hiroshima

Russia bringing that Siberian heat

>t. America with noodles

Koreans are inbred japs on Chinese clay.

I 100% agree

I think if that happened to America mentioning it these days would immediately cause a seizure to who you're speaking to considering the cringefest each 9/11 still happening to this day.

>english teachers trying to bant for faggy screencaps

We got nuked too, more times than Japan.

I agree.
and gerero people are taco eatting crack sellers

What is this new rumor?

Part of Empire ofJapan

Japan was the only country that industrialized quickly enough to avoid colonization and colonize.

You're like the worst country to boast about this
you just need kim on a coke binge to push a button and seoul will drown in coffins

This thread reminds me of an article about India: veda.wikidot.com/ancient-city-found-in-india-irradiated-from-atomic-blast

>…a single projectile
>Charged with all the power of the Universe.
>An incandescent column of smoke and flame
>As bright as the thousand suns
>Rose in all its splendour…
>a perpendicular explosion
>with its billowing smoke clouds…
>…the cloud of smoke
>rising after its first explosion
>formed into expanding round circles
>like the opening of giant parasols…

>..it was an unknown weapon,
>An iron thunderbolt,
>A gigantic messenger of death,
>Which reduced to ashes
>The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.
>…The corpses were so burned
>As to be unrecognisable.
>The hair and nails fell out;
>Pottery broke without apparent cause,
>And the birds turned white.

>After a few hours
>All foodstuffs were infected…
>…to escape from this fire
>The soldiers threw themselves in streams
>To wash themselves and their equipment.

Now THIS is good literature.

Well, when you consider the fact that they were fucking nuked, I'd say they moved on for all intents and purposes.
Imagine if the U.S got nuked. We'd be crying about it for a thousand years.

Sounds like a volcano or meteor

It's not too late