1. you're cunt

1. you're cunt
2. your honest opinion on Argentina and Argentines

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no strong opinion. the argies i met in europe were pretty nice though.

1 you are gay
2 Argentina: beautiful. Argies: Cool, smart, good looking.

When you guys aren't being retarded, you're alright, but that's rare, since you're all retarded. Wish this weren't true, because Argentina looks nice.

1. flag
2. pretty cool

>your honest opinion on Argentina and Argentines
lieterally shit, dont come here

they need to do something to promote themselves
they are literally who tier when compared to brazil

muh we good at soccer that 22 men struggling and chasing one single ball during 90 minutes does fucking nothing for their countries legit reputation

all that matter are art, culture, industry and technology

Honestly don't know much about ya folks. I know it snows there, full of cute european-descended girls, safer than here, etc.

1. flag
2. cunts

Seems nice. Uruguay seems nicer though.

A literal pampa with nomadic peoples.

seem alri but only meet rich argentinians in europe

wat? do you even know the meaning of that word, monkey?

Could do with a white flag desu

1. whatever
2. shit and shit, someone should build a wall to ensure your dirt never cross our border

decent footballers

Cool laid back chill people only butthurt about some shitty islands.

10/10 will immigrate soon

You speak Spanish funny. Why is that?

I have always liked Argentina. I liked tango for a very brief moment of time. We like tango too. But I have always liked your football team. Crespo was the best guy ever. And Messi is unbelieveable. Also, liked Riquelme. And some other guys probably.

shit country, shit people

>disappointed they let themselves be played by successive governements desperate to divert them from their failed policies by bringing up the falklands... would probably visit patagonia and spend money in argentina but wont because of this attitude

I legit love Argentina. So awesome, so mysterious. When I think of the other side of the Earth I literally think of Argentina it's that awesome.

1.) 加拿大
2.) 白

agreed, what about this one?

1: France
2: We are supposed to be bros but for some reasons they hate us.

beautiful, can you please nordic mine?

Does Messi speak with an Argentinian or Spanish accent?


That sun in the argentinian flag always creeps me out. What's the meaning behind it?

Nice culinary culture. Also every Argie I've met has been a top dude. I dunno about your women though, if there are lots of qts I'd rate your people at least 4/5.

Maybe because even your Exocet couldn't bring malvinas back to them

neither, because he is autistic and does not talk

mr make a million footy star doesn't even speak English lmao

Mate please

Argentinian, funny taking into account he's been living in Spain for so long but he manages to keep his accent intact

the same goes for the nation of the leaf

don't worry

come home, white man

cuz yolo

for u

wtf, I love Estonia now

>for some reasons they hate us.
never heard anything bad about France except for your reputation of being arrogant and xenophobic 2bh

Inti, a damn indian thing...

noice, what argie food did you try?

y-you too

I didn't do it t.bh, I saved it from some thread, sorry user

you can communicate with him only through a football ball
I don't drink mate, believe it or not

What the hell is their strange obsession with small cold islands who nobody cares and populated by anglo peasants?


he probably have rioplatense accent, but maybe he's more neutral since lives in Spain, I'm not a fan though

>except for your reputation of being arrogant and xenophobic
>Implying Argies are not exactly like that in their own continent.

1. Russia.
2. Default, coup, default, coup, default, default, default... Basically retarded as Russia but without imperialistic ambitions.

Asado of all kinds.

yes, we have the same shitty reputation but not all the country is like that t.bh

that is our specialty, glad to know you liked it :)




Good and decent people, sadly your politicians are so corrupt.
Brazil is on it's knees, I wish Argentina had the economical strength to become the leading nation of South America now.
Borges is one of my favorite authors and your cowboys are not gay, I appreciate this.
Are you planning to win a football cup soon? - Just asking

Las Malvinas son Argentinas btw

it's the same here, only people from Paris are arrogants and in Argentina i heard it's the people from Buenos Aires.

>it's the people from Buenos Aires.
That's 40% of the whole population tho

>your honest opinion on Argentina
great country full of beautiful landscapes and resources
>and Argentines

>Brazil is on it's knees
Argentina was affected more by Brazil's crisis than Brazil itself lel.

Still surprised how they managed to fuck up one of the most prosperous countries on earth. They're also incredibly butthurt.

Don't be jelly, I never ttied uruguayan asado but I guess it's very similar

Ps: reunification when?
Sad but true

Read "Why Nations Fail". Everything is explained.

you can say that of the entire continent 2Bhonest

got a pdf of that?


delet this

>you can say that of the entire continent 2Bhonest
Really makes you think...

>got a pdf of that?

>Are you planning to win a football cup soon?

be honest though, how much variation can there be between different asados, it's all roasted meat
only the beef cut and the skill of one man, the bbq man. if anything brag about your cows, not about something similar throughout the whole Parana


Brazil and Argentinia seem to be the best countries in south America. I would consider going there on vacation, but i wouldn't want to live there.

Not really, pretty much every other latin american country besides Uruguay and maybe Chile was poor as fuck. Argentina literally had a higher GDP per capita ppp than The Netherlands, France and Germany. More than 30% of British foreign investment went there, it was one of the largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world.

for your information, guay bro. Argies use carbon to cook asado and we use wood which gives the meat a particular taste. And I didn't brag about it.

>we use wood
wtf i favor uruguay over argentina now

First time I see a thread about argentina with people praising it instead of (logically) shitting on it.
Feelds nice every once in a while.

They are falling for the memes.

it's a prank bro

we DO have feelings

You have Ushuaia, which is cool so I like you guys. Also pretty decent flag.

Also this.

post moar volley qts

m-my dick

what's happening to me


>Nota 10

I don't care

user in other thread made one for me :)

A bunch of hairy apes with skin darker than the black of space and who are obnoxious as fuck.

Wrong sun


now one for me :3:3

1- Flag
2- I wish they were all dead

I love Argentina, that's my second favorite country after Brazil

But many weak-willed Brazilians have bought that stupid media rivalry (Galvão Bueno actually started the whole thing) that depicts Argentina as our worst adversaries worthy of nothing but eternal humiliation.

We needed an international flaflu to make world cup more fun and Argentina took the part. Football without rivalry isn't fun and Argies knows it too.

I asked in this thread

fugg i want this now

los quiero caleta cabros

>this thread

In defense of the argies, it's the porteños that use carbon, In the provinces they cook it with wood like us.

me too 2bh

Yeah, it's kinda like that in a lot of countries

>Argentinian banter against Brazil
>Petrobras gas station at the background

haha cucks ypf can't handle their own country

The funny thing is Petrobras Argentina was bought by the argentine company Pampa energia, so I don't thing Petrobras failed internationalization process is a thing to brag a about...


kek I didn't know argies cared so much about us, I bet they think we care about their irrelevant asses

>Retarded favela monkey thinks he's relevant

>operations is bought
>we still receive royalties and for trademark licensing



corea del sur
meme whiteboos, poor and butthurt people, crazy football fans, cheap and delicious wine and beef, i support argentina because of dokdo but the difference is dokdo's sk's but falkand is uk's by the way

I guess argentines are pretty cool irl but you guys always seem so butthurt and defensive here. Like you're always trying to prove something to every other country. Have other people noticed this too?

They aren't called the "eternal second place" for nothing.

Best Argentine was an Irishman


i wanna fugg all the argentinians desu

I want to go visit patagonia with a cute argentine girl.

1. flag
2. at least better than brazil maybe

Solange is my waifu


I'm actually an Argieboo but it's hard because of the history between our countries


post butt

But Im not an Irishman

Chill people, qt3.14 grills, Casteshano Argentina, Carne Asado, Beautiful landscape etc....
10/10 will soon immigrate.

almirante brown

Thanks for sharing a pic of my city's landscape.