The edition where we all get along again

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Fuck Assman

Fuck palestinians too

and lebanese too

no why add ME


fuck off newfag you don't get a say in this

How many Tunisians are there here anyway?

i liked /maghreb/ tbqh

Too many

i feel like bantzing mashr*q*s

a message for those perverts

Fuck off

ena grecque

Lubnan reporting in.

What's up muh Levantine fellow.

Fine, just don't sit next to me

*Teleports behind you*
*Brings out Flyssa sword*


*teleports behind you*
*shoves riffian hash up all of your orifices*

pfffff, that'd be 20.000 dirhams please

reposting this

Is that some sort of gay metaphor?

Feels like shit, you?

im greek (and sfa9si)

Me in the center


An Arab s uglier than all of them you cuck

aravim have nice flags at least

What did you mean by this?


What do you mean by "arab"?

Yeah we're better off without levantine scum

Unoriginal flags
*stabs you*

rouh nik omok l9ahba

I'm pretty good I guess
I hope you get better palibro

B-but why?

enjoy your dead thread

is this guy your father ?

Thanks cyril :3

*stays in this thread because not butthurt new faggot who can't handle the bantz

t. ISIS family member

I'm not cyril though

it's just tough love )))

isis is just a banter organization formed by Tunisians to meme iraqis

Ah, you are the animu lad
What happened to that Malaysian who used to stalk you?

lol i was in the jewish quarter of paris, groups of jews were all over the place dancing along with their jew music & walking up to people asking if they were jews, if you reply no (like me, im ethnic dutch) they walk off to the next person.

kind of wondering what would have happend if i said yes, maybe they invite you to the illuminati

It's a shitty meme tbqh

>Jewish quarter of paris

Lana Soudan desu

4 u

>What happened to that Malaysian who used to stalk you?
I'd rather not talk about that but long story short he was fucking crazy

>long story short he was fucking crazy
Did he try to raep you?


what happened to the uruguayan and the dutch one?

yes they would

Have they invited you?


Why is Lana Soudan so perfect?

She's my apostatefu btw

And what else did they tell you?

Those two were pretty cool but we eventually lost contact

Wow that picture is creepy I bet the girls thought it was a joke but he's using it to make him look like he gets all kinds of ass

anyway how was jumaa, today the sheikh talked about how everything is a blessing and we must remember how easy we have it in the West
Shalom aleichem

there is a part with a significant jewish population

Looks like any white hipster
Girls with tattoos usually have stds

They still have those in Europe? I thought uncle adolf finished them?

france is the only one with a decently sized one, more than 100000. the rest all pretty much got adolf'd, or moved to america/israel.

in my country (the netherlands) the least jews survived per capita but that was beacause our administration/bureaucracy was pretty much the best in europe

I see, and you live in France or visiting?


This /mena/ race-circlejerk has to go.

It is only /na/ compensating for their lack of accomplishment and collective failure as a population

you are the rude guys tho

Y so ded

Why is Kuwait a country

we might be rude, but we are not obsessed about muh heritage

Why does Tunisia contribute the most Isis terrorists? I thought Tunisia was the most liberal magrehbi country? I mean you're allowed abortions there right?

She looks more like a liberal kike tbqh

I fucked your mom last night

Can Abdulislam be a name

I am a greek

not in the gay sense btw just greek

That's why
The more open the society is the more ridiculous people become in response
why do you think there are so many salafis in England etc

People don't like slutty uncovered women and American movies, it makes them want sharia

fake calligraphy behind but girls are cute desu

The middle one reminds me of Riley Reid

>religion of peace

I fucked your mom last night

no, it is

>fake calligraphy

it's supposed to be

you Jew fearing cucks will never have based leader like Atatürk or Erdoğan. I laugh you cuck

horrible Kanji/Hanji with superpoor paint strokes desu

>"I fucked your mom last night"

religion of peace lol

Salam flip

I fucked your mom last night

This guy fucked your mom last night

Hello /MENA/

>tfw hedi will never suck your dick

no homo tho cause we're both guys

Hey guy


where the hell is everybody
right now I'm just kind of chilling out
question if someone speaks the language of the Quran, do they sound especially fancy and educated or old-fashioned to you



Everyone's asleep faggot

Actually they're probably out with friends on a weekend

>horrible Kanji/Hanji with superpoor paint strokes desu
Teach me your ways, sensei.

Hey qt how are you and what is the letter that is your name
is it the h letter

Its 3 am here and around 6 am in the middle east dumb ass

What's it like to live in Maghreb as an athiest, anons?

The letter is Qaf and it is pronounced as: youtu.be/sBq9uGWLKqU

Like salty milk and coins

wheres allah at

I found assman lol


Gib telegram group link lads

This plz

Shi'ism is a mental illness.

Very rude.

What did he say originally? a homosexual?


there you go

Why? what did Albanians do to Shiites?

Allah made a great mistake by creating albanians

They make most savage niggers and gypsies seem like decent people


Are north africans white ?

Are south Europeans brown?

They outnigger the niggers they outgypsy the gypsies and outjew the jews


Wasn't tesla Albanian

Did you know that Palestine is occupied by Israel?

Kek, Tesla was Argentinian, Palestine education...

Καλημερα /Μενα/
I'll have you know that Νιkολαος Τεσλαkοπουλος was a Greek freedom fighter/guerilla during the German occupation

Did you know there was never a state of Palestine?

Irrelevant it was always part of some empire, the native Palestinians have lived there since forever, it's like saying there never was a country of Austin Texas so if Mexicans occupied it and kicked the Texans out it'd be okay.

Should Egypt be concidered a Muslim country?

tfw no lebanese gf.

to all the former french colonies: do you still speak french?


Male and female Praying to gether
Niggah whattehfak

wtf I hate Zionists now!!!!!

iktfb ;_;

/MAGHREB/ thread

Bump for the unfortunate

half niggers and 3/4 niggers need to stay out of /mena/
the "north africa" in /mena/ include only Egypt and Libya and parts of tunisia

we wuz kangz and i'm absolutely proud of that

can albino mole rat gringos even compete with the superior athletic sexually attractive ebony man

and stay there

no u

reminder iraq had the first tv channel in /mena/

reminder a tunisian made this thread

I hate you traitor stinky arabs so fucking much.
Die fuckers.

>People would think I'm bumping the thread now

>anyone gives a shit about what you do or your general existance despite the begging for attention and not fucking off to your trash home





Schlomo plz


Being this much tsundere
Mena is so kawaii

When's the last time you saw a black person?

Four months ago when I went to Jericho


when i last went outside

3 weeks ago

a few months ago
unless you mean online then today itt




When do you plan on going out next?

niggers go home

What's your end game? When all /NA/ are driven out?

peace and prosperity
stand against me now
but a month later
you will thank me

>stand against me
I already made a separate thread last night, and you didn't show up
b-baka ;_;

was asleeb fixing my sleeb schedule for after eid shit life

sand niggers

>be mashreqi

>suffocate on your own farts


enjoy pollution

Trees are for faggots

i'm off, goodnight sweet middle easterners and friends
others (you know yourselves) fuckoff to your nigger containment thread


good night

good luck dodging explosive barrels and suicide bombers


Sup fags

Hello Obama's cousin
All is fine, how about you?


you are in a club and this guy slaps your girlfriends ass
what do you do?

Behead him after shouting allahu akbar frantically

pls respond

Day by day depression is getting way out of hand , just now i almost cut myself while i was cutting veggies I believe it was intentional anywhos my shit aim saved me from an unpleasant cut

I wanna find a painless way to end my miserable existence

>based leader

oh you deluded cockroach

Are you meming Erdogan and Ataturk are like Oranges and Apples

Both shill demographics dont mix

Today at the ER. An ugandan lady and her son with down syndrome(the kid was a lot lighter tho)

Also there are tons of Dark skinned/ black ppl here. Just don't pay much attenshaan .-.
Night ^w^
plz don't ;-;