Post yours & discuss

Post yours & discuss

fuck off, do not associate my country with subhumans

why u hate englan
englan has done nothing to you

I am a Wend


England is a shithole without culture

t. subhuman

>done nothing

they are the bottom of spanish society, sudacas ...we treat them like a shit, hehee

but england has no culture?
think you might be biased against all the polish qts receiving the big british cock

Please be nice to them


>ugly people
What else?

>Please be nice to them
>says a pole
your people is racist ALSO they are indians, what is your problem with that? they have low IQ.


Na suka

But be noice please

>competitive eating
>car dependency
>ugly/fat people
>unironically going to have trump as the next leader
what else?

Tirate por la ventana, johnathan.


Why do you hate the cono sur?

perhaps because the posters from there are the most butthurt cunts on this whole board

I love you too, kazscszinsky

thanks pedro