Britfags, get in here

Britfags, get in here.
What is the best and what is the worst city in your cunt? I'm guessing the worst one is either London or Birmingham

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In terms of healthcare, violence, minorities, etc.
I'm white, if that matters


london, birmingham, manchester, bristol and edinburgh are nice cities

but fuck off we're full mainly

Probably Edinburgh for best all round city

>picks all the paki+nignog cites

nice try jamal

Thats all English cities Trevor

Fuck off Rorke

London and Edinburgh are the best cities in the UK

London is great as long as you avoid the poor areas, which you don't need to go in anyway

There's not much else in the UK, apart from a handful of small nice regional towns


Edinburgh isnt a paki+nignog city, London is shit but i don't know about the rest.

t. lives in london and has never been outside the m25

it's full of jocks lad

it entirely depends on your wealth. if you're rich, London is objectively the best city.

If you're just a normal person, who wanted to live in a decent sized city, Bristol or Brighton is the best. Both relatively white, not a lot of crime, good quality of life, good employment opportunities.

Worst, i don't know, maybe Bradford?

>Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, This was their finest hour.
>that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years

how'd that fucking work out lmao

Edinburgh is the least 'scottish' city in scotland desu


And you're telling me you'd rather be in Aberdeen than Edinburgh even though its less Scottish?

fair enough mate

the less scottish the better 2bqh

Also London will generate a lot of butthurt as many cannot afford rent there

However if you are middle/upper class, it is probably the best city in the world

>London is great
>There's not much else in the UK, apart from a handful of small nice regional towns

Kill yourself Rasheed or deluded student

best city:
bristol or liverpool

honorable mentions:

worst city:

hon mentions:

>I want to live in Sim City running on an old Windows 95 PC
Milton Keynes

/brit2/ Scottish Enough Edition

Best city in the world my arse, yes it's good compared to the pathetic tiny runty shitholes in the rest of the uk but there's plenty of actually good cities around the world

What about Bristol? Seems like a comfy town

Exeter is barely a city

but seriously it's really nice here if you're thinking of visiting

London is good if you're a tourist, but staying long periods or going into the paki infested parts is inadvisable

Plymouth is also shit, as is Liverpool and Bristol.

Cardiff is nice, and I havent been anywhere else

I like Manchester
it's well sized for a city
not too small, not overly large like london

just right

s-shut up paddy

we ... erm ... JUST FUCK OFF

>speaking to the only person who doesn't know anything about the uk

not him but he's right. the Uk doesn't really have large cities besides London, the likes of Manchester that can be classed as big isn't especially nice.

There is some Canadian on /trv/ complaining about how shit Bristol is 24/7, so there you go

Honestly London is so big and fucking varied that you will never get a proper answer, but as I say again, if you can afford the middle/upper class lifestyle there, its probably the best place in the world

>I'm guessing the worst one is either London


I'm white and not a student, but London truly is the best place in the UK.

All cities are shit in the UK so are the large towns

Opinion discarded and filtered, typical Londoner.


Where do you live, m8?

>All cities are shit in the UK so are the large towns
Definitive, correct answer

Honestly I just blame WW2 for our urban areas being so fucking horrible

You're an eastern euro though London is home for you

that canadian is a cuck desu

i think hes confused by places without blocks and big long 18 lane roads

in all honesty, the UK is shit

Milton Keynes mentioned

he's from NZ

Glasgow's that bad? Fugg I was thinking about trying to get into varsity there.

t. never been to any ""large town"" in his life

medium/large towns are the best place in the UK

you get all the infrastructure of a proper city, but without the poles, pakis and students

>in all honesty, the UK is shit
Really don't know what went wrong 2bh

Our historic areas are beautiful but everything apart from that needs to be bombed

People live in Milton Keynes? I thought it was just a business park from what i've seen on those shite Police tv shows.


it's getting better slowly
its still fucking grim though imo, has a lot of big problems with smack and religion

coventry and milton keynes
london 2bh


don't kid yourself

unless you live in a pretty village in the cotswolds, then everything is shit

I live near it, it's a soulless place full of scum. The only thing it has going for it is the shopping centre and snowdome, the former seems to get shitter and shitter though.

Oh come on m8. My family did a house swap north of York a number of years back, I lived in Bristol for over a year, my gf studied in Wales while we were living together and I regularly travel to Yorkshire for work.

The UK is quite depressing outside of London in many ways. And Bristol is just a junkie shithole, don't understand why anyone would like it. The only thing it has going for it is it's hilly terrain (cosy) and Clifton, the rest is pretty bleak.

I lived in E Europe but im not from there.

Sounds like American cities/towns.

Forgot about bath, it's really nice

Salisbury is eh tier

Plymouth is god awful tier

There are literally no cities in cornwall

>junkie shithole
>he doesn't do drugs
yeah stay in london you boring cunt haha

It was planned like one, the centre is grid system.

It's really cheap living apparently which is why I'm considering it, and I mean it's not like it could be worse than Johannesburg.

wish I lived in germany or something

oh man

No idea about North of York but York itself is extremely nice, Beautiful countryside and quaint cute towns. I can see shit slav blocs and housing estates being depressing, but the rest? Not at all.

Lads, what's the name of that one town centre that has a grey looking high street that includes a Boots, Costa Coffee, WHSmiths, TK Maxx and JD Sports?

I've forgotten the name of it.

bath is barely a city Tbh. it is in name, but it's just a glorified town.

you will be cold and wet

nicest+cheapest combo is probably manchester or cardiff, maybe leeds if you like electronic music and drugs

Yeah i was referencing that, also i'm guessing that is the Snowdome. What is it used for / What does it do?

isn't Bath really expensive to live in


You're joking right?

worst is either Burnley or Blackpool

source: Blackpool resident

>tfw might have to live in fleetwood soon

oh dear

do not move there
fuck off
we're full

i'm at manchester for uni. it's great if you don't mind looking at all the brown people on your way into the centre of town. clubs are great, good music scene, everything's pretty convenient. south manchester's pretty nice.

think so
gfs upper class grandparents live there so it must be quite high standard of living
whats its pop?

you poor bastard

It's a indoor ski slope with a small shopping centre and a large cineworld cinema. Also has a casino since a few years ago.

under 90k. it's nice and all, but to me it's just a very large village. doesn't come with all the conveniences of living in a city.

Just moved there, done a poo in the Roman bath

lmao at how predictable the anti-London provincials are

triggered every time this great city is mentioned

objectively living an upper-middle or upper class life in London is patrician tier

people who willingly rob themselves of work and fun opportunities because they dislike seeing brown people deserve everything that they get e.g. 13kpa

Oh, thats somewhat interesting but the slope looks kinda shite, guess that's the whole Cameras not being able to pick up angles well. I think they tested their cheap 4x4's in Top Gear in there or a similar kind of construction didn't they?

Oh the hamlet we were staying in was picturesque cosy, especially since it was summer. That was of course until some freak butchered his gf, his gf's sister and then randomly murdered a helpless old couple in the next village over. Moreso since he was on the loose for over a month or so too.

I went there when I was about 15 but didn't know it was Milton Keynes

thankyou for enlightening me friend, I got skiing lessons there and it was proper fun

this and this

Are you sure you weren't accidentally living on a Midsomer Murder set? I hope you got an autograph from John Nettles.

i'm not sure most people here understand fun opportunities, or work for that matter.



>le london is shit lol mosque xDDD

this is why we're saying MIDDLE and UPPER class you fucking retarded provincials

Kill yourself


it's like you're ignoring everything he's saying.

Apologies, it was only eight days. Felt longer than that though when you take a fucking kitchen knife to bed each night.

don't think londons very good to be honest
you've literally got to be arab sheikh tier rich to live there
living in a million pound house in the south west with countryside, seaside and qt little towns everywhere seems like a higher standard of living than living in a million pound flat in zone 3, being unable to drive or ever see natural green space, getting crowded public transport everywhere and commuting into london to steal their money

Is that a low-class South African school or an """"""equal""""""" opportunities school in London?

I'd go for Bristol if I could because I'll have family there soon but the tuition fees in England are just way too high for me. I've got an EU citizenship in the works so the plan is to try get into a varsity in Scotland and try find a flatmate or two.

>t. Baghdad Bob

literally the WORST cities

I can't find any good pictures, it's bigger than it looks. I don't know about top gear.

>arab shiekh tier rich
my dad's on 120k pa and i live in highgate.

It's like you're ignoring reality and I'm ignoring delusion.

forgot pic
Never been skiing there, went tobagganing and then some sort of slide on a tyre thing when I was younger though.

I know two of the instructors so could probably get a cheap lesson desu, maybe some day.

how does the whole of London, equate to parts of London?

actually you're wrong and they are good cities

this canadian has literally millions of photos of swarthy schoolchildren to whip out when ever anybody insults his cucked country

You only have to be banker or lawyer-tier rich to live in London, not an oil prince mate


that looks really boring desu, would take like 30 seconds to get to the bottom.

I live 30 minutes by train from your arsehole and it's like going to another country.

No idea how people can live there

that looks a lot better than the other picture, the slope was quite high as I remember

skiing was a blast, you should try it desu

>actually you're wrong and they are good cities
if you're a paki

kek my mum earns that much, guess its just choice of lifestyle, i wouldn't mind living in the city sometimes and inevitably will have to move there after i graduate but atm just seems like a shite place to live, don't know if that level of density agrees with me

>Londoners defending modern London

As someone who left that misery factory, enjoy your urban decay and £6 Ethiopian street food, I'm going butchers shop tomorrow, having a brew then going for a bike ride in the hills, very cosy.

That's an understatement. They're poo coloured.

Scale of that image is super confusing at first glance, doesn't look half-bad though. I'm interested in trying that ski slope near the ikea outside Edinburgh but i bet there are children everywhere.

It is an indoor ski slope m8


how is it a shite place if you can easily afford to live in a good area? if you knew anything about London, you'd know highgate is basically village-tier in its density.

literally cannot imagine a fresher hell than living in london

extortionate living prices
multiculturalism out the arse
rampant crime

not for me ta

How much are living expenses in Scotland lads? I've checked a travel site but it was telling me that 14 heads of lettuce and 72(!) eggs a month was a normal amount for one person.

I think they separate the shit skiers and children from the good ones so you shouldn't have to worry.

>76.7% white


considerably more than london tbf

post yfw manchester is whiter than Canada.

>I've skied in the past 10 years
I'd be with the tards.
We're full

>basically village tier
you have evidently never been to an actual village lol

and it's a shite place to live because you're constantly surrounded by judgemental arseholes mainly, i could not deal with that level of try-hard that comes out of london

and you still haven't mentioned your quebecois and that quebec is much whiter

come on little runt, do the dance like we practiced

Thats a big lad in the back

I literally play bagpipes my dude

i have, my family is from sussex. there are many villages that are very dense on account for it being built during the medieval period as a town.

how do you know people are judgemental if you haven't lived somewhere, and what do they judge you on?

Vive le Quebec libre t.b.h.

This thread is about the shithole that is brown brick and brown skin coloured Britain. Canada is a basket case too.

we're more than 10% whiter than you m8

Best city: London

Worst city: London

havin a wank

go unironically say a prayer to god to get him to fix it for you

correct answer

To be fair, new years eve on the Thames is notorious for being full of foreign muck. I won't excuse London being overflowing with shit the rest of the time though

not idea scotland is utter shite

now stop bothering /brit/

ah alri, sussex is just posh london though lol

and i've spent a coupla months in london at various points, i just hate the anonymity of it all, the try-hard fashion and lifestyle like going to fake beaches because a vice article said that was cool, the "pop up" food culture and everything, just full of wankers desu

aaand i unironically resent the attitude that london is the only place worth living in the uk

Why is England Saoirse Ronan?

I just need some constructive (You)s. I'll be out on the street if I don't make a plan by the end of the year.

>ginger blue-eyed scot
Is this really so common? Haven't been up since I was a kid, so I can't remember, but all the scots I currently know have dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Are you white, willing to work weddings or stand outside places and play them all day? If so, we've got 1 spot left with your name on it. Otherwise, we're full.

>dark brown hair and brown eyes.
thats what celtics are

it's on the cheaper end of uk cities really
if you go to a medium density suburb (likely to be full of brown folk mind) you can live on around 10k a year, maybe a bit over

Its not like you're going to walk into a town and be blinded by gingers but there are a few and ginger hair and blue eyes is the best.

When is fashion not try hard though, it's exactly like Paris and Ny, designers are in their own little bubble, but it really doesn't effect you in day to day life.

Pop up food is pretty hipster, and i'm annoyed by the latest vegan fad, but it's a pretty good way of marketing the idea of keeping costs down by not having a permanent place.

I think ultimately your home town is the best place for you to live in most instances. People from tiny villages also claim that life wouldn't be worth living anywhere else, maybe you're annoyed because when it's about large cities that people come from all over the world to live in, it has some grain of truth?

My dad used to be ginger, and has blue eyes. It's pretty common i think

dont really have a hometown 2bh lad, moved like >10 times

the place is full of wankers though, be they try-har city boys or going-to-make-it-big aspiring djs and everywhere in between, wankers are a large part of london everytime i've been

i reckon the nicest city to live in would be edinburgh if you were rich 2bh

I've never met a dj or a city boy in my area. But if believing that makes you happy, fair enough. :^)

Technically. I've got some Greek in me which slightly fucked my shit up so I look somewhat like a pale turk.

Most of that'd be rent yeah? How common are flatmates over there?

Sorry you don't qualify, we're full. But Edinburgh is pretty expensive unless you live in a rough area, same applies for the surrounding areas i guess so it'd be best if you knew someone to share a flat with or something. Won't get a place to yourself i dont think. I personally live in the Countryside a bit out with like a 30min commute by car to Edinburgh and its 700 a month for a 2bed cottage i think.

bored of this thread now

you're in the "in between" of that lot, stay inside the m25 please xx

Depends what you like, but realistically:
>Best: London or Manchester
>Honourable mention tier: Bristol, Brighton, Edinburgh, York
>Worst: All the literally who cities up north
>Nuke 'em tier: Birmingham, Glasgow, Bradford, Luton

Too late, i'm up north. Life is great

begin containment procedures
*sprays you with bacon juice and non-craft brewery beer*
i call this the anti-london spray

brighton mentioned

most discount it on account of
>muh lefties

>places she does not want a man from:
London or Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Edinburgh, York, All the literally who cities up north

places she wants a man from:


bristol is a shithole
t. bristolian

I used to live there desu. It's a pretty degenerate place, but quite fun regardless.

too degen for your tastes?
deus vult bro

Whereabouts did you live? I'm in Brunswick Terrace.
Don't really notice the degenerates personally, maybe i'm immune

Manchester a shit

get back to denmark you finned cunt

Isn't that Hove actually? I used to live in the student ghetto between London/Lewes Rds. There are A LOT of drugs in Brighton, but I guess it depends on your crowd.

That is Hove actually, indeed. Eh, there was always drugs, especially in college, but i never saw that as degenerate until i browsed here, still don't really.

poor sod
t. Lytham resident

Don't get me wrong, Blackpool has it's """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""nice""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" areas, but they're only nice relative to the rest of Blackpool

It depends
Do you have a job to come to?

what would you say population wise is a medium/large town?