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i love our pentagram is in the middle

There's already a thread I made, or did it die?

well badass flag
died a long time ago(hit the limit)

get a life holy shit

let's just post in this one desu

wow thanks

let speak about...... any theme?

eternal levantine beauty


the natural inferiority of tunisian sex slaves and how we should build a social dogma based around making you submissive to BMC (big moroccan cock)

well poor algerians

Truly algerians are asians

levantine beauty that's a meme (90% arabs can be that good)

libyan be like

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here we go again

My syriafu
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me and my africain GF

no arapes allowed a.k.a aRAPES i.e arAPES


no chinese allowed a.k.a cheapchink i.e gookshit


handsome desu

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who /irredentist/ here

>90% desert

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any one tell me what's whit this shit head

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>t. moroccan that's married to a gay dog


Are you wearing makeup?

>That flag
Maghreb was just a well centered Portugal all along


>al jamahiriya l3arabiya lsha3biya lishtirakiya l3oudma



ana 3la leysar

Dont be down on yourself user


but it's relatable man

I relate more to something like this

i wish i had your positivity but i'm more the kind who waits for things to get better by themselves
also nice panel there. i'd read that

That's a pretty 'interesting' thing to relate to

In my experience things never get fixed on their own but i'm not gonna judge your life choices
Best of luck to you in all cases

That's the point...they don't


Since you aknowledge that you realize that you only have two choice
Either try to change things or give up and hope for a miracle
I'm sure you'll make the right choice eventually


>Yemen/Egypt colour scheme
>Otto cuck stamp


Fuck off from this thread sand monkey.

>atheist arab, hate the guts out of Islam and muslims and their retarded mentality

>Can't handle non-muslims talking shit about them and gets me angry everytime

What the fuck is wrong with me? how to fix myself? how to stop caring about anything?

What the fuck are you me? I hate Islam and probably Muslims too, but always get angry when "outsiders" criticize.

where are you Pong nang wong ?

Most of us are like that

>religion of peace


Hi fellow maghrebi, do you want to play dress up ?


Dress up as a maid and get ready for my cock

No I'm not a gay, delet

I was thinking about ponies like pic related

>Fucks traps
How can one man be this fucked in the head

I want to fuck north african femboys

That is beautiful flag!
What does it mean?

Red>Blood of the fallen muslims
Moon> Turks
Star>North african people

Thank you for telling me!
But Turks who are from east asia are also our fellows :D

You mean Altai ?
A japanese from uyoku dantai said thats not true haha but we still love you guys.

Its a combination of the flags of Morocco.Algeria and Tunisia
It can also mean this

What's it like to live in Maghreb as an athiest, anons?

Well maghreb is more based than Saudi Arabia, so you won't get executed.

But its still a very shameful thing in this society. You have to keep it for yourself. Its hard.

I'm not uyoku. :)
Because they only would like to conquest China much.
There is the name associated with 'turk' near the place of our country much.
Is Altai a concept of right wing?

That is interesting.
Is that a place of Kartago?