Tell me about the culture of germanic people

tell me about the culture of germanic people

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Had been better if Pr*ssia hadn't ruined everything.

If people had to pick one piece of music that represents the pinnacle of art and beauty created by human race, many would pick beethovens symphony 9.
This is only one of the many cultural products created by Germanic people.

Your pic is actually reversed. Reminder that ancient Greeks had more in common with Northern Europeans than what they are now. Ancient Greek achievements are also the achievements of the Germanic people.

Note that Beethoven wasn't a filthy Pr*ssian.

>If people had to pick one piece of music that represents the pinnacle of art and beauty created by human race, many would pick beethovens symphony 9
I have to disagree.



Socks in sandals

>are also the achievements of the Germanic people.
You know that's not because some people have blonde hairs and blue eyes that mean they are automatically germanic.


If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then the French will try to stuff it with corn. But we won't fall for it.

Germanics sure are Swarthy

His ancestor (:


Well just look at the nazis who ruled the third reich for exemple, they are not very aryans.

also slavshits, celts, and even some meds and exotic sandniggers have sometimes blonde and blue eyes features.

Also Germans are mostly Slavic and Celtic either way.

Why did you ruined the Holy Roman Empire?

celts are the common denominator of dark blond hair and green eyes

The true Germanics are Dutch and Danish.

That's why Germany and the UK keep losing wars.

That was the Pope who first fucked up the chain of Command in the HRE by claiming the bishops governing land should be sovereign under him, then excommunicated the emperors that tried to do their job and finally evaporated the Holy Roman Empire's authority in Italy by claiming overlordship there. When Sweden embarked on Europe the HRE had been transformed into the >H>R>E. Things didn't of course get better from the Church in Rome becoming more and more corrupt, leading to heresies springing up everywhere destroying unity. Think of it like in the CKII where you declare an anti pope and slowly let Religious authority shrink and shrink, but now it shrank simply because the Pope was a gigantic turd.
Also, Sweden was founded by France, which at the time was lead by a CARDINAL, one of the people responsible for electing the pope. Said CARDINAL also amde an alliance with the Ottoman T*rks btw.

Celts are just a meme, they could looks like redheads hobbits or dark haired Conan, it's the same shit.

they are actually rapists from central europe who assimilated former bronze age natives tribes to their languages and culture.

They hate big cities.


The Vandal King comes with niggers to assaulting Rome?

Oh lel, that's some high level WE

Probably, the Vandals lived in North Africa and the artist maybe thought "It's in Africa so it got to be black"


It's happening again.

>liking G*rmanics
>liking L*tins
Literally both are shit. Europe were dumb chimps during the "Christian dark ages" while Muslims were in the middle of their golden age and the Chinese were still going strong.

Euros are fucking garbage. They always have been. Only recently. due to the discovery of the Americas. have Europeans managed to inch ahead of the rest of the world. Pure luck has put Euros ahead, nothing more

t. Mohammad Chang

Geronimo you still exist?

Euros were dumb niggers during the Islamic golden age, There is no denying this. The Americas are what allowed them to get ahead. And even then, they had to chimp out and genocide continents to do anything.

>Islamic golden age
oh god there are faggots who still believe in this meme.

What the fuck is this shit?

Get an education. MENA has been better than Europe all throughout history. Europe has only pulled ahead because of America and UK chimping out in the Middle East.

The Middle East is better than the west could dream

You can say the middle east is better when people are fleeing from europe to the middle east bud.

What the fuck is this beethoven shit.

Yeah sure, transforming churches already here in mosquees and putting a Dhimmis condition to people who don't want to be muslims is certainly god tier civilization.

Remember when Germanics invented this song?

Middle Easterner > East Asians > Euroshits

Yep, they are obviously champions concerning homosexuality and zoophilia, and also meme religions responsible of massive retardation around the world.

France confirmed for non-white.

>mfw Latinshits have deluded themselves to think they're any better than Germanic niggers
Just wait, in 50 years Euros will want to immigrate to the Middle East because they finally catch up after Euros got lucky and cheated their way ahead.


We have some god tier composer too user.

t. Muhammad Smith

>homosexualy and zoophilia
Pretty sure than honor goes to white people.
You guys were the first to legalize homosexuality and are the single biggest group of animal fuckers out there.

No, we only BTFO them.

Go away john green

for you

you top the kek

>t. goats and camels are not animals

Homosexualiy in your goat fuckers civilization is only for the bottom, the guy who put is dick on the hole is considered "masculine" and also the society is totally separated on mens and womens.

you are pretty much the champions of repressed faggots.



i chortled so hard i nearly died thanks


You spend 10 centuries role-playing as Romans, 3 centuries role-playing as Baltic Prussians you genocided.

Germans don't have their own culture, you adopt culture of other people.

I don't think i will ever be able to listen to Burzum again

"germans" were and forever will be forest niggers

Daily reminder that pagans are subhuman.

Technically speaking its cosplay when they dress up.

And yet those dumb niggers colonized almost the entire world, hmmm really makes me think.

It's funny because you Turks were roleplaying as Romans over a millennium and only realized you're Greeks virtually yesterday.

fuck Beethoven.


Battle of Teutoberg forest best day of my life

t.Tyrone Fritz, proud 1/856 german, got all of his knowledge of history from Cred Forums.

calm down Abdul, you're about to explode.

Well if it can appease you, he say his metal burzum works were negro music and shit.

>literally being the illegal immigrants in Rome
>seek asylum, people accept you
>you (kinda) incorporate their culture
>they are kindhearted enough to not enslave your people
>you pay off by literally taking over west rome
you are literally the muslims of ancient times
you decended from barbarian snow niggers and you are proud about that
you can fuck right off, you fucking snow monkey
and don't come at me with "we fought against them romans" you fucking didn't, snow monkeys were in the roman army and they literally betrayed the romans when they least expected.

are you literally braindead?
how haven't you been trown into a vegetable soup yet?
how do you menage to move a finger with an IQ this low?

Beethoven was spanish and therefore med master race.

Just like how Mozart, the actual greatest composer of all time was slavic and Bach, another great was hungarian.

Nordic people aren't really germanic by the way, that is a meme created by germans just because the guys that dominated the shit out of them in the bronze age spoke our language and passed it to them.