Why don't you have a bf yet, Cred Forums?

Why don't you have a bf yet, Cred Forums?

lol that's gay

he left me


I'm too autistic.

no homo, am i right?

because i can't find one

It's not homo if you're straight and him too.

>I'm homosexual

>I'm a breeder

how does it feel to know that you are gonna burn in hellfire for all eternaty

pretty good, knowing if i find a qt boyfriend ill be balls deep.

How does it feel to know that you'll never taste prime Finn boipuss

Why don't YOU?

Pretty good. If all fags go to hell, then top-tier boipussy is plentiful down there.

not wanting to ram billy is a sin.

Don't remind me :(

b-but I do. He's virtual yet, but we're planning to meet.

Too autistic, too picky.

Pls be my Frog bf

because I have a gf

No you don't

dump her and get a bf you fucking fag

Too picky, and cute german guys don't like foreigners ;_;

Cause I'm chicano and no one one likes us.

I used to have a chicano bf but it didn't work out


Because I'm autistic and I thought I was making him unhappy so I broke up with him

I used to have a bf until he started doing his eyebrows and makeup and shit. I'm gay because I love men not because I love fucking faggots.

Even men wouldn't want to fuck me.

I've always hated poofs

All I want is a man to fuck, is that too much to ask?

Is a 1 hour trip okay for a long distance relationship? I think I might get tired of traveling and my hypothetical boyfriend would probably cheat on me

If you think he would cheat on you, don't get with him

I'm ok looking, 5'8 and I get loads of attention from guys, just be a little bit more active.
Nowadays all you get is fucking poofs, it's hard to find someone who isnt into all this stupid shit.You might get cheated on but it's ok.

I want an American gymbro with a cultural inferiority complex to bully.

Meh, huge faggots simply are more visible.

I love female pussy yo.

I go to the gym, I have not even met a gay gymbro, all i want is some qt boipuss why is life so hard.
Huge faggots are also the ones who tend to be assholes.

What are you, gay?

I'm working on being a gymbro

haven't been outside in a year

Go outside then

That's gay

start going to the gym and you can get all the bfs you want.

Nigga gays don't like pussy
Use common sense dawg

There's a difference between gay and >gay

Das gay nigguh

guys wait a second is he fucking JERKING HIM OFF?

nice quads and yes

Yeah nah you're a faggot

Nice digits

Fuck you nigger

I like to suck dick but I'm not a faggot

you considered fucking a man atleast once dont lie you whore.

>I have not even met a gay gymbro
There are, most people just don't go to the gym to talk.
Finding "normal-looking" faggots isn't easy, especially outside leisure places.
It'll be guesswork most of the time.

>I'm working on being a gymbro
Does that mean you're trying to go to the gym ?

Show quads

I'm trying to lose a lot of weight now that I'm in college because my parents refused to buy anything other than boxed meals

I've been going to the gym a lot

Keep your chin up user.

I've also noticed all of them just want sex,
why cant i find a loving caring bf

because i live with my parents and they would not approve

I'm okay getting to look at the straight german twinks around here

>he can be my girlfriend
It's even worse than unironically using "boipussy".

>unironically using boipussy
People do this?

nice dubs and yes

Trap lovers probably do.

aww maltese guy
how much I'd like to meet ya


Pic related

kys animeposter

i wish i could leave this country, is Hungary as based as they make it out to be? Are there really no illegals that come through?

i dont need a man

Yes you do

Come live with me bb

Hungary pls, I love you

I'm an expat living here.
Basically the Hungarians are so hot that I just can't even. Their women are meh though.

There's anything, from bearish tall guys to cute average guys.. and boy they know what and how to wear

How does it feel to know that you will never make it to heaven since you're all broken men with no willpower to get out of your degenerate fetish?

How does it feel to know that you will never have a real relationship with the superior sex?

I don't fucking care imgoing to die anyway might aswell go out doing something i enjoy.

>you're all broken men with no willpower to get out of your degenerate fetish
I like it desu
women are boringo

>hungary bro nailed it on the head.

Because I'm not cute enough yet.
Once I'm at least a 6/10 I'll try, right now I'm 2/10.
Then I'll find a guy to wrek my shit.


post pic
just go ahead and do it

Oh god no, I have low self esteem already.
Plus I live in a messy shithole of a room.

Stop embarrassing my country online scum. You fags are not welcome here, I hope we can pass an anti-gay law like Uganda so you fags can get what you deserve. At least go to Europe, they like people like you there.

just do it bby, we won't judge you.

go away you faghag,

Aren't you all bisexuals?

mfw when no korean bf :'(

>we aren't a gay friendly country

I'll see, if I can take a somewhat flattering picture with my phone I'll try.
No promises.
Buy I got razor burn on my right side shaving so.

Do boys like that exist in Malta?


I'd it rude of me that i cannot stand non masculine guys?

I'm not a faggot

maybe 1% of the 1% of gays, It's hard enough trying to find a bf, but trying to find a qt bf is impossible in such a small christian country.


No, they are fucking annoying.

No, poofs are gay as fuck

My wife would be upset. Monogamy is dumb, but so is my insistence on living an honest life, I suppose.

Haha, actually I was gay all along, I got you guys !

>poofs are gay as fuck.
It's true we kind of are.

How does it feel to know that, as one who sits in judgment of others, the Kingdom of God shall not be yours to inherit?

It's a little too gay though

sorry, don't mean to be rude, just telling the truth

Nah, I'm the same, and I'm bi. If I wanted to fuck a girl, I'd fuck a girl, not a twink.