One shot at life

>one shot at life
>born in sweden



pls don't bully

At least you have trees

I know, i live in the lonely dark forest

it's all so tiresome

>one shot at life
>born in finland

You need to go back

Imagine if nordic countries were rangebanned from Cred Forums, you'd have a harem of women to yourself instead of 2d images of anime girls

>one shot at life
>born in the U.S.A
feels like pure ecstasy man.

>tfw you'll never be born in the CSA

>f*rst-worlders complaining about being born in the most developed, succesful, safest, richest nations on the face of earth

Literally nothing wrong with being born in Finland

>First world

Yeah refugee crisis aside and despite all your unfunny repititive memes it still is one of the most succesful nations on earth and one of the most comfortable to live in (same goes for Germany)

>one shot at Life
>born in Italy

It's a massive crippling bureaucracy.

is it ok to call jordanians arabs?

Fuck you man

Here in america you have to work to live
In sweden you can just say you're an autist and have the government give you free room and board, food, internet, healthcare, and anything else you could want.

Yes we are Arab (bedouin) and have always been Arab it's not like other Arab countries who got Arabized with the rise of Islam, although we're not part of the GCC

This reminds me
Like about two years ago when the whole refugees welcome and open borders was a thing there was a fb page run by a Syrian medicine student in Germany (he was there before everyone else) He was giving advice to fellow refugees and he said that Germany is the land of hard work, if they want to to slack off and get free money without working they should just go to sweden kek

Really? I've heard that you get even more gibmedats there, but they haven't accepted as many.

>one shot at life
>born in a completely spanish/italian/german country
>government doesnt give a shit about borders
>continuously lets peruvians and bolivians immigrate for free just to poison our race and economy
I want to fucking die.

At least you have sunshine

Yes. This is what he said
>a message to the new Syrian refugees in Germany! And specially young men. Congratulations on arriving to Germany. Of course you're now thinking that Germany is the last station! And that it's over, you have arrived, relaxed and secured your life. But unfortunately, I'll disappoint you and tell you that Germany is only the first station and the first step to a new life! Germany is the land of working, determenation, activity! He who came to Germany to "leach" and not do anything, is better off living in Sweden. There's nothing better than Sweden when it comes to sitting and not doing anything! A country in the tip of earth (as in far away), elegant/sophistacted people, no worries or anything. Go there and live however you want! In Germany, if you weren't active and quick, you'll get lost in an active country like this! A country that only understands the language of work and only work! A country in which its people work like a machine 5 days, so they'd relax in the other 2 days. A country on which its people work like a machine for 11 months, so they'd have a holiday on one month and relax in it! A country that considers these phrases holy: waking up early - system - perfectionism - punctuality - honesty -- law. Germany is the land of opputunities. He who wants "something" to happen, this is your chance! Learn the language quickly and enter the society and start contributing to it. Wether its studying, work, art, or anything! In Germany, we can say: work an hour, get the results of an hour of working. Study an hour, get the results of an hour of studying. There is no "mum have mercy", there's no "just let it go, man" and there's no "may god grant you success, please!" If you love your country Syria, and you feel that you have something you owe to it you must work on rebuilding it. Germany will accept 1M refugees. These refugees are 60% young men, meaning we can say that 600K are young men.

>These young men have acquired a golden opputunity. An oppurtinity that even Germans couldn't have! It's your chance to study and learn for free while you're financially relaxed because the German govt. takes care of everything. 600K young Syrian men that have studied and learnt, and are ready to bring back life to their land! 600K... are a power to any country! 600K, can destroy the world, can shake earth, can imrpove the worst country and build the most destroyed one! Right now, we're in the lost times. The times were the evil people from ISIS and Assad regime are fighting each other. These times are called, "the lost times", because you can't do anything for your country! You can only do one thing, to use this time in learning and getting experiences to use it in the right time! In my opinion, there will come a time where these educated ones will have a major role in Syria! And what's requires from us, is to be ready to this day, so we can change Syria from the miserable black state that it's in! And god wills, this time will come even if it's after 20 years. And we'll be ready to play our entire role in it. Good luck for everybody in Germany.

>one shot at life
>born a male
feels good man
>tfw you pity women so much that you are a victim feminist

This is basically 50 % of Sverigetråden (the faggots who posts anime). We should put them in camps desu

Haha aa

fuck f*nland

t. Anime autist

Rannsaka dig själv


Jag har aldrig tittat på anime och tycker också alla lolis är störande men att klaga på anime på ett animebräde är fan autism på riktigt.

das rite

kill da finny poopoo rasissts cave men ongabonga

>Cred Forums