German Tourist Just Found Out Reason for Lack of Tourism

So as many Germans know German tourism is kinda slagging, everyone is going to Italy, to France, to England, but no one wants to go to Germany. The reason for this is we are still associated with the Nazis. Don't get me wrong Merkel has done a dam good job getting us away from being associated with them, but we still are in the back of most peoples minds. When you ask an average person what they think of "German history" they are going to say Nazis, even though Italy and Spain were on Nazis side no one even compares them to their fascist past. If Germans can somehow create a whole new culture to make people forget about Nazism we could increase tourism by maybe 100000%.

For example I told a Canadian I was German and we got in a conversation about Germany and within about 2 minutes the Nazis came up. I said "dude Nazis weren't German" and he was like "what?". I said "its true, German values are nothing like what Hitler said they are, German values are about multiculturalism, rock music, rap, and cool shit like that. In fact if you asked me what German culture was I would say rock in roll mixed with rap". Just saying that got that Canadian interested in Germany, no one wants to see Nazism, they want rap.

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ah yes excellent idea i approve


>no one wants to go to Germany. The reason for this is we are still associated with the Nazis
No, it's actually because there's nothing to see in germany
Also you're canadian

post german hiphop

we just need to start a third world war
then everybody will forget about ww2

You're not Italian so STFU

This. Germany is the best country in Europe but doesn't have any flashy tourist attractions.

the reason why no one associates italians and spanish as nazi's is because they have legacies and culture that span waaay back to medieval times.
Italians have rennasaince, spanish have colonial culture.
Germany has nothing, their culture start with WW1 and get to its peak at WW2 during nazism, and then dies out because of the partition.They have no REALLY famous art galeries.(like louvre,uffizi,prado etc)
Also germany has shit weather and no good beaches.

Of course nobody associates Italy and Spain with nazis because nazis were a fucking german party you dumb roach.

That's why we need more Somalis who will quickly adapt American black culture via the internet and social media

Fun fact, every royalty in Europe was at least part German. The Russian royalty was fully Europe. Germans have always controlled Europe.

I visited 9 German cities/towns this summer and I loved every single one (wasn't very fond of Frankfurt though)

Yes frankfurt is a well-known shithole

Dude fuck off. Frankfurt is the intellectual capital it created cultural marxism.

yes because the habsburg existed.
several colonial country's (like brazil) were also used to be ruled by them at one point.
Anyway by the start of WW1 every royal politician were distant family of eachother.
Kaiser II.Wilhelm used to talk with Tsar Nicholas and would often call him by his childhood name ''Nicky'' since they were cousins and had spend an awful lot of time growing up together during childhood.Wilhelm and nicky also had a distant cousin who was a royal politician in GB but he was kind of a dick so they usually ignored him.

I thought it was pretty lackluster compared to the other ones I visited, still has a cool skyline though

Why do foreigners keep going there? There's nothing to do or see there besides the financial district, which is also pretty lame.

It was just the last stop of the trip before going back home, I kind of got the feeling the entire city is centered around finance and nothing more. On the other hand, I loved Hamburg and Bremen

Get your Cred Forums facts straight. We are the seventh most visited country, even before the country with the leaf. Now back where you came from.

don't worry buds we're working on it

Except they were all related and all German. For example not a single Russian monarch ever has had even an ounce of slavic blood

It's the best city it created the idea of diversity and cultural marxism.

>"dude Nazis weren't German

were they aliens then?
Nazis were the pinnacle, the final form of German geopolitics

regards, your mandatory butthurt Polacks

I'm German well I'm from Novgored but they are ethnically Germanic.

Nope. Germans stand for democracy, peace, love. Hitler was simply a virus that invaded Germany and got it to do its bidding.

Just like how the Tsars weren't Russian, they simply used Russia.

There is pretty much to see, where you see in NRW mostly industrial wasteland. Let alone all the museums and art galleries, theatres and operas.

Neger, bitte.

Dude Frankfurt is the best.

>implying people wouldn't rather visit nazi germany than the globalised, postmodern mutt-nation of today

this x1000

And? Europe was always globalized, the ruling class didn't even see countries they just used it to divide the peasants. Ethnicity to the elites meant nothing they just went around marrying whatever country gave them the most money

ok it's more advanced, no one wants an old iphone

You mean multicultural

Actually the man is a nut. Multiculturalism combines culture, would you rather have a country with 1 culture or 100?

If you mix every color in the palette you get one shitty brown. If you keep colors in separate pots you get different colors. Same goes with cultures.

shut up you fucking mutt

I don't want to go to Germany because I think it is a migrant infested shithole that is the enemy of all of Europe and the Western World.

I would rather keep the identity that my people have kept for centuries in the land I was born in. I don't want that every country has it kebab shops, mosques and women dressed in garbage bags. If I want to experience that I'll visit middle eastern countries. If I want to experience French culture I'll visit France etc.

so the colour of nature?

Fuck off inbred trash

Except culture always changes the culture of estonia 1000 years ago is different it chages every once in a while anyway so fuck it why not store every culture on digital storage and let all cultures spreade everywhere and when the singularity happens we can spread our culture everywhere.

You need to be a little more subtle

You need to stop trolling

The sad thing is that I can't be sure that you aren't trolling because people like this really exist in the world. Many in the liberal retarded country of Canada.

I love how nationalists really want to "make their country great" when in the past the world was even more globalized. Literally every elite was friends.

Bullshit I would like to see cool shit about nazis.

>The reason for this is we are still associated with the Nazis

Even in England the vast majority of people don't associate Germany with the Nazis anymore.

You know they considered you subhuman right just because you are a foreigner. In fact they falseflagged the Reich Building Terrorist Attack on the Dutch because they were foreigners.

They falseflagged that on the jews and also the nazis saw the dutch people as brothers.
During the occupation the local nazi party had a big supportbase.

Well I know I used to before College.

No no no.

The dude they claimed burned it down they said was a gay Dutch Jewish Communist, It was a way to scapgoat all those groups. And yeah they allied with the dutch later just like how they allied with the Japanese and Italians, they still considered Italians and Japanese subhuman.

Do you have any proof about this?
Also the occupation in the Netherlands was pretty mild they really were after the jews.

My history prof told me just the other day.

>occupation of netherlands was mild
Same with French, doesn't mean they didn't consider them mongrel subhumans.

This fucking bait. Our culture hasn't changed much during the 1000 year period. Don't spout shit, the decline of tourism is caused by mass migration of immigrants and poor Merkel politics, cunt.

ok thats bait, enjoy ban

Sure, keep posting underage pleb.

sure buddy, keep trolling pleb

You are only talking about the social structure of the subject. You make a thread about an issue and go to another direction. What are you doing? Stop the troll thread and shitpost on reddit.

Canacucks are literally fucking retarded.

Why people love Nazis?
Also why do we even need tourists?
Did you ever visit Neuschwanstein? You can drow in chinese there. You will wait 8h+ until you can go inside.
Thats aweful.

Also stuff Hilter touched and the KZ's are very well visited.

>rock and roll

honestly I think German women are hideous and German culture is heavily Americanised so that's why I don't care to visit

Rock and Roll and rap are becoming german now that our boarders are open

so a shithole then

>people love nazis
no they are HATED by everyone

>Also why do we even need tourists?
revenue, status, good relations

>Did you ever visit Neuschwanstein? You can drow in chinese there. You will wait 8h+ until you can go inside.
as far as I know there are too many white people where i live, don't know about Neuschwanstein

>Also stuff Hilter touched and the KZ's are very well visited.
By right-wing nuts, but they don't have a lot of money anyway.

>Our culture hasn't changed much during the 1000 year period
you'd first have to develop one for it to change lmoa

>"dude Nazis weren't German"

Stopped reading right there.

For German standards you can say so.
FOr your Standarts it's propably some god tier city or so.

In what way are we americanised?

I'd rather go to South America than Europe tbqh

No, it's because there are muslims straight from Syria there.

They can see Totenberg Forest

You're women are hideous as fuck

Hitler is like the Supervillian. And you can visit his Super Villian base on the Obersalzberg. And learn about his super villian way to take over the world.

People love this.

>I don't know about Neuschwanstein
Non-German confirmed. Thread = pruned.

That's good because we don't want your fat ass here

Heavily English speaking, American troops everywhere, race mixing very common, rap music very popular, German women are covered in tattoos and piercings etc

Baltimore may be one of the murder capitals of the USA but at least it wasn't the birthplace of one of the worst and most destructive ideologies yet.

No it's cool as fuck. I visited it many times

THIS! but not to mention lithuania doesnt have culture either

They weren't tho. Hitler was Austrian and even if he was born in Germany he's not German at heart

LOL true

It's not a bad thing. Black Americans come to Germany to make our culture more modern

literally all the baltic states have more culture than canada aka. usa light.


>Hitler was Austrian and even if he was born in Germany he's not German at heart
he gave up his Austrian citizenship to be German and refused to sing the Austrian national anthem

tfw more visited than bongs

Austrians were considered Germans even after their own Census back then.

see how long it continues with the refugees pouring in, I give 5 years tops

not really
unless you count a handful of foreigner-built castles, gommieblocks and alcohol tourism "culture"

Yeah "visited" by pic related scum

>international tourist arival

No, no, no, yes, no not at all. The only thing that's true is the rap thing and that's not really an american thing here. You have obviously never been here.

haha, snickers shipment has arrived! :DDD

More visited than you.
Hitler is more famous than your German Queen.

Yes and your tourism will heavily ride because your money won't be worth shit in the future

I'm planning a trip to Germany. I hope everyone around me will behave like Nazis since I'm a naziboo.

I know about it I just never been there stupid, learn more freak

THIS! Germany is the most based country. My GF has tattoos and piercing and dated a literal famous rapper before

baltics have 0 culture

But Hitler wasn't GERMAN, Hitler was a Virus that infected Germany. In fact he wasn't even European, he was a virus to europe

Lets look that them

>dark (meaning they don't get cancer in the sun)
>looking for opportunity
>wearing lifejackets (saftey)
>ready for a job a Westerner won't take

You faggots fight, while the faggot OP made a troll thread and laughs while you shit yourselves.

lol germoney rekt

Obviously you aren't German my GF dated a rapper and has piercing and tattoos. She also shaved 1 half of her head bald which is an American thing

She's not just German you know

Are all Canadians this retarded or is this an isolated case?

you're the sex tourism capital of Europe, we don't care, ours is based around culture

The Brit flag is probably a proxy too.

You know Nazis considered Slavs subhuman right since they never ruled their own country?

This just shows how we are better, we are ok with some sacrifice for the greater good

I have to say...I haven't seen such a good troll in years.

Or you are a massive faggot.

Es verkehrt nicht jeder mit assi schlampen.

>Be Estonia
>Be majority Russian.
>be a country younger than most of its own people
>hold up an artifical national pride
>have zero history
>finns buy vodka here

Elect justin le weedman as their prime minister. They are high 24/7 and have stopped caring about their lives.

This just proves our women are superior, also I heard when a man has sex with a women he leaves some DNA in her (just a little bit) so when I have a child that child will have some black DNA making him blond (like me) and tall and strong and fast

Butthurt much? xDDD

Nazis considered commies as Jewish subhumans and wanted to liberate Nordic part of slavs from their oppression.
I know you're some fat brown assblasted spic and Nazis hurt your feelings.


>Be Estonia
>still alive
>still free
>language over 10 000 years old
>not over run by Merkel and her black minions
>Finns being Finns

You are the only one trolling around here

You do realize the whole idea of slut shaming was invented by the Church to guilt people into giving them free money right?

Trudeau isn't actually legalizing weed he just ran on that to win the election he's not that foolish.


How is it possible that a nation of only 1M can cause so much butthurt xDDDDD

>I haven't seen such a good troll in years
Probably because you've been here only since last month. All he's doing is being the opposite of a Cred Forumsyp.
Guess that's what stands for "good trolling" with you kids these days.

>nazis considered commies as jewish subhuman
Mussolini was a commie as a teenager and early 20s they didn't kill him.

>wanted to liberate Nordic part of slavs from their oppression.
Oh you mean like Novgored? Yeah because they believed the North Russians descended from Vangarians (Vikings) and weren't Slavs. That's why they honoured slavic rulers, they weren't actually slavic. In fact not a single Russian leader in the whole rurik dynasty was Slavic

Ok you're not even a funny troll.

>red dir deine Weiber ruhig schön

>Modern German culture

>This just proves our women are superior

I don't think you realise that most prostitutes in Germany are from eastern Europe, the percentage that are German is very low I imagine.

>mfw the only reason I went to Germany during my studies in Europe was because of the beer

>modern german


This 1000x over. Germans are no longer murderous vandals.

Because Estonia has not learned yet how to be a multicultural society.

the prostitutes are slavs

the german women are forced by the police to give it for free to non-whites so germany doesn't look racist

I think it's important to never forget what the Germans did.

t. Sven Schlomosson

i still want to visit you, germany

not as much as france, spain, or britain but definitely more than poland

>In fact if you asked me what German culture was I would say rock in roll mixed with rap
*tips gas chamber*

And this is a very good reason my friend.

stfu about multiculturalism u fucking cunt

Oh well I take it back

Dude Alcohol sucks


Normandy > Barcelona > London > Munich should be your route if you ever come to Europe, the other places are memes not worth visiting

Thank God for that!
Never forget your roots!
Mongol confederations soon!

learn more

This! German women do have to give a little up so the many can eat

Germans didn't do it, it was Nazi trash

Do it but do it for the rap, do it for the fashin (ripped jeans we invented that) and the heavy metal not the Hitler stuff we are ashamed of that

>going to souless globalist shitholes

I will forever miss Munich, my kraut friend.

>not including Belgium to appreciate their god tier beer

>those russian finns are on a rampage

For sex tourism definitely visit Germany. I've heard Köln in very nice in winter time.

All of those are the cultural capitals of the respective countries

The only reason I like sex tourism is because when a black man has sex with a white women the white women keeps some DNA (its a fact). So when i have a kid he might have some black DNA making him taller faster stronger aka more alpha.

lol, no.

[citation needed]

It is because most of the tourist attractions were blown into rubble.

lol nope

Race mixing isn't popular here

Couldnt find the german version of this but im pretty sure it exists somewhere

probably because all of yous are mixed already laomao

They found that that happens in fruit flies and now people spam the here out of that

>Race mixing isn't popular here
>they use the term "white"

If you just generelize "race" it aint race mxing anymore.

Holy shit you are disgusting

That's called being a cuckold.
Not what was saying, tho. He said that every dude fucking a girl would leave some DNA in her cunt (benis skin peeling :DDD), so the child she eventually becomes pregnant with would be sum mixture of all this "DNA" (like wtf lol) floating around in her vagina.

If you mean Anglo/Celtic and German people sure. We all know you are referring to niggers when you say race mixing

Thx, I can vaguely remember. Just gonna look it up

You are such a faggot.

Thanks for clearing these terms for me. I'll inform the men.


>this coming from a bong

Germany is the 7th most visited country in the world.

This thread legitimately makes me feel sick

American Culture is an offshoot of English culture so of course there are similarities

You're welcome.



>I said "dude Nazis weren't German"

HOWEVER it is true that a lot of the ideological support for Naziism came from outside Germany. The New England upper class in my country was pushing the racial, breeding, and herrenfolk ideas we see in Germany in the 1930s. Hitler specifically cited our "Eugenics" laws as his example when making Germany's.

As constituent states of the Scandinavian empire :^)

>but no one wants to go to Germany

Didn't Germany lose a shitload of historically important items during the war?

Thanks, but no thanks africa.

Honestly a horrendous thread.
This leaf seems underage.

Don't talk until you see some of the hot black bitches we got, beesti. I dated this black girl recently, great big tits and a really cute smile. Seems like a nice ass too but didn't get far enough yet.


>le ebin cuck meme
Good stuff, beesti. Good stuff.

just a meem? sure thing Sven Svensson

u mean asians you know ytou're trolling


More than one could imagine

Nazism is a good thing

The Jews control global media.
Nazism and Hitler will never be forgotten.

You are clearly ignorant of history, roach