Are transsexuals accepted in your country ?

Are transsexuals accepted in your country ?

Generally yes, pic related is miss trans 2015. They even a constest lol

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It's considered transphobic to imply that they aren't actually women.

>Are transsexuals accepted in your country ?

accepted maybe
frowned upon, hell yeah

No, they're considered freaks.

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Are you sure that's a man?éanna_Ferrero



Everybody considers them disgusting and mentally ill and that's true.

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You fucking kidding me?
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They aren't beaten in the streets if that's what you mean

Most people consider them to be mentally ill or confused

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They are. Its very easy to avoid them so no one really has to deal with them unless they want to. I cant imagine them beeing hired for a normal work tho.

*Only Drumpf supporters consider them to be mentally ill or confused


>muh Drumpf

Somehwat, but they'll get bantered and shat on and discriminated against a lot.

Don't worry, she's a real girl. A participant of the Miss France contest.

t. Student

Only if they're passable.

>pic related


Absolutely not.

There is a transsexual person in my technical college. Nobody wants to speak with this person. When it came to sports lessons, girls didn't want to have her in the changing cabine and protested by changing their clothes in the bath room instead. I don't think you have a good life here as tranny, as long as you are not an entertainer who plays the clown on TV or something like that.

The majority of people in my province think they're freaks, mentally ill, etc. But then again when they think of transsexuals they picture a burly man in a dress. Most of the time you can't even tell, so I don't know what everyone gets all up in arms about.

I have never met one but I'm sure that will change soon considering the way that homos have been coming out of the woodwork the last few years here


>They aren't beaten in the streets if that's what you mean
except behind Brazil and Mexico we kill the most trans people openly so ...

It's not accepted. Some limited communities may have a big acceptance, but in society overall, it's heavily discrimminated against and not accepted at all.
Among people in power, it's more accepted.

>I cant imagine them beeing hired for a normal work tho.
this is a sign of them no being accepted in thailand you find most trans women in regular jobs
in Brazil most are whores with a small exception of entrepreneurs, domestic help, nurses and teachers.

Is this an insult????
Millennials > Gen X/Y>>>>>>>""""baby boomers"

You want to provide a source for this claim senpai?


Opinions here vary, and most people give a damn, but 'live and let live' is the most seen attitude. Since nobody's forced to publicly display feelings other than he really bears, there is no reason for negative reactions, though of course MtF trannies look and speak horribly.

Catholic clergy fights something they call 'gender ideology' coming from the West, but I have never heard of any sermon which would qualify as hate speech towards, uhm, sexual minorities or how do you call them.

Also rate . It's a sketch done in an hour by some associate of mine who is FtM tranny.

>coming from the West
lol Poland is not Russia you are on the edge of the "West"
this seems so weird

It's because Poland is the official Centre of the World, lol.