Tell me about Canadians

NATO battalion being sent here next year to strengthen us against Russia will be majority Canadian

What can I expect?

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I'm glad we are protecting Latvia, you qts

They're pretty good from what I hear.

About 500 units!?! That's what, 70% of the Canadian military?

But in all seriousness why the fuck would Canada, a country known for it's pacifist foreign policy, have troops sent oversea's?

>What can i expect

Educated more polite americans

[spoiler]We spent 15 fucking years in Afghanistan and lost 150 men and women there because your bullshit[/spoiler]

We're known for being "world peacekeepers," which basically means we just shoot whoever NATO, and the American president tells us to.

>a country known for it's pacifist foreign policy

lmao what we aren't pacifist by a fucking long shot. Our military is constantly engaged in conflicts all over the world

I meant to say that your current prime minister is know to have a pacifist view on foreign policy, sorry for the confusion.

because Canada is American vassal state and they do as their overlord commands

Because you ordered them.

Well Justin Trudeau is ok with violence if it's against the evil, homophobic, literally Hitler known as Vladimir Putin

The Liberals love to tout how pacifist they are, when in reality they aren't.

Afterall they are the ones that sent us into Afghanistan and shit, and also secretly sent JTF2 to Iraq along with you guys

Trudeau is no different. He'll do showy things like pull our jets out of bombing ISIS, but then quietly increase Special Forces presence in the region

To be fair Afghanistan was a NATO Treaty Article 5 engagement - America was attacked and as a NATO country you had to respond. It the only time Article 5 was activated.

Actually we asked NATO to send some troops here for security. Canada responded to our request.

Sadly its not enough. Pic related

>muslims, blacks, and sexual deviants come in!


Dont worry Latvia, we have your back.
Should Russia ever attack you, we will sanction them so hard that the current sanctions will look like a joke in comparison

Not enough for what? To attack Russia? It will never be enough.

We should at least have an equal number of soldiers on our side of the boarder.

>moving tons of troops from all corners of the world to the russian border
>russia sends divisions there too

NATO is such a fucking joke, you Balts especially.

W-w-what about Belarus and Ukraine?


>country with most suicides

who in their right mind would like go in that shithole. sad

Avoid the Ontarians and Quebecers. Befriend the Albertans and Newfies. Disregard everyone else.

russian vassal states/possible no man's land

Nah, the Liberal Party loves to preach about how they're peace-loving feminists while at the same time selling armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

Want to fuck with them? "Accidentally" call them Americans a few times.

>travelling in uk
>cabby asks me which state i'm from

Did you apologize for confusing him?

So... Do canadians plans to beat us by the power of tolerance and equality?

>a-actually i'm from c-canada

If there's one country on earth that won't fall victim to your scorched-earth let-Russian-winter-get-them tactics, I'm putting my money on the Snow Mexicans.


How are they being sent to a country that doesn't exist?

You can expect them to pledge protection for about 4 months and then when things start getting hairy, Weedman is going to pull all the Canadian forces out and back to Canada because "fighting is bad and wrong and not the answer".

If he can't commit modern jets to bomb technologically lacking sandniggers in almost 100% safety, I doubt he'd leave troops where there's an actual threat.

>Avoid Ontarians

Don't you mean real Canadians you twat? Ontario is real Canada

what is quebec

No proofs.


Protip: nobody outside of Canada gives a shit about provincial differences.