Do """""""men"""""" is your country wear those faggy little purses?

Do """""""men"""""" is your country wear those faggy little purses?

I-its a-a-a messenger bag

Yeah, especially Mormons and Asians

Nah, I don't mean pic related, but the actual small ones like in OP.

How to recognize the slavshit.
We call the pidarashkas.

delet this

That's a man purse

I didn't know they came pursier than that

I think these are for chavs.
Are these for slavs too?

As long as you can fit a laptop in it it's completely normal. Go any smaller and you're a pederast.

They're all equally gay

Lots of people here use those abominations. Since every low life here smokes, it makes sense to get everything (cigarettes, lighter, documents, keys, phone) in that little bag.

same lol


my brother in law use one of those. Me and our coworkers laugh at him every time

Well,yeah. Its not wrong dude. Are you a fag?

Enjoy being cucked by real men

Using them its not wrong

No matter how popular they are here, even among Ultras football hooligans, the slang name for those is pederusa. quite literally fag bag.

I've never seen those, but I saw a dyke wearing this

HAHA, faggot!

that's cool

ex yugo scum aka čefurji wore them here, but they went out of fashion year ago or so

Are you memeing me or what

me irl

t. bobby, 12

What exactly is faggy about them?

Get a tactic00l one

I wouldn't wear it but
it wouldn't look so bad if it wasn't for all of the studs and chains

No, only my camerabag, but this one is usually in the backpack

who the fuck calls them that? unless you are a russian yourself
never heard anyone call them that, altho i do hear ppl call them "russ/russid" (""offensive""" term for russians if anyone wonders)

I do

Keys wallet 3ds credit cards papers go there

Estonians couldn't come up with something more insulting?

No, Brazil is a backpack country.

>not just loading up every pocket of your cargo pants like a real man
Fucking queers

>take manpurse,
>make it OD or multicam, add MOLLE
>give it a name like "Black Eagle Tactical Satchel"

congratulaion, a whole market of american buyers

They are great, comfy and practical for carrying stuff. Only an insecure faggot would complain about men using them.

thats not insulting for us, everyone calls them that, they find it insulting
we ofc have many more words for russians
for example
sibul - onion
tibla - a bydlo slavshit but not just bydlos get called that, every russian

I see people who unironically wear this, there's a market for everything

How do russians call you?

they dont have an offensive word for us, this is true btw
they are literal subhumans here(not all russians, but the russians who live in estonia are) and they know it themselves

fucking kek


vittu räägi inglise keeles, sibul

What hahaha is that a fashion trend?

Only literal criminals and chavs wear those here

This is very fashionable among muslims here. They usually wear it over some football jersey. And flip-flops too.

bydlo and football hooligans love this kind of purses

Found it, apparently it's "kurat". All this "subhuman" talk doesn't really suit a baltinigger, btw. Comes off more childish than intimidating.

thank god nobody wears these here since the mid 90s

same here, he is full of shit

lmao, thats an estonian word for devil you stupid slavshit, its never used as an offensive turn for anything, its used as "damn"

Right into baltinigger feels.

t. non-european


fixed the picture

The only people in the Netherlands who wear those fagbags are sandniggers

t. baltinigger of a finno-ugric variety


be happy SOME of you are blessed with the finnic genes, people who have it are the only ones worth anything in your slavshit ridden country(for example finnic man Putin)

Now THAT is fucking noice

>still fap on muh yurope
I know you Estonians are slow, but can you please move on from this old shit? "Change the disk", as we Russians say in these situations.

Those purses disgust me. When i need additional space to keep things, I wear cargos. They might not be the most stylish choice, but at least I don't feel subhuman while wearing them.

You russians also inject krokodil

>but at least I don't feel subhuman while wearing them

What are you memeing about? Cargos are stylish as fuck

>baltinigger is getting more upset
How does it feel to be literal niggers of europe?

kek, low class detected

If you don't think cargos and a t shirt looks good, you're a supernigger

They are extremely casual. Even jeans are more formal and a few hundred times more versatile than cargos. It's also not that easy to find a well-tailored that would also look good.

that's actually fun I'd mod this shit into Skyrim

I use one sometimes, but for air rifle pellets

>Cargos are stylish as fuck

You this THIS is faggotry?

Never come here, you would have an heart attack

For you

delet this bozgor

I really need to get some sorta bag I could wear under my shirt to store my stuff in.

Only Muslims and scummy Muslim cultural appropriators (lower social class)