Why are Finns so social on Cred Forums yet Swedes rarely leave Sverigetråden?

why are Finns so social on Cred Forums yet Swedes rarely leave Sverigetråden?

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Everyone bully us :(

shuit upp cuckolold :DDDD black penis enthusiast hahahahaha :------DDDDDDDDDDD

Because s*edes are smug shitheads no matter where they go.

I thought Furries on Cred Forums were nice people :(

Because the only thing swedes talk about is how white and swedish they are which understandably is not a very interesting topic to talk with non swedes with.

Because this board is full of autists and it's easier to speak with like-minded people.

they look social but if you look carefully then youll know they are actually high functional autists

They are too prideful so they are extremely sensitive

no, i don't


rich coming from a burger

Swedes come here to chat with other Swedes

I come here to meme around.

Finns have a more outgoing culture whereas Swedes tend to stick more to themselves

They are getting bullied relentlessly.


You deserve it though.


can't make this shit up

surely Danes should be bullied more for making these sounds when attempting to speak their language?


Go back to your contamination thread, Jamal.

Sounds like an ooga booga language.

If I wasn't told it was Danish, and I just listened to it, I'd think it was some Bantu jungle language.

Trust the dane, feel the pain

if it wasn't for "slutnig" i'd have said the same



What are you going to do Pekka? Rant about your "culture" again? :^)

ditt toriel brevande har börjat påverka mig


Because people bully the Swedes

haha black benis!!

why are britdogs so social on /int yet frogs rarely post and rarely post something smart?

special for this case there is leftist concept of safespace, get it and use


Frogs aren't that comfortable speaking English for some reason.

pretty much this

They are still relatively rare posters here, all other bif european peoples post more

Same with Italians tbqh

I love BBC

Do you even know what a Bantu language is?

Swedes are bullied every damn time
I feel for these faggors

You have to go back, Captain.


>be a french
>cannot even write

Saatana perkele.



No, i am aspergers and hate them, they are just assholes
mongolian finns >>> "le master race" finns