Cred Forums housing thread

1. You are a cunt
2. Do you live in a house or an apartment/condo?

I live in a shoebox apartment

I live in a big house with my wife

I live in a castle. Pic related.

There's literally 5 toilets in my house

I live under rubble
send halp

If you didn't want to live in squalor you should have been born a Jew

So you live in a public toilet. Nice!

I live in a house, like most people here.

Thank you, very spacious.

I live in a apartment that's on campus. So it's like a dorm except I don't have to share a bathroom or kitchen. But I do have a bunk bed with a desk below it

Apartment in a deluxe VIP commieblock

1. see flag
2. 27 sqm studio apartment (290 sqft for you people who do not get the metric system)

That's cool.

house, bit lonely here

Eh? on average our commie blocks are better than that of jews

How much is your on campus housing, I live just off campus and it's a butt ton

I live in an apartment 1minute walk from old town my parents gave me. Feels rat, but what the hell, I would have to work decade to afford it on my own so I'm not complaining.

Clean up your desk m8

it's not that cheap and my parents pay for it, but no where in Flagstaff is cheap unless you get a good deal from knowing somebody. $2808 for the fall semester and $2808 for the spring

>mfw my friend studied in Florida and had to pay $750/mo for a room with shared toilet and kitchen in the campus

is that a lot?

No i like it

Those look like they would be small as hell

Usually 130sqm to 200sqm per apartment.

Same for me soon. Move in tomorrow.

That isn't too bad considering my 1 bedroom apt is ~$1100 a month

>1400 to 2000 sq freedoms
That's not bad

Damn dude that's crazy, Where are you at? The east side of town near the Purina factory has cheaper apartments but some times it smells like cat food

I live next to the cemetery by Target.
It's not as expensive as, say, the places on University and beyond, but it's not very high quality and we've had some really noisy neighbors.

Sounds a bit expensive for Florida

i thought so too

the apartment wasn't even that good

The best part about Flag is that you're always within walking distance of a cemetary

It is not, and in the countryside you have bigger houses that are usually bigger than 200sqm with multiple levels and shitty taste.

It's not a lot for a campus apartment

They jack up the prices because they know you'll pay no matter what

>mfw I lived next to a cemetery in Tucson too

Same fag or rare coincidence?

>mfw I lived next to a cemetery in Germany

There's like 4 people from Flagstaff on Cred Forums for some reason

I share a 50 square meters flat with a friend

Live in a shared house.

They are downstairs, 2 bedrooms. Upstairs is the big lounge, kitchen area and deck outside overlooking the bay. Then through the door is my med size room where I live with gf


I will never afford a house
the median house price is 10x the median wage
Thanks china

Its not their fault for capitalising on NZ's retarded policies. Blame the government and other kiwis.

t. Zhang


This is not my house but it's very similar.

They literally would not be able to buy property here and/or manipulate the market if we had protective laws.

We're just now starting to change that, but its too little too late.

>I live next to the cemetery
Ouch, that's very inauspicious!



didn't live in one of those but in one of pic related

are mobile homes comfy?

i am living with my parents right now but eventually going to leave, mobile home might be an option for me but i dont know if its worth it or if i should just get an apartment

I live in a 80sqm flat. It's pretty comfy and I'm extremely lucky to be able to afford it (mine outright £300k~ at current value) -- most of my friends either: live with parents, live with friends or live with gf/bf -- and of those the ones that own are mortgaged up to their eyeballs.

thanks dad

based. provence?

35sqm apartment




I should stay away from this kind of thread because when I see people who live in a nice house or got a house for free from their family I want to die

hows life in sunnyvale?


I live with my parents


it's ok m8, not your fault or anyone's fault really

I'm sure my life is good in other ways. This kind of stuff just gets to me.

4 bathrooms
4 bedrooms
A salon
A living room
And finally a kitchen

>1. You are a cunt
>2. Do you live in a house or an apartment/condo?
I live in a cosy cabin deep innawoods

Beirut? How's life in Lebanon user?

pretty good, though the economic situation in the country is dead right now due to lack of president for 3 years
no one is making money, no one is selling and no one is buying because there's no one making money

Best thing to do would be to try and avoid the source of annoyance.

>This kind of stuff just gets to me.
yeah money does shitty things to people anyway m8. also this is me. had to lose family in order to be in that situation, so it's not all roses.

What happened to your president?
I met a Lebanese man once while in America, his name is Hussein Bitar. He was constantly full of shit, epically so, but still managed to be a 10/10 cool guy. Only Muslim I ever met, left a good impression.

>money does shitty things to people

10p% this. I grew up with money, and it made me an insufferable piece of shit until I got older and met some poor folk. They were and still are the happiest people I know. Meanwhile, my brother, who still leaches off our wealthy parents is a right little fucker, beyond redemption.
Hard working, honest, decent, appreciative, poor folk are best folk desu.

It's the social pressure m8
If you're don't have the year's latest phone/clothes/car etc you're an outcast, so a lot of people build fake lives to make up for the money they don't have

1. flag
2. Year round summer cabin inna woods.

That's a shame, I imagine it's hard on him being one of very few Muslims in the same region of the south that formed the KKK. He was a really cool guy though. He hated zionist Jews and Israel in general, rednecks, sunnis (I think) and he had a hard-on for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
He opened up a lot to me because I am Canadian and he felt he could trust me more than Americans.

>Hard working, honest, decent, appreciative, poor folk are best folk desu.

They still have to put up with a government that treats them like second or third class citizens just b/c they don't have $.

Was he Lebanese or Iranian? I'm guessing he was from the Shia sect.

Regardless 70% of the world is poor the other nearly 30% is lower middle class or struggling to stay in the middle class.

Less than 1% of the world's population is upper middle class or higher. So its better to have people around you that actually care about you & vice-versa, Since most people are actually living shitty lives.

>They still have to put up with a government that treats them like second or third class citizens just b/c they don't have $.
Right now Trudeau has I think a 74% approval rating, the highest of any PM ever. He got this the same way he got elected and the same way that Jack Layton would have been canonised a saint if possible, caring about poor people, as do most Canadians. Although with Trudeau it seems like liberal horseshit and with Layton it was unquestionably genuine. He was just the rarest thing on earth, an honest, caring, politician. As a staunch Tory I don't care much for NDP's stances, but Layton was a god amongst men.

>Was he Lebanese or Iranian? I'm guessing he was from the Shia sect.
He was definitely Lebanese, might have been Shia, that's why I put (I think) in parentheses.

>So its better to have people around you that actually care about you & vice-versa, Since most people are actually living shitty lives.
The wealthy aren't incapable of altruism. The top 3 most philanthrolic nations are an Asian non-state, America, and Canada. Those 3 give more if their personal wealth to charity than any other nations. But, yes, obviously standing in solidarity with your economic peers has a cathardic effect.

I live with my brother and his family, they have a huge house with 13 rooms.

Layton sounds similar to Bush Sr. Even liberals kinda like him. Genuinely working to improve the country in some way.

My mobile home is great. I don't need an actual house and I didn't want to buy a condo in the city.