korean pop edition

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shit edition. someone make a new one

Kyary pop

why does she have an haribo fried egg in her hair?

First for silly hats.



g'day cunts

Just got beaten by some absolute runt at chess, fuming



Make a new new


*play some notes on a piano*
welcome for this evening broadcast on /brit/ radio 196.6FM
enjoy your stay...

too skinny


I've literally never played chess in my life

It's a nice thought lad


How can I get a model like this?

Imagine living in Condom

should i watch big lebowski again (seen it twice in last 2 weeks)

need a clem gf

incredibly plebular

Just for you

getting drunk at 6.30 in the morning lads

Could someone help me get better at chess? I'm shit desu

Good lad
What's on the menu?

too thick

go in parks and play with the old guys

>manly lesbians go for feminine lesbians
>feminine lesbians go for manly lesbians

Can't say I've ever encountered a couple of feminine lesbians or a couple of manly lesbians

>filtered edition

>tfw no qt stenographer gf

Hair pin

make up your mind

the only way to get better is to play more

reading technique books and learning moves and shit is for complete autists

could be a criticism of all women

Not on a great streak in my life currently, trying to ride it out. It coincides with the time I started coming to /brit/ but I think the not so great streak came before and is the reason why I got interested in /brit/

just saw Star Trek First Contact in this planetarium.

was highly enjoyable.


>those last pics

what do we do when Tim goes to prison?

I know what a sesh is and I know what a gaff is so is a sesh gaff just a sesh at someone's gaff?

this is a horrible place
save yourself and leave now algiers

mel and sue from GBBO

actually now I think about it you're right

somehtin more like this


I want one

>order pizza online
>dog starts whining because he knows food is coming


He does this every single time.

>phone call from the job centre
>"hey do you want an internship at a large telecommunications company?"
>"sure senpai, sign me up"
>get an e-mail back
>it's a 2 week unpaid internship in a call centre

Might just fake my own death on monday lads.

should i watch big lebowski again (seen it twice in past two weeks)

I can say

>mfw protestants

no its a gaff dedicated solely to seshes

do asian girls make you that upset?


wew laddos

NEED this girl in my life

watch Solaris (2002) instead


prefer the stuarts 2bqh

obviously it would be unpaid you fucking spacker

he can sense the minor changes in your biochemistry as your body prepares for a meal

ah yes the department for work and pensions

>Uni of Vermont
>21 miles away
doxed my friend ;)

Terrible arse

sat in on a conference call involving massive companies and government officials concerning TTIP earlier lads

felt like something out of Deus Ex

haul away you rolling kings
heave away haul away
haul away you hear me sing
were bound for south australia

bit boring that

not even funny how much she is sucking in

garuantee this girl has a beer gut

and a man head

should i watch big lebowski again (seen it twice in past two weeks)


That sounds daft but it has to be something like this. I literally don't do anything differently.

You are now acutely aware of the fact that you could buy a 3 bedroom appartment in the city center of Valencia, the beautiful third biggest city in Spain, for the cost of 6-12 months rent of that micro-habitation idealista.com/venta-viviendas/valencia-valencia/con-precio-hasta_20000/?ordenado-por=precio-asc

>no bow legged yank gf

watch the original

need an anglo-franco-dutch empire

>Anglo-Dutch union of the UK, Netherlands, Canada, and Aus-NZ with Elizabeth II as head of state will never exist

>Pretty >I want one
With her manlet Asian boyfriend



doxxed every single person in this thread

>have to live in dagoville

haha no thanks

Yes but I was unaware it would be in a call centre. I was expecting it to be on the engineering side as I have experience on that front, on the other hand I have 0 experience or, for that matter, desire to work in a call centre.

not that daft desu, don't underestimate the power of the dogs schnozz

Not him but why would anyone want to move to Spain?

I live in a popular tourist area and I have lots of Spanish/Italian/Portuguese people near my door

They are the loudest, filthiest people on the planet and have no respect for anyone else

I would rather take 400 billion Africans than 1 Spanish/Italian/Portuguese

When i saw "Asian", I dont mean Pakis.

the absolute STATE of those gaffs

i really liked it

but then again, i saw it after staying awake for like 36 hours and was on a massive mandy comedown so maybe my judgement was impaired

felt sorry for george 2bh. must have been a shitty situation for him.
the planet freaked me out a bit too. why would it do that to people.

should i watch big lebowski again

met two butch lesbians in a couple once, i was quite disappointed because i had zero desire to fuck them which is the appeal of feminine lesbians

Yeah, me and the janny tbf

got an appointment with a psychologist in about an hour

This looks awful

Spain is literally 3rd world

AMWF is beautiful

ah yes, getting engineering jobs through the job centre

come back down to planet earth mate

if you liked it watch A Visitor to a Museum by Konstantin Lopouchanski. bit similar themes

she has a power lifter's body, why would you need that in your life?

maybe you should suck each other off ye benders

>Crazy Titch has been in prison for a decade now

oh boy it's the yank /r/asianmasculinity poster

>ah yes, getting engineering jobs through the job centre
That's literally how I got my first engineering job m8, no need to be so cheeky when speaking out your arse.

This one is not so bad idealista.com/inmueble/34328380/
That neighbourhood is shitty albeit central though


personally i prefer ludovici's "pretentioustwat"

thematically brilliant

AMWF is becoming popular because girls aren't actually attracted to black men and figured out they can still rebel against the evil white man and still side with a ""minority"" by being with an Asian

should i watch big lebowski again (please reply to this post)



*measures your muscles*

>you can BUY a flat in spain for £15k

that's literally like a 2nd hand BMW, and you OWN something


>this is considered "not so bad" in Algeria

cool. thanks for the suggestion.

on the topic of lesser known films; have you seen Man Bites Dog? one of my favourite French language films.



but they have small weiners

sorry for reccing someone a film lol you mong
didn't even say something pretentious yet you felt attacked or something lmao

man bites dog is ok. quite known here

>Not him but why would anyone want to move to Spain?
>Cheap, beautiful beaches, friendly people, hot local and tourist chicks, a chill culture based on spending good times with your family and friends, football, good parties, Ibiza being at a 2h ferry ride away, etc.
I have a flat is Spain tbqh. I love it. But then again I love mediteranean culture and would be unable to live in Sheshire or Leicestershire or shome shit.

>terrible arse
>power lifter's body

Found the DYEL

should i watch big lebowski again (please reply to me)

Crazy T


No, watch Addams Family Values instead

something like this

Mel is married to a man

what did he do haha

and really short lad


>paki flag


can only surmise from your response that i hit a nerve : )

>tfw worrying that the economy of eastern europe will improve before i get a job and can get a 2nd-world-fu

>you have to pay Council Tax on top of rent

what. i was not aware of this government scam

really prefer the production values of jap AMWF stuff.

alright mate

bubble butt

they don't look real

One time exception

Will Mayo win the all Ireland?

looking through old pictures of my grandfather and his father

they looked so masculine and had such impressive lives

i'm nothing in comparison

Literal underage

not a chance and you know it

was gonna say this

her body is too good and the spacker's face looks airbrushed

what the FUCK
my bakeoff fantasies are all falling through my fingers like sand...

yeh i suppose it would be well known over your way. my dad is a bit of a Frenchaboo and introduced me to a lot of French cinema when I was young.

Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources are other films I like.

Nikita also.

Baise-moi was pretty crazy.

nawhh did the man punch the other man

im a 23 year old virgin

>boss writes me on Skype a moment ago to ask about some stuff we ended up not concluding at work
>ends with "why are you online anyway - it’s friday night..go have a drink with a nice lady!"

the Dems are chanting for a 3rd term for Obama at a Shillary rally LMAO

that's rookie numbers around here pal

he thinks you can do it lad

If something was poted to me at midday today first class, will it reach me tomorrow?

Does post come on a Sunday?

Just took this at a hotel in London. American retardesness is here.

>writes me

fuck off yank dipshit

those are nice films (except baise-moi which is complete utter dogshit)
did you watch La Haine?

>Dobson and his stepfather Anthony Green were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 21-year-old Richard Holmes on the Chingford Hall estate in Chingford in November 2005. Possibility for parole was set at a minimum of 30 years by which time he will be in his 50's.

don't worry about it. you stop caring after a while

>Council Tax

literally theft. breathing tax when?

No cosplayer blonde White girlfriend

Reminds me of crab sticks

Matched with a really pretty black woman on Tinder and now I want a black gf..


so what youre saying is that an educated girl with good prospects from a good family and prosperous country would never associate herself with you?

"Haha you're right. I will. Good night"
*Change skype status to offline, stays on /brit/ until 5AM*

your gf < my gf



>going to scotland

Do one Jock

From no way, to oy vey.

is that michelle trachtenbergsteinsmith?

scotland? more like scotland, LMAO

yeh La Haine is great. i defo need to rewatch that.

Un Prophète is also good. pretty bloody dark though.

the list goes on...

I don't have the dosh to go to an English varsity desu


Yeah ha ha wahey!

I like stretch marks tbf

yeahhh Un Prophète is top mate. the scene in the car when he got cuffs is top

people who keep their bread in the fridge should be killed

>AMWF is becoming popular

>I like greasy-faced gooks
bad post

white? afrikaner or anglo

yes. i've already accepted that. i've never had many friends, but i'm becoming crueler as the years go on because of the isolation. which further perpetuates the problem. a couple days ago i started flipping out on someone who cut in front of me driving before i saw it was a woman. i've always had anger issues. i just hope that not being alone will stop the cycle

literally this
fucking subhuman scum

wouldnt be a single reason not to be a national socialist if you were german desu

>lesser known film
>Man Bites Dog
if it's in the criterion it's not lesser known

fix yourself first, finding someone else won't cure your personality problems


What's that? Warning, contains crab? Sticks?

can any of you lads actually imagine having to live in London? I mean fair enough if you are there to earn in excess of £60,000 a year. even that is still a high price to pay to live in such a disgusting shit pit. had the misfortune of spending the last two days there for a work thing. it seems to get more and more horrible every time i visit. what a filthy, depressing, overcrowded, third world infested rat hole it is. travelled all over this country, there is nowhere in the country even close to the same class of shit-holery as that tenth circle of hell. no redeeming features other than history, and boy is that history long fucking dead. nothing is worth visiting that city. so there's some nice historical buildings and museams, where you can stand face to armpit with other forigners snapping pictures, women in bin bags all over the place. great. honestly cannot fathom the mentality of a person who would defend living there on a basic salary. only third worlders would. because it honestly feels third world walking around there


she looks much better

how does stating a fact make me a twat

i didnt comment on quality (i think its quite good desu)

>he likes obcsure kino
>he likes obscure music
>he likes obscure food
why will Cred Forums and /movies/ or whatever it's called just accept they're pretentious wankers, the worst of all normies

*twizzles moustache and sips a fine cognac*

every french film besides amelie is lesser known

la haine and un prophete are my favourite french movies

also love the fact that un prophete is set in the cote d'azur (south) and la haine is set in paris (north)

might just go to bed so i don't have to be sad anymore

only spackers live in london, all barely educated people commute in

t. does neither aha because londons shit anyway

yeah i'll just waive my magical "fix myself" wand. i'm not paying a hundred dollars an hour for a therapist if that's what you're implying i should do. i had a girlfriend for a couple months in highschool and i was happy then, and didn't have any personality problems. so i think having a girlfriend again will make me happy again




Look at OP who posts kpop girls as an example of this. The VAST MAJORITY of kpop fans in the West arent ronery White men with yellow fever but White girls like this (look at her posters on her wall). When this teen girl here grows up, who do you think she wants ... ?

More proof of the tremendous increase of AMWF relationships.

Daily reminder that the British government murdered one of their own in an attempt to sway a national vote

I've always said that as a poor person there's nowhere I'd like to live less, but as a rich person there's nowhere I'd want to live instead.

I used the tube at rush hour ONCE to come to that conclusion.

Can't imagine doing that daily. It was fucking awful.

I think London is great but fuck living there.

Couldn't reconcile paying 1.2k a month for a room in zone 2 or 3 that I could never own.

It's just silly



fuckin' yanks man I swear to god

Met a woman with 12 breasts. Sounds weird dozen tit?


but un prophète happens in the parisian outskirts mate
he just takes the plane to marseille for a bit

there's a lot of lesser known films in the criterion collection

White and neither. I'm mainly Swiss and Dutch by heritage but effectively a bong culturally.

criterion is massively popular m8

and there are tons of widely known french films
breathless, la haine, leon, the list goes on

*buys you a drink*

reminder the only thing women need to do to have a good body is not stuff themselves like pigs and most of them cant even do that

>before the result
we can't let the bad people win

My theory is that the womb gets better at making good looking daughters. This is yet more proof of that.

Can anyone think of any woman celeb with a worse looking younger sister?


when you rent, do you give a fixed amount to the landlord every month for elec, gas, etc or do you pay for what you use?

im confused i thought the movie was filled with your typical southern criminals? arabs and corsicans dominate the prison he's in

kim kardash'

Women were a mistake.

wait internships are unpaid? the fuck? the guy with the big eyes on The Office got paid and he was an intern

leon I've seen, never heard of the other two and I know more about films than atleast 90% of the general populace

Now that I haven't masturbated for a day I'm finding to find girls attractive again

maybe I should do this more

>there's a lot of lesser known films in the criterion collection
i wouldn't say a lot, i'd say a minority
mostly docus desu

the point of criterion was to catalogue impactful, important or otherwise good films
so inherently most of them aren't lesser known

>unpaid work
london mentioned

Depends, some have bills included, some make you pay a share.

which guy?

ricky in the UK version?

honestly couldnt tell if this was nas or kanye


Check your contract

apparently if a company provides training similar to higher education they can use you as slave labour



arabs are in every prisons
they move corsicans around France a bit so they don't stick together much and have a big corsican population in 1 jail

maybe by people who have an interest in cinema

i live with my mom

nah the jew from inglorious bastards

"the little man"

Why are brits inbred ugly as shit dumb cunts who cant speak english right+dont have teeth and also ur c""ountry"" is a shit

it's the only living rockstar my laaaaad

Theft is a crime user, even online

oh dear

time to get netflix

morning lads

off to the beach today x

cant sleep x

youtube.com/watch?v=GER5e405zNc x


>It's not, the police are clear to point out, aimed at small-time downloaders - although there are other ways and means to prevent that too.


The proposed measures are mainly targeted at the distributors of pirated content - the people creating copies of movies, sometimes before release, and uploading them to be downloaded by thousands upon thousands.

It's not, the police are clear to point out, aimed at small-time downloaders - although there are other ways and means to prevent that too.

good fooking luck arresting everyone

ahh yes, the decreasing movie selection and shitty netflix originals jew, definitely an alternative to torrenting

me on the left

this lol

I might actually stop pirating if the concequences are getting this bad

never been caught yet though naturally

good post

what do you think of Tirez sur le pianiste
>ugh why do people explore things they enjoy
Look at an example of a (presumably) white male posting pictures of an asian female as an example of the exact opposite? Nigga u dum
>meanwhile, in statistics land

Why does no one care about Finland?

Fuck off, Alan, you smelly rapist.

post beach, lady.

the gf on the right

haha why are you awake x

if you consider yourself interested in films you should definitely watch them

what does this mean for someone who only gets stuff through private trackers who has to seed a lot

Literally thought that was the Denmark flag. That's how little I give a fuck about Finland.


Seeding is basically distributing but not uploading

imagine rating Truffaut

>"is a shit embarrassing"

>brown eyes


just Surfer Paradise m8

I wanted to go to Mooloolooba though but no deal

my interest has waned the last couple of years, find it hard to motivate myself to watch new things I know nothing about just to see, where I used to watch a new film almost every day
ill make a note tho


streaming shown to be vastly superior yet again

Fucking hate my voice lads

The way mps act in this will tell us who is taking bribes and who is clean.


yeah but you think they care about those people.

i'd reckon they only care about seeders on public trackers for big things like the latest capeshit

>maybe by people who have an interest in cinema
isn't that the point?

you wouldn't call sigur ros obscure just because your mum has never heard of them

>call centre
>higher education

>i consider myself interested in films



not actually watched it

just made a non-profile on facebook and got tinder


>i'd reckon they only care about seeders on public trackers for big things like the latest capeshit
Yeah people who do that often get letters sent home, but it depends on the country

The large media companies scan IPs from the big films at the time and inform the ISPs


top bantz

streaming to 3 people lads.

when do i get a sub button?

it was clearly intended that the lads in the thread didn't have such an extensive knowledge of cinema. but maybe you can enlighten us now

For the nth time, my relationship with your mom was perfectly consensual, as per the court conclusion.

Daily reminder that, when talker to a Londoner on /brit/, they are statistically likely to be non-white.

>Tirez sur le pianiste
only truffaut i've seen actually

thought it was good, i liked the sing along scenes

>tfw solely torrent anime fansubs before they've been liscensed in the us
>tfw no one to care if i torrent it


Anybody got a screenshot of that several year old brit post about the lad when he was younger hanging in a car park with mates who got trapped when the security guard come to tell them off, but one of them panicked, for some reason thought he had to jump off the fourth floor, broke his spine and has to be fed through a straw?

Always cracks me up to think of the lad seeing a harmless security guard telling them to go away and thinking he had to jump out of a multi storey.


Daily reminder that, when talking to an Algerian on /brit/, they are confirmed to be a greasy rapist called Alan.


fuck off yank

not sure why youre being so hostile m80


Fuck off yank.

unironically have a petite 16 year old girl constantly begging for my cock


I've had two dates in the past 4 months from Tinder, but I've not been trying *that* hard.

Both went well, although didn't go anywhere.

I've beat my yearly record by 2 dates!

Basically, Tinder is good.

daily reminder that, when talking to a country bumpkin on /brit/, they are statistically likely to be buttblasted over their irrelevancy

16 year old detected

Get him caretaker

Daily reminder that Alan is a Londoner.

ELS lads. It doesn't count.

>better looking
>picture of a nigger

fucking kikes are at it again lads

i doubt your average paki goes to Cred Forums so it balances out

La Haine is one of the best films of all time legit serious

but the one on the left has the gun for self defense and in case of a tyrannical government, while the one on the right has one because she's a stupid sand niggress


what are you doing here then?

Ask someone who is VERY selfish and only thinks of themselves anything

I get depressed every time they go to a London school on the BBC and every student is black or wearing a burka

>country bumpkin

alri dad

shut up you obese man

>country bumpkin


daily reminder I'm about to get breakfast

>Darker skin
>Better looking

Fuck off you nasty paki creep

do you remember a guy that's been
in such an early song
we heard a rumour from ground control
oh no, don't say it's true

what do you reckon would happen if you had a bunch of different IPs at the ready and sent the FBI or the CIA or the NSA a bunch of anonymous disinformation about terrorist plots and other heinous conspiracy activities?

Outside of the US I mean

Londoners don't even sound British when they pop up on here. Statistically they aren't.

The kikes are always at it.

i dont intend to go on dates i just want the self affirmation of getting a match

im not your average paki
you need to be a complete failure like me or pakiboo to get to places like this
then again its true for whites as well so dunno

It's a god-awful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling, "No!"
And her daddy has told her to go
But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Now she walks through her sunken dream
To the seat with the clearest view
And she's hooked to the silver screen

sorry :(

>Tfw all the "Alan" posts are made by the same lad who is on /brit/ 24 hours a day

you'd probably get a knock at your door

you think american agencies don't have people here?

yeah but what can they do they don't have any real power here you could just laugh them all the way to their embassy.

got my mind on the pancakes x

but who can forget ol eggs?


The correct answer was "I'm here to post Fucking machines".

Alan is almost certainly a sex offender.

Is this how you pick up girls lads



you'd be promptly ignored because real terrorism is all done by the governments of the world

or they'll "recruit" you to be a sleeper agent of sorts so that you can be used for a later thing


i don't think rules like that apply to big powerful forces even if it may be in writing



Oh, it's good for that too. Take some decent pics and you'll do fine.

thinkeng about breakfast

mmmmmm haha :)


The yanks do not give a fuck.

Case in point, they literally abducted a man off the streets of Italy and flew him away after bundling him into a van and tortured him.

what the hell is 'neux doing

an argument

wanna meet up and [spoiler]jack eachother off?[/spoiler]

fucking hell they literally plucked him off the street on a random day and tortured him for 4 years


Time to pay £0.0000001 per film rather than 0 ahh yes