Take a look at this flag. Which country does this belong to? I believe it's the UK's flag, right?

Wait a second...

They have another country's flag on their flag? lmao how could a country be this pathetic? Holy shit, I just can't stop laughing.


Fucking Uncanny valley.

Nothing new

There's still a few around.

Did we even own Hawaii?

Imagine if a state within the 'land of the free' did the same thing, would make you look even more pathetic

Imagine if 75% of your flag was made up of red/white stripes to signify your connection to being a british colony, at least australia devotes just 25% of it


> British Columbia
Whoa, do they have a British Pablo Escobar?

Best flag here.

>allowing leafs to be in charge of flag design

I'll admit, I chuckled a little




Not the same blue, brah

The flag of hawaii

really makes you wonder...

Texas's naval flag?

i lold

Good post

>Even hawaii can't escape