Current state of the second new world trade center

Current state of the second new world trade center

I think it looks much better than the old staples. It's a shame they didn't build two of them and had to go with the shitty "One World Trade Center" bullshit.

Had no ideia they are rebuilding them, tought it was just a project. Any good info about them?


Not pictured but to the right is another building with similar style that I don't think I saw before, could be another wtc

I hate the freedom tower. the sun reflecting off it blinds you driving up 95.

I'm not telling you

Did they finally start to build WTC tower 2?


> He drives when there is a fucking train available that's air conditioned and goes to every part of the city
Yeah, look a little closer and you'll see some cranes. That's WTC2 under construction

You're welcome

NYers please throw fucking down this shit

Haha I work near that atrocity.

I don't like it very much, but at least it isn't a solid glass exterior. I'm sick buildings with noting but glass on the exterior.

you're so brave, I coundn't keep my mind healthy with that shitblock near me
yes ... ok ... but it's a stupid minecraft cube

It ruins the skyline too

the fuck is that?

Literally pencilscraper

why can't americans into interesting architecture?
yeah keep laughing about london's dildo but it has more aesthetics than your retarded minecraft cities

does it have anti air guns though?

whats to stop some mad lad jihads from hijacking another two planes?

Good. It's easier to aim.

Racial profiling, random armed police, armed pilots and one way locking cockpit doors.

there's only one tower this time. Pretty much puts the nail in the coffin of any plans they might have.

>one way locking cockpit doors


I love it.

Right now it sticks out a lot, but there are a ton of comparable height buildings going up around it.

NYC is in the middle of a pretty insane building boom right now. Its like the 20s but on a far larger scale.

>why can't americans into interesting architecture?

You do know that most of the really tall skyscrapers that have gone up around the world in the past decade are designed in the USA, right?

Burj Dubai, shanghai tower, and soon to be worlds tallest kingdom tower. All american.

And NYC has some real gems going up too.

all looke like ass

i like it actually.