Ask a feminist girl everything

Ask a feminist girl everything.

This place is full of autistic betas. I just want to help you to get gf and a life.

I will not post my tits or vagina.


post your tits or your vagina

Why you posted an asian girl for you thread ?

post feet pls

Fuck off Adam

Post boipuss

post face then

Thanks for responding, polack.
I will not.
I like kpop

>I will not post my tits or vagina.

Post elbow or index finger please please

post feet pls

Post elbows


you're as autistic as the most autistic persons here
you're here forever now

Why do you want me to post face. Some stalkers may dianon me.

post forehead

>I like the most sexist, heteronormative genre of music after niggerspeak
Wtf? I'm against her now

You're feminist and you like K-Pop where girls are shown as sex objects for men ?

Post ankles

>roleplaying as a girl
>a feminist girl at that
>all for (you)'s

Fuck off Pedo-Jew


This. K-pop singers get fired as soon as they have a relationship because you can't cuck the rabid fanboys.

>russian girls

Ok, here is my face, but I will delete this photo in few min, don't want to get stalked so.
I still love sex very much. I had 200 sexual parthners and I am 20 only. Why can males fuck as much girls they want and women can't?


What about penises?
do you like sucking dicks?
hearing guys moaning as you drink semen fluid like some dirty bitches?

Or you do hate eveything that's not a lesbian with piercings on the clitoris?

If you need attention there are better boards for that.