Had one chance

>had one chance
>not born white

no you had no chance actually

gah! what are you?!

>one shot at life
>born a virgin


>had one chance
>born finnish

Stop complaining.

>had one chance
>not born samurai

you dont wanna know.

Isn't there a product that makes you white

Atleast you don't live here.

>had one chance
why do I even bother ťbh

Come to America
Middle Easterners are labeled as white here. :^)

Reminder whites are the ONLY race that even says this ''we need diversity! :)'' bullshit.

Asians don't give a flying fuck about it in fact Japanese are Nazi tier xenophobic but no one points it out because they aren't white so they get a free pass, same with pretty much every other ethnicity aside from cuck southern americans who keep sucking up to whites.

>one chance at life
>born in turkey

>One chance at life
>Born black in America

Feels good desu


East Asian, South Asian or Romanian?


Stop bitching, your country is top tier, fag
I'm a virgin in a shithole

100% worst korean


Buy an escort, bro. At least you have qt white prostitutes there. Here all we have are short, brown hairy ones.

Don't invite Muslims, Christians only.

stop complaining.
at least you don't feels accepted humiliation by society with political correctness, interracial porn site and constant bullying on lowclass neighborhoods and jails.

>had one chance
>not born girl

You guys aren't that bad desu despite what the Japanese say. You're better than the Chinks, Pakis and Indians.

Are you cute:

Enjoy sunshine.

If you're going to kill yourself with a hand grenade please do it in Chechnya or Dagestan.

>wanting to be wh*te

Nothing wrong with being Korean, Koreans are generally some of the best immigrants and frequently are among the top earners. Enjoy living in the first world and the opportunity it affords you.

Free access to any kind of cuties
Less likely to be mistaken for a criminal


왜 항상 울고 있어?

And how will you realistically manage that in the long run?

So are you going to post this every day?

Why do you want to be white, specifically?

>one (1) chance at life
>moms a pole dads a turk
>they didn't teach me either of the languages
I feel nothing but apathy, i am a living meme

>had one chance
>not born animu

So you're 100% non white.

>had many(>1) chances at life
>born a middle class Poo in America
>don't even get the pity scholarships that the niggers get

yes, and i cant even speak the non white languages.

>one shot at life
>born manlet

>One shot at life
>Born white
>Will never be applicable for welfare and live the NEET life

>had one chance
>born white female in the US

>Dog even get the scholarships that Niggers get
Kek get fucked poo in loo


Fucking kill me senpai

My family is so backwards it's insane

> one shot at life
> born a chicano with a huge cock in the US

How so friend?


Would you rather be born as a black American?

Do you have a qt poo2loo sister?

>Born with everything you could want
>..in Portugal

All this racist Hindoo shit that they tried to get me into which I'm not even sure they believe in
They refuse to let me become friends with any of the white people in town because they don't think it's proper
They talk shit about all of their white "friends" and their culture while they do the exact same things
So much other shit

At least I would be an authentic street nigga

I'm an only child

>one (1) chance at life
>born a MANLET

>tfw 5'11

No they aren't. The government might think so but nobody else does. Stop perpetuating this shit meme.

Sucks to hear buddy. Two of my childhood friends were Indian but their parents never had any issue with them associating with whites, or whomever. However I also grew up with a Paki kid whose parents didn't want him associating with any non-Muslim.

> they don't let me talk to white people
white people are the devil, don't believe the memes.
they'll do shit like get you drunk and then abandon you in a bad neighborhood as a prank and they will never be there to help you if you need it.

besides, as a bonafide poo in loo you get access to the greatest food on earth and you can ask your parents to arrange you a marriage so you're not a khv at 27 like me.

>one shot at life
>born a male
feels good man
>tfw you pity women so much that you are a victim feminist

>Two of my childhood friends were Indian but their parents never had any issue with them associating with whites, or whomever.
I think they think that the white people will make me loose my connection to >muh hurritage so they try to keep that from happening

The white people that I know from university are all pretty good people though. I like them well enough anyway

As for the food that was a small consolation for living with their shit

es un fag primermundista.. que se mate