If Western countries hate Muslim immigrants so much why do they keep destroying Muslim countries?

If Western countries hate Muslim immigrants so much why do they keep destroying Muslim countries?

because america exists to ruin everyone lives

Price of the petrodollar

Because my country is run by dumbasses who want to play British Empire in the 21st centruy. Oh, and cold war shenanigans all around. Most of the west doesn't want to blow you fucks up, unfortunately our politicians are of a different mind.

Seriously wtf everytime a tragedy caused by USA/Israel happens in a Muslim country American conservatives on the internet are all like: "fuck these savages they deserve to be tortured muhammed was a pedo warlord islam is evil kill all muslims they're not peaceful lalalalalallalalalala" and then when Muslim immigration rises they're like: "why would we even let these primative barbarians in wtf they ruined their own countries?!?!?!?"


>Install Secularism 1.0v driver

t. Abdallah

invasion of iraq asides, did they do something?

If you call SA western, we don't.
In fact, we fucking love muslim countries. Specially Lebanon and Syria.

Because western countries are dumb, but like to think they're smart.
So western people decided to build their entire economic model arround a finite resource you MENA countries have a lot.

Westerners don't want these wars, but the elite does. The elite are also using the immigrants to get cheap labour when they can, and when they can't, they place the immigrants into housing that is paid with tax payer money and owned by the elite.

Not really in regards to this but does anybody else feel bad when you see a vet burger on the internet (or even irl) say they serve stair countries.

Sorry but you didn't. America never needed serving or saving in te dirt place.

Who you DID serve tho, is the oligarchs that run America. Especially if they lost a limb or two.

Im not trying to be cruel with this, but if you're an ex-vet Trump supporter, congratulations you're just a cog in the machine that 'ruined America'. Not spics. Not muzzies. Retards like you who get doped into propaganda decade after decade despite learning about it. It's like the saying "those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it". But considering what is

>American education

Lmao can't blame them.

Screecap this

Finnbro hit the nail on the head pretty well really.

We never participated in Iraq or Libya (yeah we did in Afg which was a huge mistake), never had any Muslamic colonies (the few African ones we had were extremely short-lived too), yet we're getting flooded by their savage lower class seeking welfare here
I'm all for isolationism, fuck the oil, we'll develop alternatives

no it's the jews

Turning a blind eye to Yemen
Afghanistan (though maybe justified)
Also not exactly destroying but giving nukes to Pakistan sure isn't a good idea.

>Afghanistan (though maybe justified)
I never got this desu
>A Saudi planes Murrica
>Murrica retaliates on Afg
>Murrica continues bro'ing it up with the Saudis
Yeah they had the Taliban, but those never attacked the West prior to that point but were actually US-funded group installed against the Soviets
And don't tell me it was because of their human rights record, Saudis are miles ahead in durkaism in that regard

The thing is that it isn't just the Jews. The real global politics are pretty much completely hidden from us commoners and they are most likely much more complicated than just Jews controlling everything. Most likely it involves just one big cabal of Jews, but several factions of Jews, kinda like how there are Jews supporting both communism and capitalism.

Also western corporate interests play a part, but we can't forget the role of middle eastern powers such as Saudi Arabia. After all petro dollar is backed by middle eastern oil, and in a bit similar way they back euro. It would make sense that in exchange for this kind of backing the western elites have agreed to pay their benefactors back in some way, like bombing the enemies of the Saudis or taking in muslims. What I can say for certain is that the Saudis want more muslims in western countries. After all, Saudi Arabia doesn't take in any refugees, but gladly pays for mosques in Europe for the immigrants when they arrive.

> Most likely it involves just one big cabal of Jews
Should have been " Most likely it involves NOT just one big cabal of Jews"

I always liked to think it was elites from very country working together to pull the strings over the populace I.e America, China, Russia, India, Saudi, S Korea, Pakistan, Brazil, England etc etc

Kind like in SC comics how the Owls run the planet by having representatives through every city/country and ethnicity.

Who knows what the fuck goes on behind the scenes really.

But we don't have muslim migrants to hate ;^)
Liberating Middle East is so fucking good)

gas and oil pipelines are going to be built there

You just made them part of you instead, so now you're 13% Mudslime and growing, as only churki have high birthrates

Just because we bombed your mother doesn't mean you deserve to enter this country.