HDI estimates / year 2030

HDI estimates / year 2030.


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Based on?

>poland not on the list

>Based on?



Poland will probably never be on the list


seems ok
Sweden what are you doing?


Looks okay idk where we are now

But we are on the list...
between 20th-30th place is our eternal position

Hopefully we won't blow up by then

How did they do their forecast?

Seems highly unlikely that a country like France would progress so much.

this is so short sighted it makes me think some undergrad retard made the chart.

Makes me remember how many dumb people actually exist in the world.


I wonder what could happen to these in the next 14 years...

not sure how I missed that, sorry boland...

you both wished this was true so hard

but mexico will keep being mexico
and spain will become venezuela

you both know it in your hearts

funny it doesn't include china

>How did they do their forecast?

I really didn't dive into the methodology. It is quite amazing list anyway.

you can only post ITT if your cunt is in the top 10

>I wonder what could happen to these in the next 14 years...

yep. just like france.

Annex us please.

Shut up canal


Based on the old methodology of the HDI, they made those estimates I think in 2010, but in 2011 the UN change the methodology and the weighting of the factors that comprise the HDI

>finland almost at the level of murray cans
kill me

There's a few things that are off.

I thought it was fake. It is not. The only conclusion that comes to my mind is that HDI is pure BS.

What the fuuuuug
Aren't we like 30th right now

what happened to us?????

everybody else is getting more refugees

More like
>unlikely that:
Japan would stay so high.
Spain would jump up so much.
Germany would fall sooooo much down.
Slovenia would jump up above Denmark, Austria, Finland.
Croatia, Slovakia, Estonia, Chile, Hungary, Poland, Latvia would make it higher than Sweden and Belgium in next

Why is France such a wonder of a country?!

You didn't legalize gay marriage or didn't build enough intersex toilets or some shit



This is some next level memeing. Sweden is in 45 after EE and ME shitholes?

>Japan would stay so high.

explain slovakia than

in 14 years

thats nothing

they went full sjw

Oh look it's Spain and Greece being HDI Utopias with our money while we stagnate, again

It looks like you all went to Libya to start a colony.

Their market is literally stagnating, sure their companies operating overseas with HQs in Japan bring some nice inflated
numbers to the market, but that goes just as far.

Check their economic progress since their golden ages in 80's, literally stagnation galore.

They didnt undervalue their currency because they already had Euro and they have taken the economics fall together
with the big dudes, whereas we did the smart thing kept our currency and I expect we are gonna experience at least
about 8% GDP boom in 2018-2020, when our monetary edicts expire.. or rather.. hit the market.
We are keeping at about 27 kč per 1 €, whereas € has gone down significantly in crisis, aka we told our banks
to lower their minimal stocks while buying up all the €s in the process.

There is a reason why in Slovakia its cheaper to go have full diner in restaurant than to buy groceries in LIDL.


it"s laughable, what the fuck

>Mexico above Argentina

Does CHI works on the UNDP now?

>our money

our fucking money went to your fucking incompetent banking sector. at least the money is in you economy.

>4 - Spen

>Libya ahead of Sweden
Yeah, NO.

I wont even try to explain to you how is Germany profiting from sending heaps of €s to the southern Europe.

Let me tell you this: Everyone is a fucking jew and wouldnt send their money away for nothing. Especially not politicians.

This progress trough monetary help really "helps" only small countries (I would say max 10m people), with well educated
population, low taxes and good economic control. (What happened to Ireland upon receiving EU help)

Oh shit, 2030 is only 14 years away. It seems like 30 years away in my mind


you are smartass

Congratulations on striking gold in 2025 spain

Jesus Christ HDI is so fucking bullshit, why is it considered valid?

>Libya, a war-torn lower middle income 4th world shithole will become better than all but 10 cunts in the world in 20 years

Unless the fucking singularity happens this is 100% impossible

But where's India? They should be global superpower with colossal HDI?

split you in 2 parts wasn't enough..

>Spain number 4

>random guy on the internet thinks he knows better than the top economists at UN
Yeah, you're wrong.

>13. Greece
>23. Cyprus


youre not fooling anyone paco popocatepetl

talking shit of your host country constantly

He's not, this was made before the libyan civil war and the arab spring and they have since adjusted their criteria
This chart is valueless



Also, they predicted sweden to be on the 25th spot by 2015, it was on the 12th
This is merely based on trends at the time, it can honestly be completely disregarded


Lmao no

>estimate made in 2010

It's not bad, hopefully this turns true but given a lot of what we are seeing recently it seems doubtful as many countries will be doing so well. For my country I'll settle with not having states/counties under 800, that would be good.

It's literally not happening.

The estimates were so good they were cancelled

So we've been a shithole for 200 years straight and we'll stay a shithole for another 200 years.


Glad to see we are moving back up the list

Still pissed Australia is higher

as always brazil not on the list, thats ok, i guess it will never be on the list

Complete bullshit

swedes will not make /balt/ their home, I will stop the boats


Argentina is already above of Chile. The list is nothing but bullshit.

>Chile is 28


will we genocide our non whites and build a robotic society?

They know Marion will save us


France and spain are too high
Switzerland below greece
japan no. 1


>7th highest HDI in 2030
>Mexico and Libya in the top 45

This post is a load of bullshit

shit list

holy shit what happend to us

No Luxembourg?
That mini-country is in the top tens on nearly any list