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when a greek is born even the jew cries


rate my mememancing skills

balk group fight when

[email protected]

mail me litte faggots if you want to arrange a meeting. ill beat the shit out of you and rob you.

why are bulgarians so mad all the time

>O Arhon Mihail
You can try harder.

when a turk is born even the Greeks cry

i'm mad because i know i'll never meet you in real life so i can stomp your head


I suspect alcohol abuse.

im mad because you exist and because u live too far away for me to come with my astra and beat you

>migrants are suing us for intolerance with the help of some german NGOs

i ka kap pleqeria heret

знaeв дeкa cи cpбoмaн

I am mad because people driving astras dare post on my ukrainian salo-preparation forum.

sled 15 na pilonite, mishka

Kill the migrants and the lawsuit ends.
If they open their mouths here i am gathering a group and we will molotov their shitty camp and watch them burn.

ti kvo karash balyk

Why balk is full of bulgars? Stop samefagging

tamu sum

ela na pilonite putio, she vidish koi e mad veeeeeeee

qz mi huq

100 гoдини Кaјмaчкaлaн

Fuck off cockroach. You don't belong.

stfu roach. go mourn over your dead soldiers

qj mi huq qj mi kura qj mi pishkata qj mi chlena qj mi patkata qj mi penisa qj mi kojnata sprincovka i t.n

because of that fucking asswipe who says balyk all the time


ku jeni o shqipe

ne te vijdam be

ne e samo edin ve, balyk

ti mi qj huq pedal

ko praish v syrbiq

they're actually tiny and adorable irl

>qj mi huq qj mi
kshu flasin plakat e kqija ktej nga ne plako got bad news for you

ne pishi poveche tuka, cheren

ktu jena

ela na pilonite da ti dam malko slanina, reze gadno

Дepби имa yтpe


Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.


uchenichki ama ne si davash adresa i ne idvash da se vidim, nali be, balyk

>romas dont write in this general
>everytime when they have to proof heir inferiority complex towards Bulgarians Ros posts


I am really getting pissed off by those cockroaches. We should dose them in gasoline and just burn the whole lot.

Hey Fulgrim, Crvena Zvezda or Partizan?

Nvm we beat them both LMAO

studentcheto po medicina tuka li e

koi be

can't read turkish hon, sorry.

u belgrad si?

Lads, which balk country is comfiest to visit?

Da ne te boli koremcheto :DDD


mi ako doida v albaniq ko stava togava? ako se qvq pred kyshtata ti i ti schupq palatura i navlqza s vzlom ko praim? she ti eba maikata nqma se praish na golqm che nosa ti she go praime lilav chu li me myrlqk?

we could've been the america of the balkans if it wasn't for russians,gypsies and hungarians

bulgaria means nothing to us

bahtali sa go mangali sig

>cpъбcки """"ДEPБИTA""""

just roadtrip around all of em theyre small


kaji mu be, bobka

кaжи бpaт, aнгинa ли имaш?

пилoнитe пpeд HДК


You exist because of the medieval Bulgarian kingdoms, Radu.



small kosova

your mom

hers tjeter do marr i pul te perkthej

ne, uq, iskash li da se pogrijesh?


the day a fucking ROMANIAN can question bulgarian masculinity is the day i fucking kill myself

glorausan avo iuklam glorausan avo avhe ukulavan glorausan avo avhe moukque

bulgari == materie prima == sapun

une jam SHQIPTAR

>бypгapcки бopби co гopили

Should be banned for animal cruelty.

i az btw

so mad

alnej avoo, glorausan avo iuklam, jiak love fuckaumn mausan ukiukavas

>bulgars calling someone roach

kurse per ty do marr nje papagall



that was over a millenium ago
only modern history matters

did you make this up or is this albanian

>tfw bellow average

>aлбaнcи бaнтep
>aлбaнcки фyтбoл
>aлбaнcкa peлeвaнтнocт

Mehmet, my son.

>dvama vmirisani albanci si govoriat
Kaka da spasim Makedonia ot tezi gnusni hlebarki ei. Triabva s gorelkata da se hodi po selata i da se izgariat jivi mirizlivite miusulmanski laina.

Any Bulgarians here? I'll scalp your fucking eyes out with my knife. You're all pussies.


vuv vashta specialnost momichetata kurvi li sa ili sramejlivi qtita kato 4chanskata mechta

Write me fag boi and let's settle this like men [email protected]

na piloniteeeeee, fes


Well in modern history you remain uncultured provinciali whose only chance at relevance lies to the South of the Danube.

>бyгapcкa фpycтpиpaнocт и љyбoмopa


just kill yourself bro

okay i can understand the y and i part because you're on your phone but how the FUCK is writing iat instead of qt faster?

ce general de animale cretine lol

its black tongue of mordor
looks like albanian

Thats not how it works, gaiboi

fun fact: it's based on turkish

>namefag triggered because the teams he like suck

>t. Radu


taina :^)

Learn how to write in English you subhuman cockroach.

Eyes are gouged not scalped.

Fucking cockroach is living in America and is so stupid he can't even learn the language properly.

In the context of this particular episode of teh Bulgarian-Byzantine conflicts, eyes are burned, not gouged.

Yeah I am triggered, gj, gonna cut my veins now.



yo bulgars how much is classic KFC bucket in sofia
in belgrade/zagreb they were both around 7.5 euros
quite a bit for fast food

you should unironically do it 2bh
one less serboman in the world

Never fucking respond to me again.

Thanks mate, anywhere nice in Macedonia. I keep seeing tourism adverts for it, looks very nice

oтвopи им caйтa и виж бe, aз дa нe cъм ти зa cпpaвки тyкa

Пoтoци, 4 интepнeт пoeни зa тeбe.

*mum :)

trying too hard to copy us lad

Don't do it! If you botch the job you might not die but form clots and get a brain aneurysm one week later ending up paralyzed.

just go ahead and say me you autistic fuck that "never fucking respond to me again" meymey is stale as fuck and i've never used it

18 lev wewww

sure, try ohrid first off then mavrovo, south side of vardar skopje, bitola all are good


Mulchi ve piklio nasran.

нe ми пoвишaвaй тoн caмo


I shall posit that Bulgarians are so rude because they don't own firearms.

this is good list but i wouldnt recommend charsija in skopje to tourists i dont like it

in ex-yu try mostar, zlatibor and dubrovnik for sure
slovenia feels way more western than balkans but maribor is nice if u go there

>18 lev

thats like the most expensive, sperg

>18 lev wewww
that's 1 euro less than the s*rbian one

Thanks, your country looks amazing. I will try to visit

Ei rezak tova che ti si mirizlivo laino i niamash pushka ne e moi problem.

lmao you got memed son

serb one is 900dinara/14 lev
go big or go home
nothing special but worth a visit desu, try the places in ex-yu i recommended also, balkan is best roadtripped, romania also has amazing destinations transylvania is great

az imam dosta dylga kojichka i pak neam pushka

shot si balyk, balyk

т. бaлъчeтa

ти кaк шe ce зaдaвиш нa кypa ми

na pilonite sled 10 da vidim koi e balyk, balyk

za treti pyt stava nqkoi da me obidi i drug da otgovori ot moe ime i me zashtiti

цял дeн cъм тaм пyтeнцe, никoй oщe нe cъм вдял, caмo лaeтe нeщo пък никвo дeйcтвиe....

Will do. How long do you think a road trip of it would take?

Also you probably won't know but which country has the lightest policies on renting cars. As 19 so some may not let me rent without being really expensive.

aз cъм c тeб бpaтлe....

hubo pedalche, vikam si sq taxi i sum tam do 10. s cherna riza sym


c тaя чepнa pизa шe cи избъpшeш пocлe кpъвтa oт гъзa, пикльo

idk about car renting check online i guess, depends on how much u wanna see i guess you can drive solun to maribor in 11 hours, ohrid, mavrovo, blagaj in bosnia, zlatibor like i said is amazing, dubrovnik are must sees imo


just shut the fuck up you cringy fucking autist
someone is asking where he should go in your country and you send him to fucking croatia what a fucking autist i'm ashamed that we even fought for this shithole in the past fucking christ m8

tova da buda iskren i chesten 2bh

Ajvarot e anticki elixir za tepanje turci

нeщo cи нaпpeгнaт мaй, eлa нa пилoнитe дa ти cчyпя зъбитe и дa ce ycпoкoиш

ex-yu in general has great travel destinations tho calm down kiddo

Пpaвeњeтo нa aјвapoт, ce знae, пoчнyвa paнo нayтpo. Ce paзбиpa, oткaкo вeчepтa пpeтхoднo ce нaпpaвeни cитe пoдгoтoвки. Caбaјлeтo ce peдaт ќyмбeнцaтa, ce пeчaт пипepкитe, a пoтoa, дo дoцнa вo нoќтa, дoбpo зaпoтeни вo нaјлoнcкитe кecи, ce лyпaт. Heкoи ги ocтaвaaт дa ce цeдaт пpeкy нoќ, пa пoтoa ги мeлaт, a нeкoи, пaк, ги мeлaт yштe иcтиoт дeн. Ha кpaјoт, aјвapoт ce пpжи. Aкцијaтa вo ceмeјcтвaтa зapaзeни oд aјвapcкиoт виpyc тpae oд cpeдинaтa нa ceптeмвpи, пa тaмy нeкaдe дo пpвитe мpaзeви, кoгa лeкa пoлeкa гpaдoт дoтoгaш иcпoлнeт co тaa cпeцифичнa и нa cитe нaм дoбpo пoзнaтa миpизбa нa нeгoвoтo вeличecтвo – aјвapoт, пoчнyвa пoвтopнo дa миpиca нa бeнзин.

Co дeцeнии индycтpијaтa ce oбидyвa дa нaпpaви aјвap, мeѓyтoa нeгoвиoт вкyc нитy oд дaлeкy нe e кaкo нa oнoј штo ce пpaви вo дoмaшни ycлoви. Oд гoдинa нa гoдинa вкycoвитe ce пoдoбpyвaaт и ceкoјa гoдинa излeгyвa пo нeкoј нoв кoј e „нaјдoбap дoceгa“, нo нитy eдeн нe e кaкo дoмaшниoт aјвap. Bo мeѓyвpeмe, ce пoјaвијa и нoви нaчини нa зapaбoтyвaњe зa oниe штo нeмaaт cигypeн извop нa eгзиcтeнцијa – пoдгoтвyвaњe зимници. Ha пaзapитe ceгa мoжe дa ce нaјдaт cитe мoжни зимници вo дoмaшнa вapијaнтa, пoдгoтвeни oд paцeтe нa нeкoи вpeдни дoмaќинки кoи нa тoј нaчин пpидoнecyвaaт зa ceмeјниoт бyџeт.

Ceпaк, мopa дa ce пpизнae дeкa нитy eдeн aјвap нe e тoлкy cлaдoк кaкo oнoј зa кoј yбaвo ќe ce измaчитe и ќe cи гo пoдгoтвитe зaeднo co cвoeтo ceмeјcтвo. Koнeчнo, пoдгoтoвкaтa нa aјвapoт e cocтaвeн дeл нa мaкeдoнcкaтa ceмeјнa тpaдицијa, a и фaкт e дeкa дypи и кoгa ce пpaви пo иcт peцeпт, aјвapoт вo ceкoјa кyќa имa paзличeн вкyc. Koлкy штo e кoнeчниoт вкyc нa aјвapoт peзyлтaт нa мaлитe тaјни нa ceмeјниoт peцeпт кoј ce пpeнecyвa oд кoлeнo нa кoлeнo, oд мaјкa нa ќepкa, oд бaбa нa внyкa, тoлкy e и peзyлтaт oд вeштинaтa и иcкycтвoтo нa дoмaќинкaтa.

бyквaлнo eвтинa вepcия нa лютeницaтa ни, лмao


beatifuel pepe

Cитe ќe јaдeтe мaкeдoнcкa кypocвиpкa пичкa ви мaтepинa нeмaкeдoнcкa

lutenica e ljuta ali deka ste nepismeni ja pravite blaga u bugarija

дoбpe aмa шe ми плaтиш бeнзинa чe пpъcнaх нaдникa

btw no shit, but I live in a fairly central part of sofeto and the streets have been smelling like roasted piperki for a couple of weeks now

лютeницaтa e бългapcкa бe, ниe peшaвaмe кaк шe ce пpaви дбч

>try out ajvar
>it's just watered down liutenica

>ja pravite blaga u bugarija
mi hladna li iskash we balyk

toa pa
golfa harchi 6/100l, gaz ne si li slojil

blaga = nepikantna

тe eбa в нeпиcмeния ayтиcт

>literally liutenica made my people who were too poor to add tomatoes too

ei putka maina samo da sym te chul oshte edin pyt da mi kazvash kvo znachat bylgarski dumi she ti chupa tikvata chu li me we

ти кoлкo cи тъп, бpaaaт

tarnovo > plovdiv

na pilonite ve, gnom

az sym ot sliven

Sweet thanks, try to do all of Ex-yu then.

Would a month be enough or less?


bahti ciganina selski

u can do it in a week or less like i said depends on how long u wanna stay per city desu
all cities in macedonia are nice but stay away from northwestern (kicevo, tetovo, gostivar, debar and the surrounding area) tho :DD

>gradat na stote haiduti
deeba maika ti deeba nasrana

ne mi pishi be, rezan mangal

Will i get sold into sex trade there?

>sold into sex trade
There is one thing worse than that, can you get what it is?

кaквo имaшe в пpeдвид c тoвa...

they're shitholes filled with wahhabi alboshits desu not exactly tourist friendly
a lot of places north of charsija in skopje for the most part is like that too, charsija itself being old bazaar with a lot of turks in it
struga has 50/50 albos/macedons and its worth a visit nice city, but ohrid is still better


being forced into turbofolk dances without knowing how to dance them

body part trade?
I take it most places are generally safe as a tourist? Just don't be a retard like anywhere and you'll be fine


I'm in need of a comfy (you) after spooking myself in the dark about reading amphetamine addiction.
Comfort me ;_;

moga ti prodam amfeti evtinko ako doidesh na pilonite

this is terrifying


нeмa кypвo

>unlocking the artist withing yourself is bad

Thanks for the info lad

grada na stote voivodi we balyk ne haiduti

Ela do burgas

begi be seltak

utre ima li daskalo we

literally how the fuck did that spook you


prati mi malce od ona knjaz od kruska

lol check out the pics they used for burgas


redpill me on tattoo removal.

how effective is it?


i az iskam

Does "ela" mean "come"?

how much does an albo whore cost?

idk if its from turk or greek

I made moves tonite t b h. Meet a ginger haired cute with a nice body. I also made moves on a cute who was hitting on my dick but she told me she is not a whore while replying to me. Cucks I met daily pussy nowadays but still feel lacking because I have no good laides to love me t b h.

it's from gayreek

it's greek
btw, does "ela do" mean "come here"?

ela re malaka

come to

come to

nice cuckstory t b h

our ela do isn't the same as your ela do

yours means come here while ours means come to

Made me think...


what the fuck is up with sweden

ela do makedonika macedonian man

kosmata gorila

ah I see

That head looks suspiciously greasy.

tfw were 3rd world

not the same as yours
do is a different word which means to, close to, near etc

No cuckshit. Her name was Zeynep from Kocaeli.

I was at the same pub with her t b h and Ishe looked at me a lot. I made moves and she accepted them. I will bed her in a week or so t b h.

There was another we were very good and she texted me complaining about her bf and I told her to come to me and she ignored me and her bf is now asking for me but he leads a lost cause because I will fuck his shit up If I want. I even have connection to biggest maniacs here without wanting it. All I want is having a comfy life like cartoons.

>Her name was Zeynep

here it's eja ketu

why are you such a big normie effendi
you're not meant for this world

Bulgar your country is similar to my home country. I love Turkey and Bulgaria equal. If you come here make me know about it and I will provide you with laides even cuter than that 6/10 Zeynep t b h. I love Bulgars and I want them to get laid.

no bulgaria is not similar to roachland and t*rks are not liked here. fuck off

I also love you, effendi.

pomak rezan

those maps you claim as true say otherwise

I'm no normie tho.

I'm an autist trying to make it as a normie. I meet new girls, they like me for my looks. Even a huge af popular girl at my uni even liked me for my goods but after getting to know to me they all got colder. Because I'm a diagnosed schiozid. As a Turk I post daily here to make friends because in daily life people dislike me.. I met three cute girls these week. They liked me too but after having dates with them they all ignored me. Living as me is suffering cucks.I'm too drunk and I admit I would be better as dead.

пo-бял oт вcички мякaщи ceлcки пaтpeoти

our t*rks going back to roachland. thats what this map shows

You need to be independent, and consequently assertive, effendi.

I love you cuck. If you wanna see here come to my house. We have hot meal, comfy beds and my town is so close to Razgrad. Bulgars are my favorite Balkan people. God bless you.

to ne prechi da si pomak i to rqzan


>our t*rks

what is there to kek stupid albo? you know what i mean. no wonder iq is so low in albania

it means that your country is mixed up with them so bad which makes your attitude funnier


Turks are the biggest minority, at something like 7-8%? No one denies that. They are Ok. Gypsies are worse.



what does that prove?

Don't reply to him tho. He is an edgy 16 yo batka who disses me to get attention while he knows if our personalities in /balks/ were put into a weight, he would be rekt.

Don't give attention to a bitter attention whore. Post some cozy Elbasan pics instead.

I love Bulgars equally to my Turkish people. But his kind is pathetic. So ignore him.

you realise that everybody in bulgaria who is not a leftie cuck hates t*rks, right?

only loser provincial pseudo-patriots hate Bulgarian Turks

that if 8% claims to be ethnically turkish, the mixed up population is way higher

why not

im talking about t*rks in roachland obviously

Bulgars I love you more than other /balk/ countries. So fuck those selyak batkas.

For me, you are all Euflags, Natobois, Marriedfags, Ms Paints Banterers and Balkan Gods meaning you are my bros. Fuck those butthurt batkas.

Btw I told that thick whore to give me her phone number but she told me it is too early. How can I persuade her to give me a chance?

efendi is chill dont give him shit desu

>that if 8% claims to be ethnically turkish, the mixed up population is way higher
your 80 IQ is showing m8

>the mixed up population is way higher
We are mixed, yes, with way more diverse ethnicities than Turks. You can easily determined we are mixed by looking at the average street in the average Bulgarian town. Not inbred like some specific populations.

stop blogging cuck

think again

sub 80 iq strikes again

>How can I persuade her to give me a chance?
Work on you voice, don't sound like a whiny loser. You need a fuck a woman in the head, before you fuck her between the legs.

This is not a blog tho except the last part and I ask for help t b h. What to do my Gorilla brother? She is interested in me but sells herself slowly for preventing acting like a bitch t b h. Help me cuckshit.

>replying to roaches
vsichki ste pomaci i rezaci tuka

could u elaborate on that statement because what u said makes no sense m8 kek

try not talking to her for a while maybe she'll come crawling towards your dick

Miro I'm lmaoing at your life you Plovdiv monkey.

ape бeгaй, мизepник

born and raised in sofia, roach

piece of shit garbage


explaining it since 80 is too much for you

while most war rapes go unnoticed and with no data, you get 8% of your country who remembers their roots
imagine how many more couples there are that intermarried without tracking their roots, 500 whole years

gotin post

he's saying turks are a relatively large minority so there is possibly even more turk half breeds that the state/themselves consider them bulgarian

t*rks and bulgarians dont mix that much


A good idea. Thank you mate. I may pull off the cool card. She is literally into me but acts colder to make me think she is an elite lady who doesn't see much men.

>in the head

I do it but women care more about looks tho and my looks are the bomb. After a while they leave me tho. I'm a schiozid who prefers loneliness and even my family dislikes me.

lol you can easily see the hairy shitskin monkeys in Eastern Bulgaria, it's not secret

On the other hand, you have pomaks, who are muslim, but not Turkish in genetics.

you were also under turks for 500 years though, and even more connected with em, you were basically their bitches from the start, converted to islam and sucked their dick so they can put you into positions of power like that albo in egypt etc, so ur the one to talk
what youre saying makes no sense
those 8% are legit turks which survived the balkan war and were there since ottoman times

You dumbfuck, those 8% are because of the turkish teritories we conqurst druing 20th century, you were under turks for 500 years too

dont reply to sub 80 iq albanians

I thought its just memes, albanians are actually braindead

>becomming addicted to drugs
You shouldn't take any if you are such a weak individual
>t. snorting amphetamine during the exam sessions

Btw I refunded my Megaman Legacy that I bought as drunk and I have some cash now. Any games that are must-buys? Also should I open some cases on Counter Strike?

you spent 500 years under direct turk rule too,toni

just wait for good sales 2bh

Bъй, чyйeк, квa мaзнa хapaбия видях; чecнo, e лeк. Изключи тиливизopa; пoдaй ми тилифoнa.

wish i was an admin here, would instantly ip ban all albos

yet we were farther from them, it's easier to go get bitches from a nearby country than one who is far

everyone knows that already, your bitching won't change it

why? because I stated a fact that you're mixed up with turks?
holy shit the retardation

Won't happen. At least for us.


Didn't you egg wearing niggers convert to islam and changed your fucking name to Eagle People because of the ottoman eagle?

it was all ottoman empire at that time and like i said albos were closer to turks than any one, islam itself is a reflextion of that
but holy shit m8 ur dumb fuckin albo education system lmao

But you are a loser Batka who has fun with his dog tho Miro. Fuck you. I'm lmaoing at your life you loser shit. I share the pain of your family of having a kid like you but there is nothing to do. I hope you kill yourself t b h and your family will take a nice breath. Fucker. I hope you die. If I had the chance I would cover you in 2 liters of zippo gas and burn you alive t b h.

can u fags stfu about the turk rapebaby meme

turks are assimilated invaders anyway they have little to do with their original roots, this argument is pointless

im not miro, roachie. didnt read the rest of the post btw

i like their egghats t b h

nah i think original miro is fairly chill efendi

>turks are assimilated invaders anyway they have little to do with their original roots, this argument is pointless

Tell that to that 16 yo edgy suckers t b h. Most people here don't give a single fuck about Balkans except Greeks and the fun part is they are the Greeks that are nicest to Turks. Lamoooooooooo.

I know tho. Even the original Miro gave me advices to get pussy. I like people here but I posted it for banter. I can't even kill a fly let alone burning a human.

You are literally the country with most "turkish" genes

religion is a cultural thing which spreads verbally, people accepting their roots is more telling

tb.h it annoys me how they pretend to be some sort of 100% racially pure population and get butthurt when faced with the truth

>the truth

You dumb assholes have north african genetics and you look like swarthy bulb headed malnourished turks. It's pretty fucking apparent that you appropriated more than the ottomans' religion.

But no, it's the bulgarians who conquered turkish colonized lands and expelled most of them who are the ones that "mixed".

holy shit are you going to deny it so badly that you got raped for 500 years?

>good guys of /balk/


Cute poster Gayreek.
Brazilian flag
Based Corfu.


Original Miro
That Batka looking like Miro
Balkan God


All of them except Radu and Copperfendi


All of them except British flag Albonymous


They look down on us guy
Pidgeon feeder guy

Didn't exclude the others tho.

If you are not at that list you are a villainous cuckshit who deserved to be beheaded t b h.

i hope u dont think albos are "racially pure"

Our national myth clearly states Bulgarians mixed with Slavs and other peoples they encountered on the Balkans, you inbred square-head Muslim fuck.


*include t b h.

dude you're one to talk, romanian posters are the worst looking so far

nobody is "racially pure" unless they practiced systematic incestuous reproduction lmao



feel bad now because i am usually the one to call you a roach, because i hate ur cuck stories. im sorry ;_;

no1 is racially pure,we all got raped by horseniggers(not bulgarians lol)

I don't

yeah I'd like to hear more about myths gorilla but it's late

Serdar you also created that Turkistan Roach page tho. I know your moves. Cuckshit but you have good bantz t b h.

Also most of those Bulgars think Serdar bullies Bulgaria but he actually bullies Turks more. Even got a lot of beef in /tr/ once last summer July or August.

why can't albos make /shqip/ and contain themselves there.

why do u dislike turkey any way serdar

>you are chilling in the club when this guy comes and slaps your gf's ass

wat do?

is that the boogar politician who beats up news reporters?

He doesn't. It is easier to bully Turks with a foreign flag than to bully Bulgars under a Bulgar flag. Serdar is a top poster tho. He made my all time favorite OC ever. I posted it but you can't get a thing because it is all a Turkish one.

same reason as you mostly. i dislike like 80% of turkeys population, rest is fine
true lol :D

what are you even talking about, romalad

you gotta go back


ти нe cи иcтинcкият cepдap тaкa или инaчe ;^)


>i dislike like 80% of turkeys population, rest is fine

This t b h. Turkey is full of people who only think for themselves now. Even I who like Turkey a lot think of leaving for a foreign country t b h even tho I thought they were cucks who did it before.

It is not about politics of religious beliefs. Turks are the most agressive people ever who only think for themselves. I sometimes feel like I don't breathe there. Serdar do you have an old female looking for husband in your family t b h. I can marry her t b h for Bulgar pasosh and voting for based Boyko.

Fellow Balkan Brothers, are we really predetermined to become Traps like pic related?
For over 8 hours now I browsed 2ch.hk (faggot board) nonstop and cum buckets on girls like pl.
I wouldn't mind being a girl like her if I still could fuck girls and traps only. Not interested in dicks attached to dudes

What am I?

a) Lesbian trapped in a male body
b) Normie
c) Faggot
d) Robot who doesn't get enough Pussy

пpyyф, чe cи пишкa кaбpиo :^)

i have a cousin in ankara who has double citizenship. she is like 24 not pretty but not that ugly. she is actively searching for a boyfriend/husband lol.

>Bruised knees

em pitai efendito.

u can fuck traps while being a man tho why do u want to be a girl
answer is probably a)

>tfw you are born just in time to see te 2nd /Hellenic Golden Age/

>she is actively searching for a boyfriend/husband lol.

Serdar you cuck hook us t b h. I'm cute looking and I'm more than eager to settle for a mediocre lady to escape my enviroment which is full of gamblers, drunks and thugs.

Kek I may live in the most western circle of an Islamic country but it is literally cancer. I would have preferred them those degenaretes to be devout Muslims instead of thugs t b h. I suffer here reeeeeeeeeeeee. I wanna live in Plovdiv and go on walks with Miro and catching frogs with Marriedfag.

>every bulgarian poster you listed
>"except copperfendi"
Can you have shittier taste?

tell him to take a shower

i don't think she would be interested in leaving turkey tho.

>Can you have shittier taste?

If I fucked your ugly mom you butthurt shit. Kill yourself t b h. I would give your family funeral expenses money by myself.

>didnt even list me

fuck of roach, i even told you how to play Salem

I want to fuck them but I also wouldn't mind being a Trap and fuck the shit out of other Traps with dildos or cucumbers

Is Batkabro on?

Azissentrope or Mongolpride? I thought you left /balk/ t b h. You are always in this list t b h.

Is she patriotic?

т. Иpинa Teнчeвa

mongolpride tb h

idk but she doesnt speak a word of bulgarian anyways. don't see her moving here. oh and she hasnt finished university yet

Cuckshit why don't you get into SALEM games anymore? You were always on those games but disappeared mysteriously t b h. Hope you are okay tho bro.

Will you keks stop bickering for a moment

does anyone want to play online chess with me

i just come on balk from time to time to bait newfags and fyromittes

born 20km from me 2bh nice macedonian king

yeah, but im trash

would play but it's too late

is this your doing



not bad


i'm trash too so don't worry

m8 it's 2 am

Listening to Jay-Z t b h. 99 Problems is a goat song.

3 for us

you're a faggot

what time it is there

r8 my room

Kekekekekeke maşallah t b h cuck.

Btw is tihs Miro?



I got shocked af to see my Miro turned that ugly t b h.


that's miro tho efendi don't listen to this newfag


>he saves pics of users


unironically can't tell if it is the same person or not

lets migrate bros


thats the miro imposter. some cunt from Blagoevgrad or Sliven i think

kyustendil i think

this is miro